Until You're Mine

COMPLETE**. Skye was once Harry Styles' girlfriend. But when she came over to his flat and found him having sex with another girl, she leaves. Little did she know, she was pregnant with his child. It's been a couple months since she's seen him, and while driving to work, she stumbles upon Harry. What will he think about the unborn baby? Will she take him back? You'll have to read to find out!
*Hope you like it! :)


12. Chapter twelve

I finished straightening my hair and inspected myself. God my belly was so big…it’s so awkward to walk now. Ugh. I want this baby out. I slipped on my boots, jacket and wrapped a scarf around my neck. Harry led me to the car, opened the door for me and we were soon off. We drove through the country and pulled onto a dirt road, leading through an open field. No one was around, a slight breeze was blowing. It was all so perfect. A little nippy, but perfect. We walked together, hand in hand down the field and he covered my eyes.

“Harry, what are you doing?” I giggled. His hands were cold!

“Just wait…” he giggled. He led me a wase away, and finally we stopped. There was whispering. What the hell? “Open…” he whispered.

We were surrounded by Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and the girls around a campfire! Niall had his guitar and the fire was already lit.

“Harry!” I laughed. He wrapped and arm around my shoulders and helped my waddle to everyone. He settled me down on a log and ran back to the car.

“What are all you guys doing here?” I asked, rubbing my cold hands together.

“I don’t know! That’s what i asked Liam, but he wouldn’t tell me…” she said, smirking his way. He stuck his tongue out and laughed.

“Well there are some cabins…right down there…” Louis said pointing. “So the lads and I were gonna surprise you guys by spending a day together!”

The girls and I smiled and I saw Harry out of the corner of my eye, bringing suitcases from our car. I was about to question it, but he spoke.

“While you were in the shower this morning, I packed your bag for an overnight here tonight.” he said smirking.

“Oh you poop!” I giggled. “I was wondering where some of my shirts went to!” He laughed and kissed my cheek as he sat down next to me.

“We have that cabin over there…” he pointed. “Niall’s bunking with us.” he said smiling.

“You two better not pull a goalie while I’m there.” Niall said laughing. Harry shot him a look and I just blushed.

“No way Niall. I’m due in less than two weeks.” I said.

“THAT’S RIGHT!” Louis yelled. Eleanor laughed.

“What are you naming the boy? Did you figure it out yet?” she asked. Harry and I looked at each other.

“It’s gonna be a girl. I know it.” harry said. I slapped him.

“It could be a boy!” he smirked and held my hand. “We decided on Thomas for the boy name.” I said smiling. Everyone awe’d.

“I can’t wait for this baby to be born!” Perrie squealed.

“Me too but, not yet Perrie. We are gonna wait a while.” Zayn smirked. She sighed and slapped him while the rest of us laughed.

We spent the rest of the day by the fire, singing songs, laughing and just enjoying each other’s company. Feeling Harry’s hand in mine, or occasionally on my belly was the best feeling in the world. I knew that he would never do anything to hurt me again. I have forgiven him, but he hasn’t. He’s still hard on himself about it sometimes. I tell him not to worry about it, it’s over now, but he can’t. I’m just happy we are together again.

We finally went to bed around ten p.m. I crawled into bed with Harry, shivering a little as the temperature dropped. He wrapped me in his arms, but something was bothering me.

“I need to check something again…” I said getting out of bed. Niall sat up in his bed and watched me, his hair slightly messed up. I reached for my phone and checked my messages. No new ones. I felt a little sad inside.

“What’s wrong love?” Harry asked from the bed.

I sighed. “Abbey. It’s been bothering me that she hasn’t called me. I wonder if this whole fight is bothering her at all…” I said. I felt somebody beside me. It was Niall. He took my phone from my hands, scrolled through my contacts and dialed her number.

“NIALL! What are you doing?!” I yelled.

“Ending this. This is fucking ridiculous.” he paused. “Sorry mate… didn’t mean to say the f word…” he said, glancing at Harry, who gave him a bit of a death glare. He put it on speaker phone and I listened to it ring. Oh lord…I can’t do this. I ran over to Harry, but Niall followed, sitting with us on the big bed.

“Hello?” Oh shit.

“Abbey.” I said, my voice slightly shaking. Silence.

“Abbey before you hang up…if you haven’t already…I uh…” Niall ushered me on. “I wanted to say that…I’m sorry for not telling you about my pregnancy. I really am. I wanted to keep it a secret from everybody, but then Harry found out, then the boys found out and it was all a mess. I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid.” No sound came from the other end. I bit my lip, fighting back tears.

“Why were you afraid?” she asked flatly.

I sighed, relieved she hadn’t hung up. “Because I knew you wouldn’t be happy that I was pregnant.”

“I would have been happy…but maybe a little jealous…” she said sadly. Niall handed the phone to me.

“Why would you be jealous?” I asked.

“Because…because of how you and Harry had taken that extra step in your relationship. That showed he loved you very much. But with Niall and I…that’s all I wanted. But he was so busy…” her voice caught. Was she crying? I looked up at Niall, who had tears in his eyes also. He was trying so hard to hold them back. I had to fix this for them.

“Abbey. I’m sorry. For everything.” I said.

“I’m sorry too..” she sniffed, taking a deep breath.

“I have Niall here with me…if you want to talk to him.” Silence. “We all took a day together to just hang out.”

She sighed. “He’s there with you?” she sounded nervous.

“Yeah! And..he really misses you…” I said looking up at him. He smiled through his tears and Harry placed a hand on his shoulder.

“He does?” she whispered. “Niall?” I handed the phone to him.

“Yes love?” he asked, more tears in his eyes.

“I…I really miss you.” she said, choking up again.

Tears fell from his eyes, but he wiped them away quickly. “I miss you too Abbey. So much.” She chuckled through her tears. “I’m so sorry for everything. I’m sorry I couldn’t be with you as much as the others.” he said, wiping away more of his tears.

“It’s alright Niall. I was just jealous. I never meant to break up with you. Can you ever forgive me? If you say no…I understand.” she said sadly.

“NO! I forgive you! I know why you did. I felt bad because I didn’t see you as much. I understand.”

“I thought you were seeing someone else…that’s why I was jealous.” she sobbed.

“I wasn’t love.”

“I believe you now. I’m sorry Niall.” He looked at me and I waved him away, smiling. He went outside with my phone and shut the door behind him. I nestled down in Harry’s warm arms again, and gazed up into his sparkling green eyes.

“You did good…” he murmured, kissing the top of my head and wrapping his arms around my belly, bringing the both us in a hug.



Hey guys!! Hope you like the story. On my other story, Pinkie Promises, I'm going to start writing the sequel.

For those who haven't heard, the sequel is mostly about what Niall does now. After Jenny. If you haven't read it, I'm not going to explain more on the sequel. Thank you to those who read this! :)

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