Is This a Dream? ( a Harry story)

This is the story of Cynthia Fletcher. She is just your average One Direction fan. But what will happen when she wins backstage passes on bring me to 1D. Well when she meets a certain Harry Styles something's are just to good to be true. Find out in this book!

Btw's guys this is my first movella so if it is bad please tell me I suck at writing stories.


7. Meeting Up With the Boys

Harry's P.O.V.

When we got to the airport Cynthia was bouncing in her shoes. I  think she was excited to see the boys. When we saw where they were she treied running with her baby belly but ended up walking quickly and hugging them. "How are you Cynth?" Louis asked looking at her belly. "I'm alright other than this little monster kicking me all the time!" she smiled at me then turned back to Zayn. "Zayn, are you okay, you seem really quiet?" she turned her head slightly to face him. "Huh, what yeah I'm okay, how are you?" he still seemed distant." Okay, good, u?" "I'm good." he walked to the bathroom and I followed him telling Cynth I was going to talk to him. "Hey Zayn, what's up you seem very distant especially from Cynth and the baby?" "That's just it Hazz, Perrie is pregnant and I asked her to marry me and she said no and said she didnt want me to be around MY baby!" he started to quietly sob. "Awe dude that's harsh, don't worry about it. You will be fine, she will most likely come around." I gave him a hug and walked with him out of the bathroom. When we got back the announcer-dude said"All passengers on the plane to America at 1:30 p.m. it is time to board." he seemed like he screamed into the intercom. I followed Cynthia to make sure she made it to the plane alright.


Cynthia's P.O.V.

I was for some reason thinking about the friend I had when I lived in Califronia. Her name is Ansley, she loves Niall and she would love to meet him. On one of my many trips to the little bathroom on the plane, I stopped by Niall and crouched down. "Niall, do you mind if you meet one of my friends in Cali?" I hushed "Yeah, sure, what's her name?" he whispered back. "Ansley." "Cute, can't wait!" he whisper-yelled. I went to the bathroom and went back to my seat. "What were you and Niall talking about?" Harry asked me. "A friend from when I lived in California. Her name is Ansley and they are going to meet up when we get there."she was cheerful. "Cool, Niall could use a girl in his life." he closed his eyes and went to sleep. I copied and was soon sleeping. It seemed like I fell asleep ten minutes ago when the captain announced that we would be landing in 5 minutes. "Harry, Hazza, Hazz, Babe yo dude get yo assup we are landing in 5 minutes." I whisper yelled in his ear to wake him up. "What, I'm up!" he jumped. "Shhhhh you dimwad!" I whispered at him he looked at me playfully hurt. We got off the plane and went straight to the hotel and went to bed. It was a long day.

Sorry to make it so short I just dont have time for a big chapter i will update soon.

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