Candy Floss

"Do you like candy floss?"
"Yeah, it's alright."
"Take me to a fun fair, and we'll eat candy floss tonight."

(In this fanfic, the boys become famous. They arenmt in the beginning, You'll see why ^_^)


1. Chapter 1

Candy Floss

(Summer, 2009)

"Phil..!" I called down the hall
"Mmm?" He said, poking his head round the corner to meet my gaze.
"C'mere." I said to him, and he jogged through the hall.
"How long are you leaving for?" I asked as he joined me in his room, sitting on the bed.
"Two weeks. One for Playlist, the other for-"
"DISNEYLAND!!!!" His flatmate Dan cut him off from the living room. He was playing Skyrim. Phil just rolled his eyes and laughed.
"Are you sureeeee I can't come with? I'm gonna miss you guys..." I said as me and Phil went to join Dan in the living room. I didn't know Dan as well as I knew Phil, as I had just met him. I grew up with Phil.
"Yeh, sorry. Unless you want to pay over $100 to see us and the other YouTubers. That doesn't even include the hotel!" Dan said, pausing his game to look at me sadly.
"I'm sorryyyyy." Phil said with a frown.
"It's only two weeks, I guess. I'll live." I said. In two days it was the very first Playlist Live YouTube convention, and Phil and Dan applied to be appearances, along with some of my other youtuber friends like Charlie and Alex.. and I think Chris and PJ would be there too.
"Thats the spirit!" Phil said.
And with that, I helped them pack their bags and they drove off to the airport. Two whole weeks. What am I going to do?

-The Next Day-

I had a key to the Phil's flat, so I helped myself in to borrow some of their games. I flicked through them, one by one. A few that I've heard of, but not many. One that caught my eye was a game called Portal 2. I picked up the case and opened it to make sure that the game was actually in there. Yup. I walked to the door, but stopped when I heard voices and a bunch of movement outside. I opened the door and peeked down the hall. There I saw four people with many boxes standing outside the door to a flat down the hall while one was trying to open it. I ignored them, because I knew I wouldn't be much help.. I was to clumsy. I also wasn't good with talking to new people. I walked in the other direction and pushed the button for the lift. I glanced over to the boxes people and they were filing in. Three of them were in the flat, but the other just stood outside the doorway, staring at me. I blinked. He had blonde hair with a little brown on the sides. From what I could see, his eyes were blue.. He looked quite cute, actually. I was brought out of my thoughts by the lift doors opening. I walked in and pushed the button for my floor and waited for the posh lift voice to say "going down" Always my favourite part. I stopped to think of the boy I just saw. I liked him, and the odds of seeing him aroud somewhere may be a little bit more in my favour. This is good.

I stepped out of the lift and walked down the hall to my home. Hooome. I reached in my pocket for my keys. Nothing. I checked my other pocket. Nothing. Back pockets? Nothing. Huh? I just had them a second ago when I was at Phil's flat. What?! I looked down into my hands. Nothing but Portal. Maybe I left them in the door at Phil's. Must be. I walked back to the lift and pushed the up button and to my suprise it opened immediately. Usually I had to wait a minute or two. The doors opened fully to reveal a tall blonde haired boy with blue eyes. Could it be? It was! Wut. He walked out of the lift and stood directly in front of me.
"Uh, you left these in the doorknob of that door... Thought I'd find you and bring 'em back.." A deep Irish accent said as he held up my keys. I held out my hand and he plopped the keys into it, giving me one last stare in the eyes.
"I- ... uh- ... we-... thank you." I stuttered. Like I said, I'm not very good with people. The boy backed into the lift and nodded, pressing the button to go back up to his floor. What just happened?


"Hellooo!" I answered my phone. Phil was calling.
"HEY!!! Hows it been. The day, I mean." He said.
"Well, I went to your flat to grab a game, and then I noticed that there are people staying in Rick's flat down the hall from yours, then the boy thats staying there was staring at me, then I left my keys in your doorknob, and that same boy found me to return the keys. So overall, not bad." I explained. We chatted for a few more minutes.
"Well, I best be going. see you in 13 days!!" Phil said excitedly. We said out good byes and hung up. 13 more.
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