Why Me?

One Band, One Dream, One Direction the biggest most sexy boyband on earth! Made up of a 5 boys, but only dosen't have a girlfriend, that's irsh Niall Horan. Niall starts to fell left out becuase he's the only one in the band that's not british. He feels nobody likes him and he's always the odd one out. Niall is now starting to think if he should leave the band and go his own way, or put up with everything and just suck it up. **This is my first fan fiction so I really hope you like it!**


1. I'm The Irish One..

 Niall's POV        

Hi, my name is Niall, Niall Horan. I'm in this band well, kinda.. Anyways it's called One Direction. It's the biggest band in the world! I'm sure you have heard of it. Iit's made up of five boys Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and me. Everyone is the band in british.. but me..

         I really feel that nobdy likes me.. It's all about the british ones. I love these boys so much! Their my best mates, but I think their worried that I'm starting to ruin our look. Sometimes, when we're at meet and greets or signings some girls hug all the boys but me.. This one girl had her CD got everyone to sign it and then when I went to sign it she said "OMG EWW WHY WOULD I WANT YOU TO SIGN THIS OR EVEN TOUCH IT" Oh, and at a concert when I was on stage, these girls yelled at me and told me I shouldn't even be in One Direction. I cried for four hours straight, but it's ok.. At the airport one time these two girls came running up to Liam and they asked for a picture so we got in their and they said "no. just Liam" and shoved me out of the way but, Liam pulled me back into the frame.      

         All my mates have girlfriends, I try to find someone but they all just want me for my fame.. not me. I don't know if I want to carry on in this band anymore. We have a tour coming up so we'll see how it goes during the tour, but for now I'm just going to have to plug my ears and not care about what everybody thinks about me..

        I really dont get why I'm so hated, you know. I mean what have I done to deserve this? I'm just like the other boys but they are british with dark hair and I'm irish with blonde hair well I bleache it but whatever. I try so hard for people to like me but it never, ever works. Sometimes I just want to give up..

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