Candy Floss

"Do you like candy floss?"
"Yeah, it's alright."
"Take me to a fun fair, and we'll eat candy floss tonight."

(In this fanfic, the boys become famous. They arenmt in the beginning, You'll see why ^_^)


3. Chapter 3

The doors slowly opened revealing the Irish boy. And I was in pajamas. That were shorts...
"Hi, again." He said with a smile. "Where are you off to?"
"...I've got to go to the store in a few minutes..." I said awkwardly, looking at the now closing lift doors.
"I mean, what floor?" he asked. I looked up at him and blushed. Mental note: Work on people skills.
"Oh, uh... 5." I said, looking away. He laughed.
"Thats where I was headed, actually. The store. Mind if I join you? After you're ready?" He asked. I looked at him again, pleased that he wants to be with me, but still embarressed.
"Defniately!" I said. Was that too over excited? I hope not. The lift stopped, and I got out, with the boy following me. I fished my keys out of the pocket of my sweater and unlocked the door. I was actually going to have this cute boy in my flat. Woah. We walked in.
"I'll be uh, right back.." I said and dashed off to my room to change. I picked out a pair of cut off jean shorts and my favourite tshirt that I stole from Phil. It was one he sells online for his fans. It's white, and it has a colourful doodle of Phil in the middle and a bunch of random things drawn around him in grey, including the words 'AmazingPhil', his youtube username. I strolled back into the living room where the blonde boy was waiting.
"So, do you live here alone?" he asks.
"Erm, yes. I do.." I reply.
"Then whos flat were you in the other day when you lost your keys?" He questioned.
"Thats my friends Dan and Phil's place. I was borrowing some games from them while they're away at some youtube thing..." I said. Woah. I just said that while sentence without any awkward. There was something about this Irish boy who brought out the best in me. This is good.
"And thats this 'Phil' on your shirt?" he asked, looking at the doodle on my shirt.
"This actually is his shirt." I said, holding it out so he could get a better veiw. "I kinda stole it from him..." I said. He started to laugh. I chuckled.
"We best get going, I guess." And off we went to the store for supplies.

-after shopping-

I've gotten to know so much about this boy, and he's amazing. Literally, amazing. He laughs at everything, and he just enjoys life as it is. We burst through my door with everything we bought at Tesco. We plopped every bag on the breakfast bar.
"Two trips are for pussies." He said with a laugh, and looked me in the eyes.
"I've gotten to know you so well today. And I like you. Alot. But right now, I've got to go back to the flat. Erm, my family and I are doing some visiting for the next few days, so I'll be busy. Meet me in the lobby on Thursday at 3:00 sharp!" he said. It was Monday. Phil was coming back next tuesday. Hrm.
"Okay! See you then." I said and he walked out the door. I've grown fond of him. But I didn't know his name...
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