Is This a Dream? ( a Harry story)

This is the story of Cynthia Fletcher. She is just your average One Direction fan. But what will happen when she wins backstage passes on bring me to 1D. Well when she meets a certain Harry Styles something's are just to good to be true. Find out in this book!

Btw's guys this is my first movella so if it is bad please tell me I suck at writing stories.


5. Rehearsal

Cynthia's P.O.V.

Harry has a rehearsal today and he wants me to go with him. I guess he wants to keep an eye one me in case I blow more chunks. We left the flat at about eleven to meet up at the studio for eleven thirty.I watched as Harry followed the boys into the recording booth. He winked at me as he started his solo for 'Live While We're Young' I winked back. He's just so cute when he sings. By now I'm three weeks prenant and I found that my pregnancy craving is chocolate milk and original oreo cakesters. I have almost lived on those for two days. He thinks I'm disgusting for being a pig but I just blame it on the baby. When Harry came out of the booth I was apperantly staring into space because the next thing I knew he was snapping his fingers in front of my face. "Oh, sorry what were you sayin babes?" "I was just saying c'mon its time to go home now." he looked at me weird like I had something on my face. We were walking to the door when a thought struck me and I started to cry when we got to the car. "What's the matter sunshine?" Harry was puzzled. "W-what if my parents hate me for being pregnant, I'm 18 years old!" I sobbed as he hugged me tighter.

Harry's P.O.V.

What the fuck! where did that come from. 'What if my parents hate me for being pregnant, I'm 18 years old!' since when did she think about that? "C'mon babe they wont hate you!" I didnt know what else to say to her. "Yeah they will, they said if I get pregnant before I'm 21 or married they will not accept me as a proper woman, they will think of me as a slut and not their daughter!" she continued to sob. "Harsh!" I whispered hoping she wouldnt hear it but she did. "I know right!" she finally let go so that I could drive us home. When we got home Cynth showered and had a nap. I was laying on the couch when I heard a scream from the bedroom. Not a normal scream though, a blood curdling scream like she was being tortured to death. I ran to the bedroom and she was still sleeping only she was throwing herself around the bed screaming "HARRY, DONT LEAVE ME, DAD HOW COULD YOU I HATE YOU HARRY, HARRY!!!!!!" oh my god was that really her nightmare!? I woke her up and her mascara was running down her face."Babe whats wrong?" I was pretending I didnt know so I could get the whole story. "Well I was dreaming that we went to tell my parents that I was pregnant and when I told them my dad went nuts and of course he had to be doing dishes..." she trailed off, she didnt need to continue I know the rest. "It's okay babe you just really scared me I was on the couch when I heard you screaming." she looked at me apologeticaly. "Sorry." she said quietly. "Dont worry about it just dont think about it ok?" "Ok."

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