Nightmares are FOREVER

Alex was an orphan then she get adopted by Niall horan and Demi lovato. she gets involved with the wrong friends and gets an abusive boyfriend.Austin Mahone is her best friend he also has a crush on her he has for years but, he gets to scared to tell her.Sabrina Bieber Alex's other best friend


1. intro

Alex was an orphan.Her parents gave her up when she was just 2 weeks old. Niall and Demi wanted kids,but they couldn't have kids.So, Niall and Demi adopted Alex when she was just a month old.Alex doesn't know that she is adopted .Alex has had a hard time with both parents be on the road.Niall be in One Direction, he tried his hardest to keep her out of the spotlight and Demi wants her daughter to have a normal.

Alex was always bullied because she has famous parents and her best friends don't care if her parents were famous or not.Austin has a crush on Alex but,he was scared to tell her. Austin is super close with her parents.Niall knew when there was something wrong with Austin.Niall asked Austin hey Austin, are you ok? can I tell you something Austin asked.Austin ,you can tell me anything I wouldn't repeat it. Niall said OK Austin says I LIKE ALEX Austin says there's nothing wrong with liking a girl Austin, but she doesn't think of me that way.OH, i see how that might be a problem. Niall says in a sad voice. Since we're be truthful I dont like Kaleb. He's just a little creep. I think he's the one that's been beating up Alex.Niall says Alex opens the door with Sabrina. Hey Austin, Where have you been at? I thought that you said that we  were gonna go to the new skateboard store Alex said. Alex has a black eye and a bruised arm.


Demi comes in from her and Niall's bedroom. OMG What happened to your eye? Demi asked with concerned . Oh it's nothing I wasn't paying attention and I walked into a corner of a locker. Alex lies and takes Sabrina and me to her room. What really happened, Alex? I asked she sits on the bed and puts her head on my chest Kaleb, got mad at me! she says sobbing again Alex, i said like always she gets up and walks over to her desk and mirror.

Alex, you have to end this relationship now, your dad is starting to think that Kaleb's doing it. Austin says. Alex, I'm sorry but I have to go Sabrina says. Don't let kale do this to you anymore END THE RELATIONSHIP. she says while walking to the door. Alex calls Kaleb the conversation.

Alex- Hey Kaleb

Kaleb- Hey Alex

Alex- I think that we should start see other people


Alex- yeah, I know but, I fell out of love with you ITS OVER KALEB, BYE

Alex hangs up the phone Austin walks over to her. she turns around and hug him tight


Austin smells really good.Austin was right I had to end that with Kaleb. Kaleb probably would have killed me. I look up at Austin hes looking down at me.Our lips are so close to touching.I have always had a crush on him, but I knew he didn't like me that way.


I love it when Alex and I hug she smells really good. I can't believe she actually broke up with that Idiot.I looked down at her shes looking up at me I want to kiss her.Our lips are so close to touching so I just go for it and kiss her she doesn't pull away. Niall interrupts us and says that the boys and their family are coming over.

''It's a good thing that Sabrina isn't here.'' i say with a sigh of relief. ''why is that Austin?'' Niall says ''cuz her and Kade just broke up the other day and Kade is still upset out it'' Alex says ''oh i see how that would be a problem cuz when I broke up with Hannah she threw a rock at my head'' Niall says while scratching his head.


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