Candy Floss

"Do you like candy floss?"
"Yeah, it's alright."
"Take me to a fun fair, and we'll eat candy floss tonight."

(In this fanfic, the boys become famous. They arenmt in the beginning, You'll see why ^_^)


2. Chapter 2

I woke up from sleeping on the sofa. The tv was on along with the playstation. I must've fallen asleep whilst playing Portal last night. Oops. I decided to take this day off and play some of the games I had and some I borrowed from Phil and Dan. Dance Dance Revolution.

I didn't realize how lonely I was without everyone here. I started to think who I could visit. I know! Carrie! I pulled out my phone and rung her up.
"Hey, Becca!" She said.
"Hey 'sup? I've been a bit lonely, even though it's only the second day with everyone gone.." I said, and Carrie laughed.
"Well, get off the sofa and get over here! I have a bunch of new movies we can watch, if you like?" She said. That sounded like a plan.
"Epic, see you in 20?" I asked.
"Sounds good! Byes!" And with that she hung up. I left to jump in the shower quickly, leaving my hair to dry naturally. Luckily, Carrie only lived in a small house down the road from this building, so I could walk. It took me about five minutes to get to her house, and once I got there, I was greeted with a big hug.
"I haven't seen you in forever!" She said, laughing.
"oh, I know, It's been, what, 72 hours?!"
"Too long!" She laughed, and we started our movie marathon. About halfway through the third movie, we got bored and started talking.

"Meet anyone new lately?" She asked me. I took a second to think.
"Well, meet isn't the word I would put with it, but I did come across this Irish boy who is staying down the hall from Phil for a while. He seems nice." I explained.
"Oh, tell me what happened!" She said, and I explained the whole story to her. Soon after, we both fell fast asleep while on our what, 7th movie?

The morning sun shining through the window. Carrie and I shared a bit of breakfast, and I realized I needed food for the next 10 days!
"Oh. Bro, I've gotta run. A Tesco's trip is calling. Don't wanna starve!" I said. I didn't bring extra clothes to change into, stupid me. I had walked over here last night in a hoodie, pajama shorts and a tshirt, because it was so dark, no one could see. Well, I regret that.
"Don't worry. No one you know will see you, I'm sure." Carrie said with a smile and waved to me as I walked out the door. I hit the sidewalk, walking as quickly and naturally ad possible. I held my hoodie in my arms, as the days were getting warmer, though the night was cold. I was in the home stretch. I started picking up my pace, turning to the front door of the building and ran through it, down the hall and in front of the lift. I pushed the button and waited for what seemed like longer than normal. Hopefully no one was getting on on a higher floor. The doors of the lift finally started to slowly open, revealing once again, that Irish boy. And I was in pajamas. That were shorts. No.
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