Another World

The main character is a blind orphan who struggles with being alone and trying to find understanding . The story is about the character's journey and how to find the understanding with in ones self .


3. What is really is happening


              The sun shone through her bedroom window but it didn’t wake her. It was the morning rooster that woke her up, the sound of its powerful crow. She rolled over a few times before sitting up in the very large bed.  She heard very soft footsteps enter her room “Miss Anna is that you,” said Eveleen

                “Yes it is I, How are you this morning my friend? I myself am quite worried that I’m about to lose my new friend,” said Miss Anna

                 “No matter what happens today Miss Anna, you and I can still go on being friends, I couldn’t even consider losing my first real friend who saw me for who I am, you didn’t act like I was some sort of evil mutation or unwanted creation, but as if I were a creation of Gods and so intended to be loved,” said Eveleen .

                Miss Anna leaned over and hugged Eveleen who still sat in bed “Miss Eve, oh Miss Eve , I do hope so, may we get the talk over with ,It kills me waiting for what will decide the future ,” said Miss Anna . She pulled the covers off Eveleen and tried to help her get dressed for the day. She picked out a casual dress with a side bow tied neck a straight line floor length dress with a yellowish color to it .When Eveleen Was dressed she helped comb threw her hair and braid her hair. Then picking a red flower from the window flower and placed it in Eveleen’s hair. “Now , my friend you are yet still beautiful , Even when you dress in all planeness , And you can take confidence in that my dear friend , Now go and faced the world !” said Miss Anna .

              “Um Miss Anna can you lead me to face the world?” said Eveleen 

           Miss Anna Laughed and the two of them went on their way to the Duke’s study. There the Duke was already waiting in his office hand crafted chair. He smiled at the entry of his sister and Eveleen. He thought to himself how in such a short time this young woman had stolen his heart.  He wished she could see him or at least herself, he really wished that she could see how beautiful and amazing she was. To him she seemed like a princess and if he could find the right words maybe he could explain to her how he felt.

       “Good morning sis, and miss Eve, My the day smiles upon both your beauty , sorry my dear sister I must ask you to leave the study and shut the door behind you , this conversation is between myself and Miss Eveleen ,”said the Duke

        “Oh certainly brother, Miss Eveleen meet me latter in the garden, promise?” said Miss Anna. Eveleen nodded as Anna Margret backed out of the study and shut the door.


“So here is the truth, I’m a lonely man as ever the case is , I could surround myself with friends, but that wouldn’t feel my empty heart , I need to be loved and loved in return , Cook said you had a good heart and I had to know for myself , So to get you to come I made the position available  for something you believed in , I wanted to know you and when you first came here a week’s time ago the way you  held yourself the purity and honesty of your heart ,Miss Eve I could care less if you can’t see , that wouldn’t change the fact you have stolen a piece of my heart ,stay please here with me as my guest and maybe you will grow to know and love me all the same ,” said the Duke

     “Sir I was honest to you, but how can I trust you , Staying would not be logical , unreasonable at that , please don’t make this harder than it is , you couldn’t possibly love me , Its fascination not love sir and with that said I must be on my way , Sir  you will find a love but I am not it ,”Said Eveleen  She backed out of his study and into the garden . She could hear him stumbling trying to follow her. 

    “please wait, Miss Eve, please  give me a chance to make it known to you that is real and true love that I feel for you , I know it’s more then what you think and if you leave now , Well if you leave now I will be a broken man likely to die of a broken heart , I ask just for a chance , please !” said the Duke 

    “Sir please don’t grovel , Please don’t make my heart week for you , oh sir can’t you see I would not be able to even consider love for I could never live if I were to lose what seemed as love , Oh Sir please don’t  I am not as strong as I seem ,” said Eveleen

    The Duke was now at her feet in full grovel and in her strength she failed falling to the ground she reached to his embrace and knew she couldn’t leave for the idea of love was too much. He held onto her and in the garden they held each other and cried both scared and lost in the possibility of love they both yearned so dearly for.  Miss Anna watched from a distance and wept for her new friend and brother. It was so unexpected and she fell to her knees and prayed to God their love would find strength and last for eternity. 


“What do we do now?” said Eveleen wiping her eyes on her sleeve

   “I don’t know, I don’t know how love works, I don’t know how to make you happy, I don’t know what we are to do,”said the duke. He stood up then helped Eveleen to her feet. He parted her hair on her forehead then gently kissed her there. She wrapped her arms around him and together they stood their letting the world be far from them. “Eveleen Darling I don’t think we have been properly introduced to each other, Hello darling I am Sir Raylen Hershel Jenowith  Duke of Collins , It is wonderful to meet you the beautiful Eveleen, “ said The Duke

   “The pleasures all mine Sir Raylen ,” said Eveleen curtsying 

    “Darling Eveleen may I have this dance?” said Raylen

    “Oh I would love to!” said Eveleen. So the two of them danced around the garden. Once again Eveleen felt beautiful. They danced to the music in their hearts and as they swayed and twirled together the music swelled to a forte. As the music became stronger in their hearts there dance became faster and they became closer. If this was what love was, this is what Eveleen wanted for the rest of her life. After all she had been told love was a beautiful dance of two and she believed now this dance might actually be possible for her. Love she thought sounded like the clearest of bells so soul binding and she wanted nothing more. So this was what was really happening she was falling in love. 

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