Another World

The main character is a blind orphan who struggles with being alone and trying to find understanding . The story is about the character's journey and how to find the understanding with in ones self .


5. He Still Loves You


 Raylen had not slept at all during the long night .Watched the hours pass in fear for the one that he loved .Eveleen had not come back after being insulted by the king .He missed her and worried for her. When the first light of dawn broke through his window he quietly made his way to the court yard garden and danced with himself alone pretending  she was there with him .He cried for so long then he mounted his horse in search  of  her . He left before the first rooster crow and told no one of his departure. He felt bad for leaving Anna behind to please the King and Queen but he trusted that she would have little trouble in doing so. He knew he would owe her a great thanks when he got back.

      The horse’s hooves pounded hard against the dirt road leaving impressions and kicking up dust except for the places where rain from the night before had created puddles.  The horse much needing a good run cantered at a full long stride. The horse broke no sweat speeding faster with deeper breaths .The horse’s main a deep sun red that swirled in wisps as the passing wind tossed it. The Duke leaned into his horse gave a pat on its back a whisper of encouragement and he grip the reigns tighter in his hands.

     The horse came to a stop in front of the old worn down orphanage. The duke tied the horse to a fence post that had seen better days .He run to the door of the orphanage and made a dominate knock that echoed on the inside of the orphanage of oak rafters and stucco. The head mistress opened the door in surprise to see the Duke.

     “Have you seen Eveleen ?” said the Duke

    “I’ve heard word She stayed at Cook’s last night, That’s about a mile more down the road on the right, there is a small log cabin that is surrounded by willow trees Eveleen’s favorite type just so you know Duke, I’m sorry I am yammering, you need to be going If you want to make it there before she takes off again,” said the head mistress of the orphanage

    “Thank you, I will be off, be well, and my you so ever live in the light and in the honor of the royal family,” said the Duke

       So the duke untied his horse and climbed back on and road off down the road until he reached the logged cabin that the head mistress had described. He saw her dressed still in the ball gown but gardening in the front yard of Cook’s Cabin. “Eveleen darling!” said the duke. She looked up to where the voice had come. She climbed to her feet and dropped the garden tools to the ground. She ran to the sound of his voice and embraced him in a hug.

     “You do love me! I went away and you came after me, Looks like you did something right,” said Eveleen Smiling 

       “I truly do Eveleen! I’ve said it before, and I meant it,I loved you at first sight , With that said we need to talk about the situation that still lives and breathes in my home ,” said The Duke

       “Okay let’s go somewhere else to talk, being that this is not really a place for it,” said Eveleen

         “I know of a place, Let me help you up unto my stallion here and together we will go to a beautiful secluded place to talk,” said the Duke

          “If it’s a must,” said Eveleen with a smirk on her face. Both the Duke and Eveleen went off towards the still glowing horizon. 

                      Lapping waterfalls, Shades from towering palm trees, and sandy shore line that you take with you when you leave. The closest coast in the kingdom was the destination of their talk. On part of the beach up from the shore sat the summer home of the Duke’s family. A cobblestone patio branched into the main hall of the home with a grand oak stair case. Eveleen took off her shoes and felt the coldness of the Patio. Raylen lead her over to a patio seating area .

                 He lay on a seat with her beside him. His arms wrapped tightly around her. Her curves just seemed to fit correctly with his. “I Love you and I will always love you, what do we do about your parents because it is not like we can just run away to the sunset and the sunrise we can’t, any ideas?” said Raylen  

               “Are we sure they are really my parents?” said Eveleen 

                “I really don’t think testing it would be a good idea, It be okay if they were normal people and not the king and queen ,” said Raylen

   "What and you can see me as a princess its obvious the king can't, I don't belong in their world, when I barely am in yours, my own world is easy and lonely for it’s not the same as the world of the seeing,” said Eveleen

     "I know it’s all so difficult right now but I believe you are strong enough to handle this, Whatever happens I will be here for you, I know you find it hard to believe that somebody could love you,  but I do love you , I would lay down my life to protect you, " said Raylen

       "I am starting believe you, but when your blind all the other scenes have to line up for you to be a hundred percent in knowing it as truth, I believe you to be a man of integrity, wisdom, passion and compassion, but love is an unfamiliar territory, don't be hurt when I say love is not our solution, It may be a piece but we need some sort of plan based on action," said Eveleen

         "But what, in all my years I've known you never confront a king or queen and there isn't really much room for comprises, The only thing I can think of is you,  you would have to communicate with them in hopes of getting them to understand," said Raylen

          "Well wish me luck cause death has come knocking on my door in the eve of my foolishness of ever being alive, I wish I could stay right here with you in this moment forever, In your arms where I feel safe and alone in a secluded place where time seems to bend at our demand, here I am queen and you are my king," said Eveleen

             "And in this time of ours it is pure heaven but we really must be getting back for lunch, My poor dear sister has had to usher in the morning alone, having to please the royals by herself, she might just want to kill me when we get back, " said Raylen with a smile he climbed on the horse then helped Eveleen up and it was soon after only a trail of dust remained in their place of peace, their safe haven so to speak. 


 They arrived back by late afternoon. The Duke's cook had held off on lunch till they had returned. The king and queen had spent all morning with the duke’s sister. They drank tea in the early morning hours making small talk. Anna had handled herself very well without her brothers company.  She was excited upon his return for he could see it in her face. He knew he was going to owe her big time. 

              They all joined up in the great hall for lunch. Eveleen ate in silence. She had nothing to say to their company but the king had not been finished talking to her or about her even with what happened last night.  She had wished to herself through the lunch meal that the fork had impaled him and not the wall who had done nothing to her. 

                "I am not sorry for what I said last night no king ever is sorry for his action regret has been said to be not allowed for a king,  And I expect your respect and that you will be obedient,  To you I am king and father, " said the king

                 "Respect is earned and well you haven't done a good job of doing so,  I am not a piece of property and I am not a kid, you missed out on those years and as far as I am concerned you can miss the rest," said Eveleen

                   " Eveleen! ..." said Raylen

                    "No I’m sorry but he needs to face the truth he has no place in my life, I think we are done,” said Eveleen about to leave there presence

                    " Child your father and I well we don't mean to trample into your life but,  we been searching for you threw all of it,  and well now that we have found you there are important matters to attend to," said the queen

                       “Here is my idea to make some peace, the gala is tomorrow night, a lot of the nobles from all over the land will be here, So let's all just enjoy the night and when it is all said in done we will get down to business and a possible compromise that will work for everyone, cause you all know as well as I do that taking Eveleen out of her Element would be absolutely crazy, " said Raylen

                    “Fine we have reached the first agreement, but first thing in the morning after the gala we talk serious, “said the King

                    "I thought we already were,” said Eveleen

                     “Come Miss Eveleen, I need your help, “said Miss Anna. She grabbed Eveleen's arm. Eveleen willed her feet to follow after. Anna led her out to the carriage where she helped her in.

                   "Where are we going?" Said Eveleen

                   "To get you ready for Gala tomorrow," said Miss Anna

              Once again they were off. Eveleen realized she had little control over her life.  She missed simpler times when she would tend to her garden and enjoy the day under her willow tree and her only obligation was to herself and the infants.

                Flowing dresses and dressy slacks children running in between. The night of the gala glitz and glam of wealthy nobles envelope the Duke's place. Before the dancing can begin small talk is in the air as they await the introductions of the Duke and his sister and the special guest which has been rumored to be the royal family.  Miss Anna look fantastic in the red dress she had bought earlier in the week and Eveleen looked like a princess in her dress as well. Eveleen was grateful for the Duke's care but she was becoming tired of the ball gown and the glitz she couldn't see she found it to be vanity and a waist of her efforts. She had nothing to prove.


      She had not been anticipating the gala. She wanted to be able to just sit down and not have to worry about stepping on nobles feet. But here she was dressed in a lemon yellow ball gown a-line with the skirt that flows out with it length.  The neckline was a sweetheart but it had sleeves that came in at the wrist.  Miss Anna had done her hair and strung purls among the braid that wreathed her dark flowing hair.  A necklace made of amethyst was upon her neck inlaid in silver.  She look like a princess, had the blood of a princess. Though she was the blind orphan girl in her heart the one no one could love. 

             The Dukes Butler was in charge of introductions, So at precisely 8pm he stood off to the side of the grand stair case and raised his voice  “Introducing your host The grand Duke and his lovely sister Anna Margret ,”The two came down the grand stair case arm in arm smiling and Miss Anna waved her hand fan in flirtation . She gave a little giggle and tossed her hair over her shoulder. As soon as they had descended the grand stair case his voice boomed over the noise again “The Honorable King and his Lovely Queen,” The Band ensemble played and the two descended the stair case. The crowd of guest bowed to their royal family. The Duke rushed back up the stairs to escort the beautiful Eveleen to the Gala “And the lost princess Eveleen returns to us on such a special occasion, she has become such a beautiful strong young woman, She is now escorted by the duke ,” said the Butler then he returned to his many duties as the guest welcomed the now whole royal family .

       Eveleen leaned into the Raylen and whispered into his ear “I thought we were to get down to business tomorrow how will I ever enjoy the night,” said Eveleen with a smile

       “You will because you have me to dance with and to spend the evening with,” said Raylen

          By the evenings end she wished she had spun herself into sleep .For when legs and waves showed up it would have not been as bad if she hadn’t heard the whole thing.  Raylen darling did you miss me,” said legs and waves her voice was seductive. The crowd gasped when the woman rapped herself in the Duke’s arms.

           “Mel! My oh my you haven’t changed a day,” said Raylen

           “But you missed me baby? And I bet you still love me! Raylen I thought about you all the time since the day I left, Raylen I love you and know you love me,” said Mel aka legs and waves

           “Mel I still love you … but … but,” said Raylen

           “Shh shh that is all you need to say,” said Mel She planted a big wet kiss on his lips

             “He still loves you,” said Eveleen and she broke down crying. She ran as fast as her two legs would carry her and Anna followed her huffing trying to make sure to be there for her friend .


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