Another World

The main character is a blind orphan who struggles with being alone and trying to find understanding . The story is about the character's journey and how to find the understanding with in ones self .


7. Miss Anna’s Story


     The story I have to tell consist of things that have existed threw all time. Man was made to love giving and receiving. This love was to be pure, but the world found its way into tainting that pure love with lust, pain and lies. They made it rare and hard to find. If love was man’s being then love would be all man ever needs. This is the story of man’s greatest need , and how we are to treasure and count our blessings for the time that we have them .Love will always find you so be ready .

       There once was a man who married a woman who could not conceive a child. They tried for a long time till there was no hope and it was evident she would not be able to bare a child. So One night the two of them buried there hope deep in the ground. When they did this they no longer had any thought of there being a child. But soon there would come a child who would give them the greatest gift of all. This child would love and be loved.

        This child was different from others and at first the couple was afraid of that and tried to hide it for they didn’t want the world to see their child as abnormal. But this wonderful child brought love into many peoples’ lives. This child was honest and talked of the world as it was seen threw his eyes. One day the child passed away but he had given his gifts and passed from the world with ease.

         The point is that the child passed having been loved and loved and it was thought because he was different that he would never find love. But he did find love he was loved by all the lives he touched. And when he passed he left one more gift behind for the man and his wife. A new place in their lives for someone else to find love, that had been given up on before he entered life.

         He had proved to the couple that love was possible for anyone. He made their lives so much more worthwhile. And though he passed they held on to his memory and his gift till the day they died and the gift fell to someone else who had given up on love. The gift is now yours to do as you please. But remember Love will always find you.

       “Eveleen do you understand what I am trying to say to you?” said Miss Anna 

       "I think I understand , " said Eveleen 

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