Nightmares are FOREVER

Alex was an orphan then she get adopted by Niall horan and Demi lovato. she gets involved with the wrong friends and gets an abusive boyfriend.Austin Mahone is her best friend he also has a crush on her he has for years but, he gets to scared to tell her.Sabrina Bieber Alex's other best friend


2. the conersation

Hey, Dad can Austin stay while everyone's here? Alex asks yeah i never said that he had to leave. Niall says wait didn't Austin and Glimmer break up ? Niall asks yea but Austin and Glimmer aren't like Sabrina and Kade Alex explains it out to Dad

Alex's POV

''okay as long as their arent' any fights''.Dad says ''Dad, that would only happen if Sabrina was here.'' I go back to the bedroom. ''Austin,my dad said that you can stay.'' Austin wasn't acting normal.''Austin ,are you okay?'' Umm.. yeah, I was just thinking'' Austin says while bitting his lip. I take his phone. ''HEY, give it back'' he says. '' not till you tell me what's wrong.'' i say.'' I can't tell you'' he says ''why not'' i say ''its bout you.I open the closet door. what ''I have to go Alex'' austin says I run over to the door. ''NO'' tell me thru text OK fine Alex, but u have to give me my phone.

the conversation

Austin- there's this girl

Alex- what's her name

Austin-I'm super close to her parents

Alex-just like you are with mine

Austin- yeah, her dad knows I have a crush on her since pre-k

Alex- I remember when we met in per-k

Austin you know her she's in this room right now

Alex-Austin, we are the only 2 people in this room

Austin- I know but, i like her

 Alex- wait are you saying what I think you are

Austin-Yeah, I have a crush on you since I first met you



''Austin, are you telling me the truth?' Alex asks.ALEX HORAN, I have always had a crush on you and I was to scare to tell you,WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND?  i said with confidence but i was also a little scared that she might say no. her reactions was really surprising OMG YES, I'LL BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND I WAS HOPING THAT YOU WOULD ASK CUZ' I HAVE HAD THIS HUGE CRUSH ON YOU SINCE LIKE THE THIRD GRADE. she said with a high pitched voice.i hugged her and then i looked into her gorgeous beautiful blue eyes and she's looking into my eyes. my hands are on her waist she has her hands around my neck .

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