Not So Perfect

Meet Amanda, a girl who is the "family fail". She has siblings who were all ways perfect at everything. She used to love her family but then they kicked her out of they're home and made her live by herself. Amanda was terrified, insecure and more until she met her true love and made her feel perfect for once!


2. The Moment We Met

Amanda's POV:

Me and Casey went to work. It was quite chilly outside-then again- it is winter! Today our shift was at 3 pm which was awesome! Today I was the greeter and the person who took orders and Casey was doing the milkshake duty! Our first customers were 5 really cute guys. All of them were playing on they're phones except one with beautiful green eyes, dimples, and curly hair- my definition of HOT! Anyway I think I saw them all some where, but I don't know for sure. I was just about to ask him what they want to order when Casey shouted, "ONE DIRECTON! OMG!!!" Great. I had a crush on a member of the band that I extremely hate.

Casey's POV:

Oh my gosh!!!! My favourite band ever is here!!! I NEED TO MAKE A MOVE ON NIALL!!! He is so cute!!!

Niall's POV:

That brunette with "Casey" on her name tag is really cute! I wonder if I stand a chance with her...

Harry's POV: 

The blonde girl named Amanda is pretty hot... I said "Hello Amanda" to her "How did you know..." then she looked at her name tag "Right. So what milkshakes will you want?" I couldn't help but stare at her for a moment. "What do you guys want?" I asked the boys. All of them except Niall was looking at they're phones. Niall was looking at the other girl. Finally Zayn spoke up " I'll have a chocolate" ''Me as well please" i said. "Yah me too" Niall replied still looking at the girl. "STRAWBERRY" Lou shouted. " I would like vanilla please. Amanda quickly scribbled all the orders down in a pad and gave them to the girl Niall liked. "I can bring them this time" I said while the boys went to a table. "So...How are you?" i asked. "Fine" she replied with her eyes on her phone. "Ummm...would you like to go out on a date me me?" i asked nervously. Then finall she looked at me with her beautiful hazel eyes and said "Sure...I'd love too!"

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