Is This a Dream? ( a Harry story)

This is the story of Cynthia Fletcher. She is just your average One Direction fan. But what will happen when she wins backstage passes on bring me to 1D. Well when she meets a certain Harry Styles something's are just to good to be true. Find out in this book!

Btw's guys this is my first movella so if it is bad please tell me I suck at writing stories.


8. Long Time No See!

Cynthia's P.O.V.

So today was the second-last day before the tour started. It was also the day we where going  to visit Ansley. I texted her this morning and told her I was coming to visit but what she doesn't know is that I have a surprise for her. When I woke up and rolled over I expected to see Harry beside me but he wasn't any where to be found."Harry! Harry where are you!" I called through out the room. That's when I found the note, it said 'Hey babe I'm going outcan't tell you where but call me when you get up! -Love, Harry xoxo' That douche! He left and we are supposedto be going to Ansley's house at eleven-thirty and it's ten thirty! Urggghhh! Anyway so I did as hetold me and I called him. (convo, h=hazz,c=cynth) C-"Hey." I said the anger in my voice. H-"Hey babe, how did you sleep?" C-"Good. Where are you?"H-"I can't tell you that but I can tell you to go downstairs and outside!" C-"Do I have to?" H-"Yes now get yo ass movin!" and with that he hung up. So I got dressed and I wore my black yoga pants my black Elmo shirt that says ' So Much Swagger' and my colourful DC's. I walked down the hallway ofthe hotel room and got a travel mug of coffee and I was off. I got out the door and was about to walk down the hall when I remembered I forgot to brush my hair. I ran back and brushed out my long, Auburn hair and put it in a messy bun.Now I'm off!


         Harry's P.O.V.

So I found out that today was Cynth's birthday. I took advantage of this day to do something special. I got ahold of Ansley and she setup a quick birthday party for her with all of her old friends. I got the cake. Ansley told me her favourite cake was chocolate fudge ice cream cake so I got one that said 'Happy 19th Birthday Cynthia!'. Perfect! I dropped it off at Ansley's and as I got to the hotel Cynthia called me and in 10 minutes was outside. "Hey, beautiful ready?" "Yeah but for what and was I supposed to dress nice?" "No but if you want I have something in the car you could wear." "Okay." she sighed she was not ready for this. When she changed she took out her hair and shook it around and it fell straight down her back. She looked beautiful in the dress Ansley bought her. It was a party dress in her favourite colour. Lime green! When we got to the party I covered her eyes with one hand and helped her walk in her black pumps as she calls them.When we walked in and everyone screamed surprise and jumped out the look on her face was the most amazing surprised face ever!


             Cynthia's P.O.V.

 Oh my god!!! They threw a surprise party for me!? I forgot that it was my birthday. The first thing I did was give everyone a hug for making this amazing party!



Hey guys so I know I suck at the whole long chapter thing but here is fair warning they will all be short so yea. Remember to like fave and comment and most importantly share with your friends your parents your grandparents your enemies strangers any one and every one. Peace out my babes xoxo.

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