Is This a Dream? ( a Harry story)

This is the story of Cynthia Fletcher. She is just your average One Direction fan. But what will happen when she wins backstage passes on bring me to 1D. Well when she meets a certain Harry Styles something's are just to good to be true. Find out in this book!

Btw's guys this is my first movella so if it is bad please tell me I suck at writing stories.


9. He Got Down On One Knee...

Cynthia's P.O.V.

 S o my birthday party was totally amaZAYN!!! I got amazing gifts, I got a new iPhone 5 from Harry. Niall,Liam and Louis got me ITunes cards and phone cases. Ansley got me a pair of pumps that I have wanted for a long time, they are my favourite animal print, zebra! Brittany got me lime green pumps and a black dress. Oh, the cake was so beautiful and delicious it was my favourite flavour and it had a picture of me smiling and Harry kissing my cheek. That picture was from when we went to the carnival last month. I was like crying my the time I saw everything from everybody. I was speechless. But at that moment some thing happened that I never thought I would hearcoming out of Harry's mouth.

Harry's P.O.V.

So, I figured that on her birthday would be the day it would happen. I love her and want to love her forever. I got the ring almost a month ago waiting for the time to be perfect. I slowly got down on one knee as she looked at me confused. "Cynthia Lexee-Mae Fletcher, I love you and always will, will you take the honour of marrying me?" she had one hand over her mouth and she started to tear up when she heard that and saw thre ring. "H-H-Harry, I-I, YES A MILLION TIMES YES!!!!!!!" I stood up and she jumped into my arms.I just hugged her back and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

Cynthia's P.O.V.

OMG! I'm getting married. And best of all I am marrying Harry Edward Styles! I can not wait to pick out my dress and be with him at the alter and become Cynthia Lexee-Mae Styles!! That is the night I got shit-faced drunk. When Harry and I got back to the hotel room he had his lips all over mine and my neck. "Harry" I moaned as we stumbled into the bedroom. He tossed me on the bed and started taking off my shoes then moved to my dress. When the dress was on the floor it was time for his pants, then his shirt. It was soon that I was in just my thong and bra, and he was in his boxers. Well, what can I say other than that stage didn't last long. It was not long before he thrusted inside me and I let out a loud moan. His thrusts became faster and he groaned as he came inside me.

Harry's P.O.V.

I do not remember a thing about last night other than I proposed to Cynthia. I woke up in the morning  to hear Cynthia puking in the bathroom. I ran in there and held her hair and rubbed her back. "Cynth, baby are you okay?" I asked still groggy. "Yeah, I think so it was probably the alchohol from last night affecting the baby." she choked out as she flushed the toilet and leaned back against the bath tub. "SHIT! I forgot you where pregnant! Anyway before I freak out completely, Do you want me to get you some tea?" "Yes please baby thank you" "Anything for you babe." I said walking out of the bathroom to put on some clothes and make her some tea.


A/N DUN DUN DUN! So what do you think should happen should it be a miscarrieage this time or should the baby be okay? Kik me votes for what you think should happen. Kik: immababe67

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