Until You're Mine

COMPLETE**. Skye was once Harry Styles' girlfriend. But when she came over to his flat and found him having sex with another girl, she leaves. Little did she know, she was pregnant with his child. It's been a couple months since she's seen him, and while driving to work, she stumbles upon Harry. What will he think about the unborn baby? Will she take him back? You'll have to read to find out!
*Hope you like it! :)


17. Last chapter.

Had some time after school to finish this, so I did...... Cant believe it's over.. :( Anyway. :) I thank you once again for reading this.. :)

It’s been two months since the boys left for America, and the girls and I have been holding up; going out to lunch, shopping and just doing whatever we can to get our minds off the boys not being here. Abigail came to visit me, and keep me company and Niall got to see her before he left. So until they come back, she’s living in his flat. Rumor has it they might move in together…but only time will tell.

Darcy is so perfect. She is like Harry in so many ways. She has his sparkling green eyes and his smile. She smiled at me for the first time last week! I was sad that Harry wasn’t there to see it, but he’s coming home today, so maybe she’ll smile for him. She knows who he is, we Skype with Harry each night.

I finished buttoning up her little sweater and picked her up. “Are you ready to see your daddy?” I said gently to her. She just wiggled in my arms and made soft sweet baby sounds. I giggled and set her in her car seat, fastened her in, and was just about to drive away when my cell phone rang. It was Abigail.

“Hey! Are you excited?!” I squealed starting the car.

“Skye, their flight was delayed.” she said sadly. I shut off the engine.

“You’re kidding!” I said groaning.

“No. Paul called Eleanor, and she called Danielle and I. She couldn’t reach you because you didn’t answer your phone. Anyways, they won’t be back for a few hours.”

I laid against the seat and closed my eyes. I missed Harry so much that it hurt to even hear his name. I just want him in my arms again.

“I know Skye, I’m sorry.” she said softly. “I miss Niall…so much.”

I forced a smile, even though she couldn’t see it. For my own sake. “It’s okay, really. I’ll just wait. Did they say anything else?”

“Um yeah. they want us to stay at home because there is already a mob of fans at the airport. It’s crazy. They want us to stay safe, especially you and Darcy.” I looked in the rear view mirror back at Darcy, who had fallen fast asleep.

“I see.” I said getting out of the car and leaned up against it. “So are they just gonna show up whenever?”

“I guess. Maybe they won’t tell us when so they can surprise us since we already know they are going straight home!” she said happily.

“Maybe. That would be a nice surprise. I just want to see him and hold him…”I whispered, wrapping an arm around my waist trying to keep warm from the February breeze.

“Mmm. Same with me. I’m gonna go. Talk to you later. Bye!”

I said goodbye, hung up and lifted Darcy out of the car and back into the house. I laid her in her crib and went into the living room. It was around two right now, so they’ll be here in a few hours. Around dinner time I guess. I’ll make him something special. Tacos. He loves Tacos. I made sure we had everything to make them, then did some cleaning. I cleaned the bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and everywhere else. That took almost two hours. By then, Darcy was already awake so I played with her for a bit. She was just in such a good mood today, so just for fun, I grabbed my iPhone and recorded a video of her for Harry.

“Say. ‘Hi Daddy!’ ” I said to her. She just stared into the camera. I stifled a giggle and spoke again. “Darcy baby! Say hi to Daddy!” she made a little baby noise and kicked her little legs. Good lord she was so cute.

“Hurry home Daddy!” I said, moving her little hand so it could wave to him. She smiled a small smile and made a little noise again and kicked her legs some more. I stopped recording and sent the video to Harry. I just hoped he would get it before his plane landed.


Soon, it was five. I started cooking dinner, little Darcy laying in the living room carpet, playing with all her toys, the evening news droaning on in the background. The meat smelled so good and it made me starving, but I had to wait for Harry. Where is he?! I was getting anxious. I bit my lip and set the spatula down and headed over to Darcy. I picked her up and held her close.

“I can’t wait for you to see your Daddy my pretty girl…” I whispered to her.

“He calls you his little bear you know. I think it’s the cutest thing ever.” Soon, I was listing off the cute things about him.

“He loves Taco’s, and his smile is the sweetest thing ever. It makes me weak in the knees. He’s the sweetest man on earth, and he’s a Momma’s boy. He likes cats, has the voice of an angel…he used to sing ‘Moments’ and parts of ‘Small Bump’ to you, he would give you kisses each day when you were in my belly, and he would always tell you how much he loves you.” I started growing a lump in my throat. I set her gently back on her blanket and she smiled up at me. I sat next to her cross legged, and rubbed her soft little head as she looked around our apartment, making her little baby noises.

I kept checking on the taco meat, and soon it was fully cooked and the veggies were all cut up. Everything was ready, except for one thing.

No Harry.

I was getting worried. It was six and he still wasn’t back yet. I don’t want to call the girls because I don’t want to worry them either. I wonder if they feel the same way? I checked my phone just in case, and saw no messages. I sighed and walked over to darcy, who was figity.

“I know Darcy, I know.” I cooed picking her up and setting her in my lap. But she still wasn’t calming down. I sighed again, and whisked her away to her room. She didn’t need to be changed, and she wasn’t hungry. I had fed her an hour before. I plopped her in her crib and rubbed her belly. Eventually, she calmed down and stared up at me. I continued to rub her belly and smiled to myself. I closed my eyes and imagined Harry putting his arms around me, kissing my neck.

“I miss you Harry…” I whispered.

“I missed you too…” a deep voice whispered. I felt arms around me and I almost had a heart attack. I knew that voice!

“HARRY!” I squealed jumping up in his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and didn’t let go. He buried his face into my shoulder and held me so tightly, his hitched breath tickling my cheek as he tried not to cry.

“I missed you so much!” I sobbed. he set me down and kissed me, so passionatley on the lips. Good that felt so good. He pulled away and pressed his forehead to mine.

“I missed you too Skye.” he whispered. His emerald eyes were filled with tears as we held eachother. I kissed his cheek and buried my face in his shoulder while he rubbed my back. “I missed holding you in my arms. I was so lonely…” he whispered, his voice shaky from crying. I clutched onto his shirt and felt his warm breath on my cheek and his beating heart against my chest.

“I was too…” I said softly. I suddenly remembered Darcy. I pulled away and led him to her crib. “We both were…”

He put a hand over his mouth. “Darcy…” he whispered, slowly picking her up. She stared up at him with her big green eyes and watched him. “Hi little bear…” he whispered, kissing her little cheek. I rested my head on his shoulder and smiled.

“I’m your Daddy sweetheart.” he said running his hand over her soft little head. He turned to me, his eyes sparkling and filled with happiness. “Her head is so soft! And she’s…so perfect. Absolutely beautiful. Like her mother.”

I pecked him on the lips and grabbed one of his hands. “Come on, I made you dinner and it’s getting cold.”

“I know, I could smell it!” he said smiling as I led him down the hallway. He held Darcy in one arm and ate his taco’s with the other and soon, the food was gone and we put Darcy to bed.

“Goodnight Princess…” he whispered. She smiled p at him and he giggled. “She smiled at me!” he said happily, jumping up and down like a little kid. I laughed and pulled him into the hallway, shutting Darcy’s door with my foot. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pressed me slightly into the wall, pressing his forehead into mine.

“Did you get the video I sent you?” I asked. He nodded.

“That made me hurry home faster.” he chuckled. “And the thought of not having you in my life was killing me.” He grabbed my waist and pulled me in for a kiss, curling his fingers on the waistband of my sweats, threatening to pull them down. I smiled into the kiss, pulled away and tapped his nose.

“I want you Skye…” he whispered. I could tell…well feel. I smirked and led him to the door to our bedroom.

“Why wait? Your place has been cold for to long. I’m all yours…” I said pulling him into the bedroom.

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