more than this (one direction fan fiction)

Lana has been in love with NIall for as long as she can remember. Will she confess her feelings? Will he leave and audition for the X-factor? Will he forget her? Will she fall in love with someone else?


2. I need to tell you

Lana's POV: "Lana can you come over today?" Niall asked. "why" I asked "Can you keep me company? Irene broke up with me." he said. Uugghh Irene, I hate her of course I hated all the girls he dated but something  about her made me cringe. I was pulled out of my thoughts when Niall said "you know what never mind. See you later." "NO! i'll come to your house. lets go!!'" I said happy that i get to spend time with him. We were walking to Niall's house when i noticed he was acting quieter than usual. "are you okay?" i asked

Niall's POV: I was walking to my house with Lana when she asked "are you okay?" "yeah I'm fine." I replied with a smile and kept walking. But I'm not okay, I love Lana so much,more than anything in the world. I know she doesn't love me back,that's why I'm always dating random girls to get over her. But its too hard to bear. Too hard to keep to myself, keep away from her. I want to tell her, No I NEED to tell her. tell her everything. But how?

Lana's POV: Me and Niall stayed at his house and watched Disney movies and laughed at anything and everything. Once we were done with what seemed like the millionth Disney movie i looked at phone and realized that it was 11:30pm and really needed to go home before my mum goes crazy. "hey Nialler I got go." "hey don't go yet I got to tell you something." he said with a hint of urgency in his voice. 

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