It Wont Be Like This For Long...

In this story, a girl, Kendal, and her best friend, Molly, meet One Direction whist at their concert in London. Kendal has always lived there. In Cheshire. Molly lives in America, but only because her parents made her move over there. -We used to pick on people like Americans, but now, Molly is sort of aone now... so we try our best not to. She's lived there so long, her accent is starting to fade away, slowly, but surely. Soon enough, she'll be a regular old Jolly Englander. We call America 'Jolly Ol' England'. It's just something we do here.-
Enjoy this story. It's about us, meeting One Direction and Zayn really starts to take a liking to Molly... and there are some problems along the way, but we all stay on the right track, and we get them where their hearts are. So, enjoy:)


34. Amusement Park and Facing Fears.

I awoke from sleeping to see Louis, still asleep.There was a little cut on top of his left eyebrow, curtousy of that guy who'd hurt him. He seemed so peaceful in his sleep, but in real life, he was just as much of a bad-boy as you could get. Getting into trouble in the big cities, ditching other peoples' plans, running away with his girl. Okay, so people may say he's bad, but I only see the good in him. There, actually, only is good in him. I saw him stir in his sleep, waking up. He turned over to face me more, and smiled. 

"Good morning, lovely." He says.

"Morning." I say back. He tosses his blankets aside, standing up and stretching. I stand up also, rubbing my eyes from the sleepiness still in them. I finally stopped rubbing at my eyes, sure they were all red, seeing the bus was moving. 

"We've been driving all night. Parker hasn't slept at all yet. He's way better than any other driver we've hired. And, especially better than the last driver we had." Louis says, pulling back a curtain to reveal a window, so we could see the moving land and road. I smile as someone passes our bus, seeing two little girls pressed to the side of their window to see it. Maybe they're fans? I hope so, the more fans the better.

"Yeah? Well, he needs sleep... sometime." I say. Louis grabs my hand, and we walk out. Nobody else is awake yet, so we were whispering slightly. Being careful not to wake anybody. I stepped over Niall's hand, which was lying on the ground, from on his bed. Louis and I made our way to the front of the bus, going to see Parker, I think. Louis stepped into the room first, holding me behind him, I guess in case anything goes wrong. I had changed my clothes right before bed, I was now wearing Louis' sweatpants and one of my pajama shirts. He turns his head, smiling at me, and then he helps me up the small step that leads into the drivers' cabin. 

"Hello, guys." Parker says, smiling in the top mirror at us. Whats the point in having a mirror there? To overlook the door? I smile back, and lean against a side of the bus. "What brings you guys up to here so early?" He continues, and asks. Louis is quicker and speaks first.

"Just wanted to check up, see how it was. And, kind of, where we're headed." Louis says, and Parker answered almost immediately.

"It's going just wonderful. This is great, knowing those guys wont catch me anymore. And, we're headed to California. Thats where the next concert is." Parker says, and he looks kind of worried, "Am I not going the right way, because I can turn around and--" I cut him off before he can speak more.

"No, I'm sure you're going the right way. You're doing a good job, really." Is what I say, and Parker looks relieved.

"Whoo, thank God." Parker says, looking in the mirror to the side slightly before turning onto the next layer of road. I see a huge sign just before we enter a huge city, it says Los Angeles, California.  I smile, knowing what this city looks like at night. Bright lights, big buildings, nice place to walk around when it gets darker outside. Louis smiles at me, and then mumbles something to Parker. Parker nods, smiling.

"I got'cha back bro. Dont worry. I'll find one." Parker says, aiming it towards Louis, more than at me. Louis smirks and runs his fist through the air, saying 'yes!'. What was he so excited about?

"Hey, we're almost at the Hotel, bro." Parker speaks up again, and Louis smiles.

"Nice, thanks mate. Be looking for one on the way." Louis says to Parker, and with that, he leads me back out. And we go into the living room, seeing a few more people awake. Niall is sitting on the couch, eating toast, watching T.V. and Molly is sitting beside him, both of them watching the T.V. intently. Not even noticing us passing through. We were going to sit at the dining table.

"So, do you like amusement parks? Or, fairs?" Louis asks me, helping me sit on a chair.

"Yeah, they're fine. I just dont like... well, this seems babyish, but I've never been fond of roller-coasters." I say, and Louis smirks.

"Thats not babyish. It's only babyish when Harry says he is. Cause, he is. And we can avoid the roller-coasters. There are plenty of other things to do at amusement parks, anyways." He says, smiling again. I smile, seeing him almost trip on the rug, and it makes me giggle. He makes a pouty face at me, and sits down.
"Whoa there, calm down there buddy." I hear someone say behind me, I laugh when I see Niall, replaying Louis almost tripping by acting it out. Louis looks a bit annoyed. I touch his arm, he looks at me and smirks. Shaking his head. But, jokingly.

"So, we're in L.A. now! California baby! And, we're at the hotel, we can get out of the bus now." Niall says, "Just tellin' you." He finishes, and walks away. I see Parker rush back out of the drivers' den. He looks happy.

"Okay, dudes, we're here. And, I found a great amusement park along the way here, bro. It's about a mile or so down the road that way. It's in the middle of the huge city, but there arent many rollercoasters... And there's a HUGE fariswheel. I think you'll like it, bro." Parker says, waiting for us to get up before following us, locking the door behind. Where we were sitting in the dining room, you cant hear or see the living room, and everybody else had woken up and gotten inside the hotel. I smile at Molly, as she sets down her suitcase. We would be here in California for almost two whole months. I like California, it wont bother me. The only thing that does bother me is the fact that there arent much British or Irish people here, they're all mostly American. The only bad part about that is sometimes they dont understand words we say, or phrases we say. I still have no clue where Paul came back from, aparently he'd joined us somewhere I wasnt allowed to know along the way here. It was all part of their plan.... But, I wasnt sure. Parker seemed to know, but he was sworn by secrecy by Paul. Paul didnt want anybody to know, so, he wouldnt tell anybody. The hotel room we had was very pretty, and it overlooked the sea. It was actually the penthouse suite, and it had 4 bedrooms in it. Some people would have to double up. 

"Okay, there are only four bedrooms, I need to have my own, nobody wants to share with me. So, the rest of you find your roomates and get a room." Paul says, there was a slight cut on his lip, and some bruises, but I didnt ask, knowing he wouldnt like me knowing the real reason about what had happened...

"I want Kendal." Louis says, Molly making a pouty face, a fake one. Before she winks at me, mouthing that it's fine. We'll spend time together some other time.

"I'll take Molly." Zayn says, and Molly smiles, heading over with him. 

"I want Niall to stay in my room." Liam says, smiling at Niall, who nodded his head.

"And I guess I get the leftover room to myself...Jerks." Harry says, joking around. I laugh and follow Louis to the room that overlooks the sea the most, which everyone argued over, and we started putting our stuff inside. There were three closets, two bathrooms, and a ton of things all over the room. Bowls of candy set on the tons of desks around the rooms, a lot of couches, leather ones. The two bathrooms were huge, and they were amazing. There was one huge bed in the middle of the room, set so you could look at the sea with no problem. The bed was big enough to fit almost 5 people. It had white blankets and white sheets, the carpet was white and fluffy, and the wallpaper was really light blue, with while trim. This place looked like an angels room. It was by far the most impressive room I've ever seen. I started to hand clothes up in one of the three closets, while Louis set other things up. He put his clothes on the hooks, and hung them up slowly, making sure it looked all neat. I lined the tons of pairs of shoes I had brought with me on the floor of the walk-in closet, making sure my side looked neat too.  I looked over at Louis, still hanging things up, when his phone rang. He answered it on the third ring. 

"Hello?" Louis answers his phone, looking over at me mouthing that he will only be a minute. He dissapears into one of the bathrooms, and I just continue my things. I hang up a lot more clothes, waiting for Louis to come back out. He looked happy, smirking at me.

"Babe, I guess we're going to the amusement park now. Parker wants to drive us. He'll be here in about 20 minutes, he went down to check the place out. He said it's real great. And the people are nice, there, too." Louis says. I take the hint and grab a pair of clothes, hopping over to one of the bathrooms, while he does the same, just in the other bathroom. I chose nice greenish belly-high jeans and a nice light brown t-shirt with an orange cartoon fox on it. It looks better than it sounded to me, and then I completed the look with brown boots, not raising higher than my ankles. They were heeled though. They completed the outfit. I brushed through my hair, getting the bed-head out of my hair, and quickly re-curled it. I put on mascara and light pink, natural coloured, lipstick, and then I lightly place a beanie on my head, trying not to wreck my hair. Which, had taken a few minutes. I walked out of the bathroom, seeing Louis already dressed, jeans and a nice t-shirt, He looked great, his hair had been purposely messy with some hair-gel. Spikes going up on either side of his head. He smiled as he took in my look.

"You look great, babe." He says, and I repeat it, telling him he looks amazing too. He takes my hand, and we walk out the door to the living room.

"Where are you two going now?" Paul asks us right before we step out the door. His face was unreadable. I couldn't tell what he would say next.

"Amusement park. And you wont tell me no, I've already made the plans." Louis says, putting me behind him and walking out the door. He smirked at me once we got out, knowing Paul hated it when we left. I smiled back. There was a growing ball in the pit of my stomach, I was so nervous. Louis really likes me, and I really like him too. I am scared of going to these places. Okay, yeah, I hate roller-coasters, but I really only hate them from one time when I was five, and I got lost. The police had to come and search for me. Someone tried to kidnap me. But, knowing Louis, we'll be together the whole time. Louis tugged lightly on my hand when we were about to get into the car. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didnt realise I had stopped in the middle of walking.

"You okay, babe?" Louis asks me, looking completely worried. I shake my head, and answer him.

"Yeah I'm fine, sorry, just got lost in thoughts. My mind left the real world for a minute." I say, and Louis smirks.

"I wont make you go on roller-coasters." He says, helping me into the car. He runs to the other side and gets in, before I can answer him.

"Yeah, I know. I trust you." I say, and he nods.

We were both sitting in the back, Parker was driving us. I dont know why he volunteers for all these things, he needs to rest at some point. I saw some bags underneath his eyes, which werent there before. He doesnt look happy, or healthy. Louis looked at me, and somehow knew what I was staring at Parker for, and speaks up.

"After you drive us there, you need to go to the hotel and rest, mate." Louis says, and Parker nods. 

"What about driving you back to the hotel?" He asks.

"No, we'll walk. We were going to walk there anyways before you said you would take us." Louis says, as we pull into the parking lot of the amusement park. Louis gets out first, going around and helping me out. He takes my hand, and we walk over to Parker's window, which he rolls down slowly.

"We'll be here for a while, you go home and rest, mate." Louis says, "Dont wait here. We'll walk. It's summer, it will be fine. I promise. I'll check in with you when we get back." Louis finishes, and Parker nods again, and rolls his window up while we walk into the fairgrounds, where everything was set up. Louis looks over his shoulder, as do I, and we see Parker already on the road, driving away. I smile, and then me and Louis start walking again. He leads me into the ride area, paying for two wristbands, while a large old man ties the wristbands around them. A few girls behind us realise who me and Louis are, and walk over casually, before losing their minds right in front of us. They're going crazy, I cant even tell what they're saying anymore. Louis tells them that we didnt come here to be mobbed on fans, he told other ones that we were on a date, and that this isnt time for pictures and signatures. We walked away from the second group of fans, and Louis led me into the ferris wheel line. I smiled at him, as again, more fans rushed over. This time, Louis and I tried our best to ignore them. I felt Louis' arm around my shoulder, as the man running the ride took us onto the cart. We didnt have enough weight on the other side of the cart, because me and Louis wanted to be next to each other, so the man let on two girls. Two of the fans that had tried to get signatures and pictures from us. They just stare at us, smiling from ear to ear.

"Could, could you guys please not stare? We're here on a date, it kind of ruins it a bit." Louis says, I totally agree with him.

"So sorry, Lou and Kendal, so sorry!" One of the fans said, and the ride started up, we rose into the air. Louis pulled me into him, so I was leaning into his side, we were so close. He spoke so softly and quietly to me.

"Like it here?" He asks me.

"Yeah, it's really great." I say, whispering still. I look over to see the fans staring again. I just put my head in the crook of Louis' neck, the bare skin of his neck was so unbelievably warm. The wind was blowing, making it a bit colder. Louis wrapped both of his arms around me, and we held that pose. The fans were over there just staring, a few "awwss" came out of their mouths. I cant stand fans being every where we go, stalking us everyhere. Neither can Louis, and I know he cant. Louis' arms tightened around me as we neared the top, he was looking out over the edge of the cart, at the view. I looked out with him, seeing his gaze shift slightly over to where the fans sat, seeing them still staring. 

"Hey, after this, want to just go on two people rides?" Louis asked me, not loud enough for the fans to hear, because he whispered it in my ear, placing a kiss on my ear before he lifted his head back up. I nodded at him, and the ferris wheel ride soon came to an end. We tried to let the fans off first, but they insisted that we go first. So, we did, Louis placing me in front of him, holding onto my shoulders as we all walked off in a line. The ride-opperator mouthed his apologies to me, and I gave him a reassuring smile. Louis shot a glance at me, then over to the fans. He wanted to give them one picture with us, and maybe a signature. I nodded, going along with his plan, and we walked over to where they stood. They were talking about which ride to go on next. They looked up seeing us there, and smiled. 

"We're sorry about being so rude to you guys on that ride. We want to make it up to you, do you guys have cameras? We'd love to take some pictures with you." Louis says, as the girls both dig in their purses, pulling out their phones, and cameras. I smiled inside my head, they want to remember this, I guess. Me and Louis put our arms around the fans while their mum took the pictures. She took a couple on each item, both the phones and both the cameras. Me and Louis signed the cameras and phone cases before we walked off, looking back only once too see them taking more picutres of us as we walked away. Me looking made Louis turn around, and they took one more picture before they scurried off, worried we might yell. Louis put his arm over my shoulders, and we walked around, looking at the sights, laughing as the carnies tried to get our attention to play their games. I laughed as Louis made a face at a carnie, and they got into a staring contest. Louis won, of course, and then the carnie returned to getting peoples attention by shouting weird things about his game to them. Louis repositioned his arm, putting it back on my shoulder, as we walked around more. Seeing some rollercoasters, they made me weak at the knees, they were so intimidating to me. I knew Louis didnt want to go on any rollercoasters if I didnt want to, but I didnt want to take his fun away. I swallowed hard, and turned to Louis.

"Louis, we can go on the rollercoasters. I want to try." I say to him, which makes his eyes open wider than normal.

"Are you sure?" He asks me, and I scan my eyes through the roller-coasters, seeing one that only allowed two people at a time. It was called "Superman's Flight.". To be honest, it looked okay. There werent any loops, but the roller-coaster goes completely fast. I nodded at Louis, and he grabbed my hand, squeezing it. 

"Which one?" He asks me, seeing me look at the one I was.

"That one." I say, pointing to "Superman's Flight.". Louis' eyes go open wider.

"Theres a part of that where you free-fall with no tracks underneath you. Are you completely sure?" Louis asks me, but I weasnt going to back down now. I nod, and Louis hesitantly leads us into the line for it.

"And only two people can go at once in one cart." I say, and he nods.

"Perfect ride." He says. I smile, and it's only a nervous smile. I almost fell over from my nerves. I played it off as I was just tripping, but I think Louis understood me.

"I wont  let go of you the whole time. I know how nervous you are for this." Louis says, and I smile at him, a real smile. For some reason, Louis takes all my nerves away. He is my Superman. My hero. The carnie at the ride notices us and tells us that we've got the next car in the next ride, and that they've filled all of the cars for this ride. Him telling me this gave me another reason for my nerves to come back. I shut my eyes, and imagined how horrible it would be. I felt Louis' hands on the side of my face. He looked into my eyes, worry written on his face.

"You dont have to do it, if you dont want to." He says, looking deeply into my eyes.

"I want to. Sorry, I was just nervous, that's all." I say, and he nods, putting his arm back over my shoulder. I smile up at him as the carts come back and slow to a stop in front of us. Knowing I need to be brave for Louis, I just smiled and stepped up onto the ride. Louis helped me into the cart, sitting right beside me. The carnie came over to our cart, as we were in the first one, and helped us buckle in and strap up first. I smiled at Louis as he grabbed my shaking hand. His touch calmed me down a lot, and I knew I would be okay.

"Are you all ready? Lift up on those straps, make sure they arent loose." The carnie called out, me and Louis both lifted up, I couldnt even move, all I could do was look out over the top of the huge machine's front and look down at the track. I saw the part where the rollercoaster's tracks end and where we freefall in the far far distance. Louis grabbed my hand again, and the carnie went back down to his post.

"Hands in the ride, no moving around. No twisting when you're free-falling. Stay exactly the way you were strapped in, dont pick at the straps. Are any of you pregnant?" The carnie asked. Nobody was, and he nodded, and put a thumb up to us all.

"Have fun on the ride, Superman will see you soon." The carnie finally said before pulling the trigger, making the huge machine purr and then start slowly moving upwards.
"Okay, this ride isnt as bad as the others. And, I'll hold on the whole time. I wont let go. It helps if you close your eyes and dont look down. Because, as this isnt as bad as the others with the twists and turns, it is the one that goes the highest." Louis says, and I feel the machine jerk upwards. I look over at Louis, who was looking out forwards at the view in front of the machine. Which, wasnt bad, it was pretty. You could see the sun in the distance, starting to go down. I smile at the sight, and feel the machine go up for a few more minutes before coming to a stop at the top. I didnt look down, following Louis'  suggestions on what helps. The suspense of being up there waiting for the drop was insane, my butterflies seemed to eat me. Louis hand tightened around mine just before the machine lurched forward. I shut my eyes as the machine went so fast I thought the skin on me would rip right off. Louis' grip was so tight, and I managed to look over at him quickly to see he's got his eyes closed also. I turned my head back away, seeing the breaking point, and shut my eyes. I felt the machine lurch upwards again, this time at a warp speed, my stomach had so many butterflies that I thought I would explode. I felt the machine come to another stop at the top, suspense killing me. A few minutes later, the machine dropped again, and twisted on one side, twisted on the other side, before I heard a large 'whooossshhhh' of air, I heard people screaming. I knew we were in the breaking point, where there werent any tracks, and I knew I wasnt screaming. I was too afraid to do that too. I felt the beanie on my head fly off a few minutes before, and I was just trying to keep my mind on other things other than the roller-coaster and the fact that we were airborne. I could still feel Louis' grip, which was extremely tight on my hand. I didnt mind, it made me feel better to know he was right there with me. I felt his grip loosen a little bit when we lightly landed back on the tracks, by that point, I felt the roller-coaster turn a few times, before it came to a stop, and Louis' grip loosened a lot. I looked over at him, and he opened his eyes, looking down at me. He looked a little worried, his gaze on my hair. I had pulled it into a ponytail before going on so it would be all crazy afterwards. But, I had the beanie put back on my head also... before this ride. There was nowhere else to put it, so I kept it. Which, was not a good idea. 

"Where'd your hat go?" Louis asks, as if the biggest fear in my life hasnt just happened. 

"I-I lost it during the r-ride." I managed to get out. And, he looked even more worried than before.

"Are you okay? I mean, this all must've been scary for you. Are you sure it's fine?" Louis asks me, and I nod.

"It was fine. I was happy that I got to face my fear with you, and not somebody else." I say to him. He nods.

"Me too..." He says, "I was afraid too. I didnt like roller-coasters either, but I was too afraid to tell you, also. And there, I faced two of my fears today." He says. I gasped, I thought he had been on roller-coasters before. I didnt know he was afraid. The carnie came and helped us out before I could say anything else.

"This yours?" The carnie asked, holding out my beanie to me.

"Yeah, it is. Thanks." I say, blushing. How had he gotten it? Louis grabbed my hand, and led me off the ride, and back onto the gravel sidewalk. 

"So, you were afraid too? Is that why you were holding my hand so tightly?" I ask, seeing Louis worry quickly.

"D-Did I hurt you?" He asks me, avoiding my question.

"No! No, you didnt at all! I was just wondering if that was why. If you ask me, I was happy you were holding my hand tightly. I was scared out of my mind." I say, and Louis smirks.

"Thank God we got that overwith then." Louis says, putting his arm on my shoulders and letting my hand go. I leaned into him, noticing we'd only done a few things, and the sun was already gone from the sky. And, the lights of the rides were blinking so quickly. There were so many lights there, and I was so in love with this place. Louis swept me in front of him, holding me tightly to his body. I could feel his heart beating so quickly against my chest. He pulled apart a little and leaned into me, our lips met so quickly I could feel the energy from it. It felt like I had been electricuted, in a good way, from Louis' lips. We pulled apart, breathless.

"I think I've found the one." Louis says, smiling down at me, which I retrurn. 



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