Until You're Mine

COMPLETE**. Skye was once Harry Styles' girlfriend. But when she came over to his flat and found him having sex with another girl, she leaves. Little did she know, she was pregnant with his child. It's been a couple months since she's seen him, and while driving to work, she stumbles upon Harry. What will he think about the unborn baby? Will she take him back? You'll have to read to find out!
*Hope you like it! :)


2. Chapter two

I rubbed my eyes and squinted through the sun that was peeking through my window. I got out of bed and shuffled down the hallway towards the kitchen. While passing Harry’s room, I peeked in. He was clutching his pillow and he had no shirt on. God his biceps are…so defined. I wonder if he’s naked. He used to sleep naked when we were getting serious in our relationship…

I mentally slapped myself. Jesus Skye! Pull yourself together! I shook those thoughts from my head and averted my eyes from his god like body. UGH! STOP IT! I finally made it to the fridge shaking my head, and opened it taking out the orange juice and pouring myself a glass. I opened the freezer and peered in, while sipping my juice. 

I patted my tummy. “What do you think baby?” I murmured looking down at my bump. “Bacon or sausage?” I chuckled to myself and stared into the freezer. “Bacon it is.” I smiled, taking the frozen meat out and placing four strips on the hot pan. Soon the kitchen was filled with the kitchen was filled with the sound of sizzling meat and the aroma drove me crazy. I’m so hungry. I started on some scrambled eggs as the bacon cooked.

I still have no idea why I stopped for him. What if I kept going? Would I feel guilty? Maybe…I don’t know. Am I slowly slipping into insanity? Did I make the worst decision of my life last night, letting him back into my life like this? I wasn’t sure…god dammit.

I heard him shuffle out into the kitchen. He was wearing a pair of sweat pants, no shirt and his brown curls were slightly messy. I stared back into the pan of eggs, watching as they finished up. 

“It smells good.” he said, leaning over the counter, that grin spreading across his face. 

“Thank you.” I said simply as I carried the hot pan to the two plates on the counter opposite of the stove. I could feel his eyes on me as I spooned eggs onto his plate. After a minute, he went and sat down on the couch and flipped on the t.v. I plopped two pieces of bacon on each plate and carried mine to the couch. He looked at me, as if I was supposed to bring his too. 

“You’ve got two legs. Get your plate yourself!” I said, nibbling at my bacon. He sighed, a smile still on his face and got up. I shook my head and turned my attention to the news. Sure enough, a story about Harry was on. 

“Turn it up please…” he said sitting down, not taking his eyes off the screen. I did, and we listened to the news reporter say how he has gone missing. No word on where he is or how he’s doing, but according to management, he’s on holiday. I saw harry tense up out of the corner of my eye and the news reporter continued saying, “Is this the end of One Direction? Has Harry gone to far off the deep end this time?”

Harry stabbed his fork into his eggs. “I hate the media…” he grumbled as he shoved eggs into his mouth. 

I do feel for the band. They take so much crap everyday. I know Harry and I did when we were an item. I pushed my eggs around with my fork.

“Have you told the boys where you are yet?” I asked, not taking my eyes off my plate. 

“No…” Harry said, his mouth filled with food. “Good eggs by the way…”

I ignored his compliment. “Don’t you think you should?” I snapped, poking at an egg. I suddenly lost my appetite, but forced some eggs in anyways. 

“I guess…” he said setting his empty plate on the coffee table, nibbling at his last piece of bacon. “But I don’t know what to say…” he said, staring at the t.v. Seeing how he probably isn’t gonna make an attempt to call any of them, I sighed, grabbed my phone and walked to the kitchen to place my plate in the sink. I dialed Louis’s number and listened to it ring.


“Louis!” I said, “How have you been?” 

“Skye! I’ve been good! Well…not really. Worried. About Harry of course.” I looked over at Harry who was sipping some juice.

“Well…I have something to tell you.” I said walking over to Harry, who’s eyes met mine as I sat down. “Harry’s here. With me.”

“WHAT?!” he sounds pissed. “How did this happen?!”

“Well…I was on my way home from work, and I found him walking the streets by himself in the pouring rain. I took him home so he could spend the night and-“ 

“Louis, we need to get going.” Niall! I heard his voice in the background! Niall and I have the same relationship as Louis and I do. A brother sister relationship. They’re like family to me, along with Liam and Zayn. 

“Niall, I’m on the phone with Skye.” Louis whispered. 

“SKYE!” I heard Niall shout. “HOLY SHIT! HOW ARE YOU?!” I covered my mouth with my hand, trying to stifle a giggle and some tears. I was so happy to hear his voice! 

“I’m good Niall! I miss you and the boys so much!” I said happily. I saw Harry deeply sigh out of the corner of my eye. 

“Louis, Niall!” Liam!

“Come on!” And Zayn!

“Guys, Skye’s on the phone!” Niall said excitedly. 

“SKYE!” the two yelled excitedly. I was laughing now. 

“Hey guys!” I said, the biggest smile on my face. Harry slapped the arm of the couch and stormed off into the bathroom. I watched him walk down the hallway.

“Harry’s with Skye.” Louis said.

“WHAT?!” Niall, Liam and Zayn said at the same time. 

“I’ll explain later.” Louis said. “I’ll be out in a minute.” I heard them leave, yelling goodbyes to me as their voices faded away. “Skye, what are you gonna do about Harry?” Louis whispered. 

“I’m gonna find him a hotel and try to convince him to go back to England and get his shit together.” I ran my fingers through my hair. “I can’t get wrapped up in another ‘Harry Styles Fantasy’. Not again.” I said as I peeked down the hallway as he came stalking back to the couch. 

“Alright love. I gotta run now. The boys and I have an interview. Again. I’ll call Harry later. Or try to at least. I miss him, and I care about him.” I heard his voice crack on the other end.

“I know you do.” I said softly. I heard Louis sniff. “I’ll tell him.” I can’t believe Louis is crying…poor guy. 

“Thanks Skye. Talk to you soon.” Louis voice sounded thick as he hung up. I felt the rage build up inside of me as I hung up the phone. 

“Are you done talking to your boyfriend?” Harry shot at me, a wild look in his eyes. 

“Shut up ass hole.” I said getting up off the couch. I stalked down the hallway but I felt his hand grab mine. I whipped around to face him and pulled my hand back. 

“Don’t touch me.” I spat out. “What is your problem?! You are causing your best friends so much pain! I was just on the phone with Louis and the boys! They are all worried about you! Louis was crying!” 

“Well it was all your fault!” he shot back. 


“I WAS DRUNK!” His body was shaking as he clentched his fists. 

“I WOULD NEVER HAVE DONE THAT TO YOU!” I could feel my eyes filling with tears, but I didn’t care. “YOU HURT ME, AND I CAN NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THAT!” 

He was breathing deeply and he pressed his palms to his temples, squeezed his eyes shut and flopped on my couch. I wasn’t done with him. Not yet.

“This isn’t my fault. You let fame get to your head, you got drunk and you started having sex afterwords. You broke my heart.” 

“Go away.” he groaned. 


He shot up. “What child?” he demanded. He looked at my belly, but I quickly wrapped my arms around my bump. I need to protect it. “What. Child?” He got up off the couch. I wouldn’t look at him. He tried to touch me but I turned away. 

“Don’t touch me.” I whispered. He tried to again, and I ran. I grabbed my keys off the counter, ran out the door, into my car and sped away. 

I fucked it up. I didn’t want him to know. I pounded the steering wheel with my fist. God. I could feel the tears pouring down my face as I cried. I didn’t care. I just have to get away. I can’t see him. I need a break…



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