Another World

The main character is a blind orphan who struggles with being alone and trying to find understanding . The story is about the character's journey and how to find the understanding with in ones self .


2. Duke’s Place


A week passed by so fast, it was enough time to harvest her garden and have a little birthday celebration with Cook. Before Eveleen knew it she was in a carriage owned by the Duke on her way to her new life as the Duke’s cook assistant. She reached behind her head to feel where her hair fell to her back. With ribbon in hand she tied her hair back. Her nerves where acting up again and it was all she could do to keep her head down and play with the hem of her dress in her hands.

   The carriage didn’t arrive to the Duke’s house till late evening.  Eveleen knew this to be the case because the evening crickets had just started to sing. The Duke greeted her at the carriage he and his sister, he helped her out of the carriage.

   “Good evening Miss Eveleen, this is my sister Anna Margret, She will help you dress for supper tonight,” said The Duke

    Eveleen felt for Miss Anna’s hand then responded to the Duke “sir as not to be so bold but what is wrong with my dress its satin, isn’t that a fine material?” said Eveleen the Duke smiled he really enjoyed the stubbornness and the strength of Eveleen where all odd seemed stacked against her, at least in his mind. She was blind he couldn’t imagine how he would take life in such strength if he were blind.

   “Its great material, but we want to let people think you know what the latest fashions are,” said the Duke.

    Miss Anna then led her away to prepare for supper. First she was bathed in her own private bathing room while a servant moved her trunk to her room. The bath was filled with hot water and added oils that were the scent of lavender and vanilla. Flower petals where floating on the surface of the water. As Eveleen was helped in the bath she could fill the silky petals caress her skin and the oils smooth her callused feet and dry skin. She had never experienced a more relaxing bath and her nerves seemed to just fall out of her. Shoulders that were tense from the trip began to relax. A maid came in and washed her hair and brushed threw it as she sat in the bath.

  When she had been clean to sparkle, she was helped out of the bath and dressed in undergarments. On top of the under garments was a hoop net and a corset. The dress was on top of all of that and the dress had come from France. The dress had a beaded bodice and lots of tulle and for those who were able to see and not just feel the dress it shone bright in silver and red. It was elegant with a sweat heart neckline and a lace sleeve top under that for modesty. The shoes were a black open toe heels with straps. Her brunet hair curled down her back and shorter strands curled around her face showing off her more defined jaw and bringing out the bright blue in her eyes. You would think she was a princess by looking at her.


   Miss Anna Margret looked at the finished Eveleen and smiled from cheek to cheek. She couldn’t believe how just a good cleaning and new cloths could bring out this young woman’s beauty. “Eveleen darling you look so beautiful , your parents where fools for giving you up , I would be proud to have a daughter like you , I wish you could see how beautiful you are, do you feel beautiful ? I don’t mean to be forward, I was just wondering what it’s like for you the feelings you are having now,” said Miss Anna

    Eveleen did a twirl and the dress fluttered and she felt it all in the sound of the material, the touch of the material on her skin, and the smell of her clean skin. It felt so unreal she struggled to pin down all her feelings in one simple description Anna would understand. Then it hit her “I feel beautiful,” said Eveleen smiling in the direction she knew Miss Anna was in.

   Miss Anna reached for her hand and they wound their way to the dining hall. In the process Eveleen realized how long it would take her to be able to find her way about and that scared her. She was independent and she didn’t want to have to rely on someone to get around. Not that she didn’t enjoy Miss Anna’s company, She enjoyed her company very much. She considered the possibility that Miss Anna could become a great friend to her.

  The dinner hall was noisy with servers bustling around trying to set the huge table that tonight would only be sitting three. When First seated Eveleen felt her surroundings figuring out where her utensils were placed, where her cup was, where Miss Anna was in relativity to her. Miss Anna Sat on her left and the Duke sat at the head of the table.  
  “Sir where do your hired servants eat?” said Eveleen

  “They eat in the kitchen,” said the duke

   “Miss Anna, will you take my plate and guide me to the kitchen,” said Eveleen

    Miss Anna just sat in her seat shocked for a moment everyone was quiet. They were waiting for Miss Anna’s response. She was glad when the Duke spoke up before she could do anything. “Miss Eveleen that is not necessary, you will be dining with us, “said the Duke

   “But this is not my place I am the hired help, A paid servant,” said Eveleen 


The Duke was speechless for a few minutes looking at the beautiful girl in front of him slowly steeling his heart “Uh Um Uh … Well Maybe I can’t let you be the hired help,” said the Duke.

    “Then Good evening sir I will be on my way, Where is the nearest in? Tonight I will stay in an inn and tomorrow I will start search for work, honestly it won’t be easy for ads won’t be in brail,” said Eveleen getting up from her chair.


“Miss Eveleen, Please stay, let me explain, I must be honest with you,” said the duke

       “Okay! Explain,” said Eveleen

        “Well too much for me to say over a meal, Let us eat, drink , and sleep and tomorrow I will tell you all,” said The Duke. 

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