Another World

The main character is a blind orphan who struggles with being alone and trying to find understanding . The story is about the character's journey and how to find the understanding with in ones self .


8. Moon Run

               Eveleen knew that Love was her journey and she was not going to find it in the world of the royals .She had thought the Duke would love her but when tested he stumbled. So soaked in tears and the bitter frustration she packed her belongings and  left the Duke's place . She didn't take the time to change so the cold seeped into her shoes.mud covered the hem of her dress it tore on the twigs and rubble that were in her path . The journey had begun and challenging would it be. Blind alone with no lights to follow. 

     the wind picked up twirling the brush around her. she has been walking for hours and her stomach begin to rumble. She sat down on the nearest log pulled from her bag a slice of warm bread . It hurts so bad just to eat her stomach still hurt from her heart break it sent an gross feeling threw out her whole being . she started walking again,her head was pounding  with a fiery passion.

     She heard the sound of horse shoes in the distance and music faint but coming from the same direction. It must be a town she thought and if there is a town there must be an inn . So as fast as her legs could carry her she ran towards the noise . Soon she was in the center of the noise and she realized she had been wrong about there being a town . She now stood to find her self in some ones camp . And the music stopped as soon as they noticed her presence . 

     "Who are you and why did you run into our camp like you saw a bear ," said a man who must have been the leader of the group 

     "Pardon me , But it wasn't a bear , for I would have heard it and I most likely would have been screaming if that was the case , second of all I couldn't see a bear or your camp for that matter, I am blind, I heard your horses and music and thought there must be a village up ahead, Sorry I was wrong , I will be on my way  now ,"said Eveleen 

      "No please stay , have a warm meal and we will help you get  to where you are going ,"said the man he helped her to a place to sit and had some one fetch her some soup and bread. She was so hungry by this time she couldn't say no to a good meal . 

     She took a spoon full of soup and let the warm liquid rest on her tung and slowly trickle down her throat.She had eaten about half the bowl when she started to feel weird . noises began to echo and she felt as though she were spinning . Her head began to hurt . "what is happening to me ? " she said and even though she couldn't feel it by this point she had fallen to the ground and was laying in the dirt . tears ran down her face and right before she lost conscience she heard his voice again .

        "Ma lady , you should never so easily trust a band of thieves ,tonight our treasure to steal will be you ,"said the man .

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