Another World

The main character is a blind orphan who struggles with being alone and trying to find understanding . The story is about the character's journey and how to find the understanding with in ones self .


4. Cook brings word


   Anna Margret and Eveleen had decided it was time to go to the market. Anna was set on the intent of a new dress for the gala the Duke would be hosting at weeks end. Eveleen had never been to the market only heard bustling tales about it from Cook when Cook watched her work the garden in the evenings. So she was excited to experience it for herself.

     They took the Dukes carriage drawn by two horses Anna was persistent there was no need for a driver. So she took the reigns and in the early morning they were off on their way to the market. Eveleen sat in the carriage with her head facing out the window, enjoying the country air of spring. She could feel the suns warmth on her face reaching into her and uplifting her spirit. “Anna what is it like for you seeing the land scape before and all around us,” said Eveleen.

          “To me it’s like looking at a painting. It’s perfect the way the sun brings out the flowers and their colors, Pink , orange , yellows , reds , purples, whites ,oh and the trees how they canopy over the road in a shelter of round dancing green leaves. It’s so beautiful and peaceful If I were a young girl again well ,I’d spend all day on the hills pretending I was a fairy and laying in the tall flowers ,I’d most likely fall asleep in the flowers under the midday sun ,” said Miss Anna

         “How old are you my dear friend if I am not too bold to ask such a thing,” said Eveleen 

          “Twenty seven, Miss Eveleen an old toad like myself isn’t likely to find a husband at my age,” said Miss Anna

         “Oh Miss Anna don’t be so hard on yourself, I bet you at the Gala at least one man will be tripping over his feet falling for you,” said Eveleen 

      “That’s so sweet of you Eveleen, I hope your right,” said Miss Anna 


   Upon arrival at the market, Miss Anna helped Eveleen from the carriage. Eveleen could hear the animals and all the bustling people. She could smell the fresh baked breads and pastries. She could smell the soil of freshly grown vegetables and she wanted to try them all. The two of them found their way to a pastry stand and Anna purchased to warm flaky croissants that melted like butter when it made contact with their taste buds. After their treats they wound their way to a seamstress who was selling the latest dresses from England. Anna fell in love with a red taffeta ball gown with a lace beaded bodice cut to a sweetheart neck line. The dress from the waist down was rushing which made the dress much more full. 

               “Miss Eveleen Isn’t that Cook from the orphanage,” said Miss Anna Pointing over at a produce stand.

           “Miss Anna I can’t see there for I don’t know,” said Eveleen   

            “Well come on let us find out, It won’t hurt no one,” said Miss Anna

         “Oh Miss Anna please, wait, please I really don’t …” Un able to finish her thought Miss Anna pulled Eveleen towards the little produce stand.  

           Anna tapped the Woman’s shoulder “Hello maiden, you wouldn’t happen to be Cook of the local orphanage?” said Miss Anna  The woman turned around and found her eyes on Miss Eveleen. She smiled and out stretched her arms. She embraced Eveleen and she need not say anything for Eveleen to know it was Cook.

          “Oh dearest Eveleen My you look lovely and full of color, I have missed you so and It seems that I am not alone in that matter, Not more than a day or two ago they came for you , after 18 years they came for you , I was shocked and I sent word to the Duke of their arrival , They are in town for two weeks  , they want to speak with you ,”said Cook

           “They who, Cook what has happened?” said Eveleen

            “Your birthparents they showed up at the Orphanage the other day and they seek to speak with you , Like I said I sent word to the Duke and he may know more now , Who knows they may be up at the Duke’s place while you and miss Anna terry here ,” Said Cook

             “What do they want after 18 years? I have nothing to give them, I honestly have nothing to say to them,” said Eveleen.  

              “I would say speak with the Duke he may know more of them than I do by now , Oh miss Eveleen I wish you the best, no matter what happens in the coming days I will never forget you , Oh and nice going its rumor the Duke has fallen for you , That’s quite special he is such a handsome man and at heart he is a good man , you are blessed to have him love you the way it is said he does, I must be on my way , It’s really busy back at the orphanage , If your ever finding time and not enough things to do with it come down and help out , we need all that we can get ,” said Cook  the two of them hugged goodbye . Cook then disappeared in the crowd of people that seemed to come from nowhere.

                 “I wonder where all these people have come from and why they are now here in such a crowd,” said Anna

                  “Hush please I am listening trying to find a small hint of what is taking place ,” said Eveleen Miss Anna did quiet down and a single voice was now audible over the roar of the crowd .

                   “ Their royal highness send word to the people the lost princess is among you ,If any one knows of her ware about , And can reunite her with the royal family will be given a reward of honor and twelve pieces of gold , You have heard now search ,” said the voice

                   “Sounds like we will be hosting unexpected visitors tonight,” said Anna

                    “What do you mean!?” said Eveleen

                     “The king and queen are in town again and As the Duke carries royal position he is to house the royals at their whim, It’s just how it works , They have only come once before when Raylen and I were children , They had just been married then and where on their way out on their honeymoon , so for a few days as they prepared for their journey they stayed in our home,” said Miss Anna 

                               “So they have come again and you just have to open up your doors to them, that is an abuse of power if you ask me,” said Eveleen

         “No it is not so Eveleen, It’s an honor to house the Queen and King, But now is not time to worry, We should be heading back so that we may be dressed and cleaned for dinner for tonight we will be more than likely to be dining with the King and Queen ,” said Miss Anna .

          “Does this mean they shall be attending The Dukes Gala?” said Eveleen

          “I do not know for certain but if they do stay they will be such honorable guests to have,” said Miss Anna 

           So off the two went hurrying back to the Duke’s place and as they had thought there in the entry court yard was the king’s carriage with the flags of the royal family. The two of them snuck their way into the Duke’s place threw the servers entrance for they wished not to make welcome to the King and Queen till they were dressed properly. Eveleen was helped by a young maiden, she drew Eveleen a bath and placed a dress out for her to ware on the bed with matching flats. Eveleen bathed, brushed threw her hair, then dressed for supper. Her dress was a satin magenta, with a beaded sweetheart neckline and a rushed full length skirt. In her hair was placed a purl and diamond band.

        Miss Anna came to her room to escort her to the dining room. Upon arrival the Duke sat at the head of the table with the King and Queen on his left and right. When He saw how beautiful Eveleen and his sister were he held back tears, He was so proud to have them in his life. The three stood in welcoming Anna and Eveleen. Anna helped Eveleen to a place next to the Queen then Anna took her seat next to the King. Eveleen felt the place setting to know where her dishes and utensils were and the King and Queen watched her intently.

          "Duke Raylen Is she blind?"said the King 

           "Yes your highness,she is but it doesn't change who she is or how wonderful she is ,"said the Duke 

        “Well how do I explain that?” said the King

         “Excuse me! There is nothing to explain, Who are you to talk of me like such when I am right here ,” said Eveleen

           “The king, and your father!” said the king

           In that moment a fork went flying across the room embedding its self in the wall. There was a long silence then the sound of a chair being moved. It was as If time was in slow motion and the only one who could move with in time was Eveleen. Who was now running at full speed letting her legs carry her off. She followed scents till it led her to the court yard garden. She didn’t stop there kept running till she had made her way back to her willow tree where the leaves once danced now seemed silent in the moment of her pure pain and shock .Father and King , that couldn’t be that would mean a blind princess was she . And there under her willow tree she began to weep. The clouds not favoring her opened up and she was soon soaked to the bone that her hair fell in ringlets and her tears hid under a wet face from rain.

           “You will catch a dead cold being out here soaked as you are! Come on with me we will get you dried off and warm and if you feel like talking about it your welcome to as you eat some freshly made bread with my famous stew,” said Cook helping her to her feet.

              The liquid was warm going down her throat and the bread filled her raw stomach. “Must have been really bad Eveleen Cause you look sickly since I saw you only hours ago, but the rain couldn’t have been a help,” said Cook

                “It was bad what he said I can’t even come to repeat, I never felt more worthless then in that moment, like I was the bubonic plague, needing to be rid of, eighteen years and it still comes to this,” said Eveleen taking a big spoon full of stew and letting the vegetables and meet rest in her mouth until the broth turned some to mush. Another bite of bread, a swig of hot tea, and her nerves began to return to normal.

                   “I am so sorry I should have told you all of what I knew but I was under oath, I’m sorry it was a surprise to you, It wasn’t fair to be given such a huge shock,” said Cook

                    “It’s fine Cook, it’s not your fault, and well now all that is left is to find a way to move on, The only thing that I am curtain of is I won’t be going back to the Duke’s place tonight ,” said Eveleen 

                     “Stay with me tonight in my cabin and tomorrow we will figure out , The Duke loves you and what happen doesn’t change that ,” said Cook 




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