Another World

The main character is a blind orphan who struggles with being alone and trying to find understanding . The story is about the character's journey and how to find the understanding with in ones self .


6. Miss Anna is here


      Tear stained and her hair now out of control because of the wind .She fell to the ground and let her sore legs throb with the tempo of her heart. Miss Anna sat down next to her and held on to her hand insuring her to her best abilities that things would turn out okay. Eveleen didn’t need okay she needed permanent. Something to hold on to something that wouldn’t just leave her that would be hers. “Miss Anna I couldn’t be losing you to could I?” said Eveleen

     “No you will not lose me no matter what stupid thing my brother ends up doing , Eveleen you’re the best friend I ever had and well, I couldn’t imagine losing you either ,” said Miss Anna

     “Well that’s about the only good thing I’ve heard today,” said Eveleen

      “Can I tell you a story? I think it might help,” said Anna

       “Sure, I guess , there really is nothing to lose ,” said Eveleen 

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