Not So Perfect

Meet Amanda, a girl who is the "family fail". She has siblings who were all ways perfect at everything. She used to love her family but then they kicked her out of they're home and made her live by herself. Amanda was terrified, insecure and more until she met her true love and made her feel perfect for once!


1. Meet Amanda


Hi.I am Amanda. All my family were perfect, perfect grades, perfect everything! Well me on the other hand,yeah not so much. I had terrible grades and everyone knew it! I was the fail of the family! Eventually, they kicked me out, now I only have my best friend named Casey. She was my everything. She was my shoulder to cry on. She was pretty much the only one I could hang out with. But most of all, she was my friend. Me and Casey both live in a apartment in London, UK. We both had a job at a cool milkshake place! It was the best! Well that's about all you have to know about me!

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