An asylum is where we all meet, the horror behind the walls brings the group together. Harry is a sex addict. Zayn is a drug addict. Liam is a pyromaniac. Niall is an alcoholic. Louis, he has multiple personality disorders. The girls? They aren't any better. (Niall's gf) is a mute, she runs solely on thoughts, can Niall finally make her speak? (Harrys gf) a Hallucinogen, she hallucinates things she doesn’t want to see will Harry help her throu this? (Liams gf)she can read a mind, that’s how she and (Niall's gf) become closer than ever. Eleanor, She sees the future, can she save us? And last but not least is Perrie she faked her way into here. She’s normal, but is looked for a way out of her depressing life. There is a murder, a spree of them. Killing everyone, but these 10. Stuck in the asylum they must find a way out, or who knows, they might be the next victim


1. meeting

Niall's POV

I woke up on what seemed to be a hospital bed and i was confused but then i remembered oh wait...Last night i was taken here to this asylum. Well I'm gonna go take a look around to see if i can find anyone to talk to. I stop by a door with the most beautiful girl i have ever seen! I waited till she came out and i introduced myself "hi! I'm Niall Horan. Whats your name?" No answer...well thats kinda rude! "I SAID HELLO" answer. Then the girl started to look scared. "ARE YOU CRAZY" huh? I turned around to see a girl with curly brown hair. "Excuse me" I say "she is a mute don't yell at her like that she did nothing wrong to you!'. "Oh my god im so sorry" i said. "she said its okay" said the girl i was so confused how did she know i though she was a mute? "How do you know?'' " well im here because i can read minds and this is Sabrina by the way and im Danielle, and who are  you?'' she asked. "oh well my name is Niall and im here because im an alcoholic." It was embarrassing  to tell someone that because i dont like to be judged "oh okay well do you wanna go meet the other?" Danielle asked me. "oh uhm sure why not." i reply "okay lets go, Sabrina are you coming?" Danielle asked. Sabrina just nodded and so we went on. As i was walking i was thinking why couldn't i have just quit drinking when i had the chance now thoughts were interrupted "Hi im Harry and who are you?" A tall muscular boy with brown curly hair and bright green eyes asked me. "uhm my name is Niall. Say you look pretty normal what are you here for Harry?'' "well im here because im addicted to sex" he replied. Oh woah thats weird i have never met anyone addicted to sex i didnt even think it was real!"AHHHHHHH the dots are everywhere!" a skinny blonde girl screams "oh im Taylor you must be Niall nice to meet you" she said "oh and im here because i see hallucinations but i have to go take my pills see you around" okay....."here is Zayn he is a drug addict but he is in a bad mood so leave him alone right now" Harry said. "Hey im Eleanor and i know who you are i know thats creepy but i can see the future so dont be freaked out and this is my boyfriend louis he has a personality disorder but you will get use to it!" "Hey im liam do you have a lighter on you" a boy asked "uh yah here you go" "NO" everyone screamed "hes a pyromaniac" Harry said  "hi im perrie im just insane i guess" okay..."Well i Guess thats everyone" Danielle said "oh and by the way Louis and Eleanor are together, Me and Liam are together,Harry and Taylor are together,Zayn and Perrie are together" Danielle said " and what about Sabrina" i asked "oh she is single" yes! i thought the one i like is finally single!


<<AN: this is my first movella and i dont know if i should update so comment and tell me and if you follow me on twitter i follow back @Lazy_Is_Sexy! dont forget to comment if you want more . Peace Love Rubber Gloves <3>>

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