Nightmares are FOREVER

Alex was an orphan then she get adopted by Niall horan and Demi lovato. she gets involved with the wrong friends and gets an abusive boyfriend.Austin Mahone is her best friend he also has a crush on her he has for years but, he gets to scared to tell her.Sabrina Bieber Alex's other best friend


3. dreams come true

Austin's pov

        my dreams are finally coming true. Alex is my girlfriend. I'm the happiest person alive. i look down at her she's so beautiful. My hands are on her waist and Alex has her hands around my neck.i slowly move into kiss her. Alex doesn't stop me. I kiss her then all of a sudden.Niall walks and saw us kissing.

Niall's Pov

that was really embarrassing i walk into tell Alex and Austin that Zayn, Liam, Louis, Harry, Perrie, Danielle, Eleanor,and Taylor are here and so are their kids.

U mm ... Austin, can i talk to you.yea Austin says. Austin follows me out to the backyard.Austin, what just happened in there? i ask in confusion.Alex called Kaleb and they broke up.She knew something was on my mind. i told her it was nothing. Alex knew i was lieing. she took my phone and i told her that i liked her and i asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes. we hugged i looked down at our lips were so close and  then i kissed her.what so Alex and that idiot are done. yea well thats what she told Kaleb i dont think that he was all to thrilled about the idea of Alex dumping him and he even threatened her that he would slit her throat.HE DID WHAT TO MY PRINCESS. he threatened her

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