It Wont Be Like This For Long...

In this story, a girl, Kendal, and her best friend, Molly, meet One Direction whist at their concert in London. Kendal has always lived there. In Cheshire. Molly lives in America, but only because her parents made her move over there. -We used to pick on people like Americans, but now, Molly is sort of aone now... so we try our best not to. She's lived there so long, her accent is starting to fade away, slowly, but surely. Soon enough, she'll be a regular old Jolly Englander. We call America 'Jolly Ol' England'. It's just something we do here.-
Enjoy this story. It's about us, meeting One Direction and Zayn really starts to take a liking to Molly... and there are some problems along the way, but we all stay on the right track, and we get them where their hearts are. So, enjoy:)


18. Ambulance+Hospital(really short chapter sorry!!)

Louis smiled up at me, even though he was still crying. Fresh new tears fell down his red, puffy cheeks. I was quick to lightly wipe them off his face, he stood himself back up, for he'd fallen to the ground. He feels like he'd hurt me... I feel so bad! I helped him up, and then I leaned into him lightly, he pulled me into him more. I felt some more of his tears fall down onto the back of my neck.

"Can we call the ambulance? Boys, please?" I heard Louis ask. He was still crying, not as hard, he was talking in between gulps of air. I tried to tell him I was okay, but he shook of my efforts to make him stop. Liam got his phone out and quickly dialed an ambulance. They got here within 10 minutes, and Louis helped me up, by grabbing my waist and lifting me into the ambulance back. I was pushed onto a stretcher. 

"Okay sweetie, you will be to the hospital in a minute, please don't be startled if we give you a pain relief shot. Or if we have to get you to go to sleep so you can rest a little. We need you to be safe. So, actually, let's give you those two shots right now, hun." The ambulance lady said, and I looked at Louis, he smiled weakly. He knew my fear of shots, I'd told him. He didnt like them either. I saw the shot that they were going to give me, my imagination made it look bigger than normally. I felt the warmth of someone else's hand on mine, and I looked over to see Louis grabbing my hand really tightly. It made me forget about the shots completely, as if he could melt my pains away. He was trying his best to help me through one of my fears. He smiled at me, and I smiled back. He squeezed my hand when he saw the shot gaining on my skin. I felt intense pain in my left arm, and I almost screamed, until I felt Louis' lips on mine. It made me feel better, and we kissed through both of the shots. The last thing I remembered was Louis kissing me and his smile after he did. Then, complete blackness. Nothing else. There was complete blackness, and there was nothing in my world. All I saw was pictures and images of Louis and my dates, and I'm pretty sure I smiled in my sleep. I think I could still feel Louis' hand on mine, and my lips still felt warm from his kiss. I wish I could kiss him again, and again, and make it last forever. None of the boys I've ever been with before Louis had made me feel so good. But, when I'm with Louis, I instantly felt better and I completely forgot all my struggles and everything with hate, and everything bad.

I woke up to Louis smiling at me, and a few nurses surrounding me. I saw Louis again, and I smiled at him. He lightly rubbed his hand down my jaw-line. I leaned into his touch a little, it was so farmiliar.

"Babe, we get to go back to the hotel room now. They're releasing you. And then we can go on a date. Well, not to the dance club for atleast 2 weeks now. It was only a slight twist, it will be better in 2 weeks when you can go to the dance club with me. For our third date." Louis said, smiling. I smiled back, nodding. He laughed at me a little, and I noticed he was actually still holding my hand. I worried a little, because my hand was starting to sweat a little. Or it was his hand sweating. I dont know for sure... but, it was fine either way, I hoped.

"So, we're going home now?" I asked Louis, I was deathly afraid I would be forced into another shot or pill or anything. He smiled at me, knowingly. He knew I didnt want another shot.

"No more shots babe, I promise. I wont let them." He smiled at me. I smiled back. The nurse came in to the room and told us that Louis and I could go back to the house now. 

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