Candy Floss

"Do you like candy floss?"
"Yeah, it's alright."
"Take me to a fun fair, and we'll eat candy floss tonight."

(In this fanfic, the boys become famous. They arenmt in the beginning, You'll see why ^_^)


4. Chapter 4

Candy Floss 4

Wednesday morning.


I jolted out of my sleep to my alarm clock going off. What? What?! It was summer, I didn't need an alarm clock. The intimidating noise wouldn't stop, so I rolled over and smacked the big button on the top. There. It was only 8:00 in the morning. I need more sleep! I cleared my head of the dream I just had, and focused on what was going on in my life. Phil and Dan were gone to Florida in America. I met a cute Irish boy who made a date with me for tomorrow. Tomorrow?! YES IT'S SO CLOSE I CAN TASTE IT! Not literally. You can't taste a day. I lay back down on the bed, smiling, just thinking of what it is I was going to do tomorrow. I wonder.....

I woke up about two and a half hours later, well rested. I pulled out my phone, deciding it was a good time to call Phil.
"Hello...?" a raspy morning tone said. It wasn't Phil, though the voice was very familliar. Ah, Dan.
"Heya, Dan. Were you sleeping?" I asked.
"Yeah, sort of. Were you looking for Phil?"
"Yeah, sort of." I said with a laugh, trying to mock his sleepy accent. Dan laughed.
"He's in the shower. Have him call you back?" He questioned.
"Sounds great if you ask me. But tell me, how was Playlist?"
"It was great fun. Did you notice what was trending on Twitter the other day? '#DanIsNotOnFireIsInTheHotelLobby' was trending. Weird," he said with a laugh. I can picture him exactly how he was right now. Laying on the bed, propped up on his elbows, with the duvet covering the lower part if his chest.
"Really? You're that famous?! Next thing you know, You'll be voted hottest guy of the year." I joked.
"Ha, ha. Now I'd like to sleep before tackeling some more roller coasters today. Hollywood Studios!"
"Okay Daniel. I'll see you soon."
"Byes Becca."

I should get ready. I thought today would be a nice day to stroll around the park, as it miraculously wasn't raining. I popped my 'Painfully Mainstream' by Tom Milsom album in the CD player and turned up the volume. Nobody was around anyways. I danced around as I got dressed and ready...

Niall's POV

Me and the family came back a day early from visiting, so I thought I'd suprise my new friend. My family headed back to the flat we borrowed, and I headed to Becca's. I knew her name, but I can't remember if I properly introduced myself. I probably did, and if I didn't, she'd probably ask. I walked up to her door to hear music playing. Loudly. The singing was quite fast. I listened to the music for a moment, picking out the instruments in the background. Ukulele? Recorder? Piano? I stood and listened to the words.
"you're never really special, you just realize you're average instead..." a higher pitched voice sang. Becca. She then shut off the music, and I could head her footsteps getting closer. Oh.

Becca's POV

I opened the door whike loking at the floor to see a pair of white converse standing in front of me. My eyes trailed up his legs and body until I reached his head at the top of his tall frame. It was him! The Irish boy! How long had he been standing there?
"Hey! Back so soon?" I said with a grin. He put his bottom lip between his teeth whilst studying my face. I shifted my weight awkwardly.
"Yeah, My aunt wasn't home. So she's visiting sometime soon." He spoke.
"Oh. Well, I was just about to head to the park." I said.
"But it's raining!"
"Right. Tomorrow. We'll go tomorrow."
"Even if it's raining?" He asked.
"Yeah. Even then. But for now, come in we'll play some Portal!" I said and we spent our entire afternoon playing video games and laughing until eventually we got bored.
"Hey, when you first got here, how long were you standing there?" I asked as I was sat on the sofa with him in front of me.
"Long enough to hear you singing!" He said, and I blushed, looking down at my phone that was sitting on the sofa between us.
"Don't worry... You were good!" He said and as if on cue, my phone rang. The song that I was singing earlier was playing as the ringtone. Tom.
"Thats the song you were singing!" He exclaimed as I picked up the phone in my hand with a smile.

Niall's POV

"Hey Tom!" She exclaimed, answering the phone and jumping up from the couch. She walked over into the kitchen and held her finger up to me as if to say 'One minute!'
I could hear what she was saying, but not this Tom. Obviously.
"How's Playlist? ... Oh. .... Really?.. That many people brought ukuleles? I bet half of them can't even play it. ... How are Alex and Charlie? I haven't heard from them in a long time. A long time being about a month. ... good. Tell them I said hi! ... Okay. Oh, tell Phil to call me! ... alright. Byes!"
This whole conversation left me wondering how many friends she had. And if any of them were girls. She walked back to the couch and plopped down in front of me.
"Sorry, old friend." she said with a smile.
"So who are all these people? Tom? Phil and Dan? Charlie and Alex?"
"Oh. I've been friends with Phil and Tom for a long long time! They became popular youtubers recently and have gained alot of friends that they have introduced me to. But all the same." she said smiling.
"You're still a good singer. But I shiuld get going! I'll pick you up at around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon for the park okay?"
and with that I left. The whole time I was away, I couldn't stop thinking about her. Becca. She hasn't left my mind. I've come really fond of her over the past few days... I don't think I'd want to lose her any time soon...
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