Is This a Dream? ( a Harry story)

This is the story of Cynthia Fletcher. She is just your average One Direction fan. But what will happen when she wins backstage passes on bring me to 1D. Well when she meets a certain Harry Styles something's are just to good to be true. Find out in this book!

Btw's guys this is my first movella so if it is bad please tell me I suck at writing stories.


2. Backstage

So after the concert was over we went back to go and meet the boys. I could not believe we were two minutes from meeting One Direction!"Excuse me ladies but I am going to need to see your passes to be back here." the muscled security guy looked down at us with a stern look. "Right here!" I said as Brittany and I showed him our passes. He then led us down a short hallway and showed us what door was for their dressing room. we thanked him and he left. "Ready?"Brit looked at me with anxious eyes."As ready as I will ever be." to be honest I was nervous. "One,Two,Three" we counted quietly then softly knocked on the door.

                                        Harry P.O.V.

I heard a faint knock on the door so I went and opened the door, not noticing I had no shirt on until the medium-height Auburn haired girl was pointing at my abs."Hey ladies what can I help you with?" I didnt know what else to say."Hi, I'm Brittany," the taller Brunette one said " And this is my best friend Cynthia!" she was way to cheerful."Well come on in!" I heard Louis say from behind me. As I moved aside to let them in I looked at Louis and he just smirked at me. "So, whats up?" I asked Cynthia. "Nuthin' we were just at your concert and we had gotten backstage passes with them so surprise we are here!" she mumbled quietly. I looked at Brittany" Is she always this quiet?" "Sometimes she is sometimes she isnt." Cynthia looked up slowly and asked"So whats up with you guys?" I could tell she was coming out of her shell of shyness everytime I said something. "Oh nuthin' much just rehearsals concerrts traveling you know." "Cool." she sounded tired. "Hey its Brittany right?" Louis pointed at Brittany. "Yeah thats me!" she chirped in reply. "Are you single?" "Yes." "Wanna go for dinner with me just you and me?" "Sure! Hey C," "Yeah?" "I'll meet you back at the hotel k?" "Yeah." how does Lou do that he just has a way of just looking at a girl and she agrees with everything he says. Anyway. I looked at Zayn, Liam and Niall, just then they stood up and left saying they where going to Nando's. There now it was just me and Cynthia. "So Cynthia, are you single? I dont mean to sound like a jerk or anything but I just want to get to know you." "Yeah I'm single have been for almost three years now." "What no way! There is no way a girl as beautiful as you could be single for almost three years!" "I'm not that pretty but thank you!" "Okay, tell me about your family." "There is not really anything interesting but my mom and dad divorced when i was five and my dad killed himself when i was seven." she was trying her hardest not to cry but a few tears came out. "Oh I'm so sorry about your dad." I felt baad for her. "Dont worry I'm fine but thank you." she was lightly crying now. "Hey wanna go for dinner?" "Sure where?" " I was thinking the cafe a few blocks up its cold outside so we will drive." "Okay" she giggled. When we got to the cafe we sat down and the waitress asked us about drinks. "What do you want Cynthia?" "Hot Chocolate please!" "Make that two please!" she gigglede at me. "Whats so funny?" I knew what was funny but acted like I didnt. "The face you made at the waitress when she turned to walk away!" By the time we got our drinks we were both laughing hysterically. The waitress asked what we wanted for food and we both got spaghetti and meatballs. "Oh my god Harry you are so funny!" she was still laughing as she took a bite of her spaghetti. By the time we left it was almost midnight. "Oh shit, I forgot my fucking hotel key!" she screamed as she looked through her purse. " And Brittany sleeps like shes dead so I cant wake her up to let me in!" she cursed a few more times before I offered "If you like you can stay in my hotel room?" "Really?" she sounded hopeful. "Yea I wouldnt let a beautiful girl like you that I have a big crush on tough it out all night!" I quickly covered my mouth and asked through my hands "Dod I just say that outloud?" "And in English!" she added winking at me. "Dont worry Harry I have had a crush on you a lot longer than you might think!" "Oh yea, prove it!" I dared her. "I have pictured myself marrying you since you first went on X Factor!" she proved it. "Ok you have me beat!" "Yeah I do! Umm Harry can I ask you something?" she was suddenly very serious. "Yea you can tell me anyting wat is it?" "I know the guy is usually supposed to do this but... would you be my boyfriend? I know we just met but I feel like I ave known you all my life and according to my heart you are the one I want to spend my life with." she was nervous I could tell because her voice was shaking. "Cynthia I feel the same way, yes I would gladly be the booyfriend of a gorgeous girl like you!" "You know what you are very cheesy!" "But you love it now lets go back to my room!" "Yeah I do...wait I dont have pjs!" she stopped and I know because we were holdin hands.

                                                  Cynthia P.O.V.

Oh shit what just happened. Im now dating Harry Styles and Im staying in his room over night with no pjs fuuuuccckkk!"Its okay tat just means you will have to wear my clothes. Oh and by the way there is only one bed because we had to get single person rooms its a queen size bed though!" he half cheered the at the part where he was hinting at me to sleep wit him. "Okay but no sex, we can makeout but no sex yet! Okay it might happen later but not right away!"  I dont know why but I was Excited to sleep wit him.

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