Why Me?

One Band, One Dream, One Direction the biggest most sexy boyband on earth! Made up of a 5 boys, but only dosen't have a girlfriend, that's irsh Niall Horan. Niall starts to fell left out becuase he's the only one in the band that's not british. He feels nobody likes him and he's always the odd one out. Niall is now starting to think if he should leave the band and go his own way, or put up with everything and just suck it up. **This is my first fan fiction so I really hope you like it!**


2. Leaving Tomorrow

Niall's POV

It's the night before we leave to go on tour and I'm still worried about well, everything. Louis comes running "NIIAAALLLLEEERRRRR! Have you started packing yet?" "Yes Louis" I mumble. "I actullay finished an hour ago" "Really?" Louis asks confused "hah yea" I say. "I haven't been as busy lately.. you know.." "Yea.. well se yaaa I'm off to bed nite Niall! Have an favLOUIS sleep" "Haha" I laugh at how exited Louis is "See you on the morning, Lou." I really hope things go well on tour.. Maybe the fans will actually become a fan of me to.. I chuckle yea right like that will ever happen I sigh and close my eyes hoping to fall right asleep.

Louis POV

Im so worried about Niall, he's been acting so weird lately.. Almost like he dosent want to be in One Direction anymore. Im sure it's just nothing.. I lye in bed and all I hear is the sound of Liam watching Toy Story downstairs I chucle at the thought of how Liam is.. obssesed? I'm starting to get tired, but I'm just to exited to go on tour! I close me eyes and fall right to sleep

~Yelling non stop yelling "I QUIT OKAY? I FUCKING QUIT ONE DIRECTION!" Harry is hysterically crying "N-Niall please! Dont l-l-leave the band!" "WHY?! NOBODY LIKES ME AND THE FANS OF YOU, NOT ME TELL ME I SHOULDN'T EVEN BE IN THE BAND SO NOW IM NOT GOODBYE!"~

I scream and jolt up! Oh my god.. thank god that was just a dream.. I re think the dream over and over again. What if Niall really did quit the band.. I shake my head in disbeliaf he would never quit and I go back to sleep.

The Next Day

Liam's POV

I stayed up all nigh haha up all night, anyways I stayed up all night and watched Toy Story on replay and Im not even tired! I guess I was just to exited for the tour I couldn't go to sleep. I pull out my phone and go onto Twitter >Hows everybodyyy?! Stayed up all night last night watching Toy Storyyy!! I was so exited for the tour I couldnt sleep! Who's coming to see us live on tourrr?< I tweet and I see so many tweets telling me how exited they are to see us live! I get exited at the fact the we leave TODAY! I hear footsteps, no running the door swings open It's Louis! "Liam I need to talk to you" He sounds worried.. oh no. "Louis whats wrong?" "Have you noticed Niall acting differnt lately?" "Well he has been a lot quieter than usuall.." LIAM! He's NEVER QUEIT! I'm so worried Liam I dont think he wants to be in the band anymore.." Tears start to fall from both of our eyes. "It'll be okay we.. I prmose"

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