more than this (one direction fan fiction)

Lana has been in love with NIall for as long as she can remember. Will she confess her feelings? Will he leave and audition for the X-factor? Will he forget her? Will she fall in love with someone else?


1. introducing Lana

Lana's POV: How do tell your best friend of 12 years you love them. Well that's the situation I'm in. Hi I'm Lana, I'm 15 years old and live with my foster parents that i hate and that hate me. And yes, my parents are dead, murdered and gone forever. I have wavy red hair that stops waist and blue eyes. I'm not fat but not skinny either. Niall is my only friend,I have no one. No one loves me no one wants to be my friend or treat me right. Niall is all i have. I love him, I love him more than anyone I've ever met. But he doesn't feel the same. No one can love me me, I'm ugly no one can love me. If I tell him it will just ruin our friendship. But I can't take it anymore, he constantly is dating girl after girl and none of them are right for him. I'm always the one to help him get over the break ups. Even though it hurts, I'm there for him.    

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