Until You're Mine

COMPLETE**. Skye was once Harry Styles' girlfriend. But when she came over to his flat and found him having sex with another girl, she leaves. Little did she know, she was pregnant with his child. It's been a couple months since she's seen him, and while driving to work, she stumbles upon Harry. What will he think about the unborn baby? Will she take him back? You'll have to read to find out!
*Hope you like it! :)


3. Chapter three

The Day We Met…

I stared at the clock hoping that some way, it would speed up just a little. Ugh. I fiddled with my pen and stared at the window. I didn’t go to school today, but I did come to work for a few hours. Why? Because I wanted to earn as much spending money as I could for One Directions concert tonight! I love them so much! Especially Harry! Sadly, I have only earned four dollars in tips. Let’s face it. No one wants food on a Friday afternoon. It’s 1:00. Everyone’s at school or working. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a black SUV pull in. I got up, fixed my pony tail, adjusted my apron as the man approached the window. “Can I help you?” I asked looking up…into the most beautiful pair of green eyes I had ever seen. Wait…I know those eyes. And that face! Harry. Styles. Holy. SHIT!

He gazed into my eyes for a moment, smiled his killer smile and leaned on the counter. “What’s good here, besides you?” he asked.

I felt my face grow hot as I smiled. I put a whisp of my hair behind my ear, only to have it fall in my face again. “Well, it depends on what you are looking for.” I said leaning down slowly.

“Like you?” 

I blushed again and looked down at my slightly shaking hands. God he was so smooth and perfect. My god damn hair was killing the mood. “Sorry, my hairs bothering me.” I grumbled trying to fix it and make it stay behind my ear. He took my hands in his and un-tucked my hair. 

“I think it’s perfect the way it is.” he smiled, letting my hair lace through his baby soft fingers, gazing at it before letting it fall against my cheek. I think I just died. He noticed my One Direction t-shirt peeking out from under my apron and smiled. 

“Oh yeah…um. I’m going to your guy’s concert tonight with my best friend Abbey.” I said straightening up, his hands still lingering on top of mine. 

He gazed at his watch. “Our concert starts in 2 hours. Why are you working?” he asked.

“I’m uh…trying to earn as much spending money as I can for your concert.” I said smiling. 

“Well I don’t have any cash on me…” Harry replied. “I came here to ask something about somewhere…but I must have forgotten what that was. Your beauty distracted me.” He blushed. “What time do you get out of here at?”

I glanced at his watch. “Now actually. I just have to wait for the girl who’s coming to replace me.” He nodded and took out his phone, one of his hands still lingering on mine. They were so soft and warm…

“Give me your phone, I’ll put my number in it.” he said handing his to me. “And you put yours in mine.” I nodded, rushed to my purse and took out my iPhone with trembling hands. We switched. I put my number in his phone and he stopped. “Take a picture of yourself so I can see your face whenever you call.” 

I nodded, fixed my hair as best as I could and smiled. I handed Harry back his phone and he stared at the picture. “Beautiful…” he whispered. He scrolled through my contact. “Skye Katz…that’s a lovely name.” he smiled. “Now I’ll take a picture for you.” he said holding up my phone. He did a funny face and I burst out laughing as he snapped the picture. 

“Awesome.” I said chuckling at his face. He blushed and handed me my phone. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the other girl’s car pull up. Harry put on his sunglasses. 

“I’ll be right out.” I said, untying my apron and grabbing my purse. I ran out the door and caught up with Harry, his car next to mine. 

“What section are you in Skye?” he asked. 

“I’m kind of in the middle of the arena.” I said shifting my purse to my other shoulder. 

“You’re so far away though!” Harry groaned. 

“I’m sorry!” I laughed. I felt bad but it was the only tickets I could get for Abbey and I.

“Well…call me after the concert so I can hear your voice.” Harry said opening the door to his monster car. 

“Deal.” I said walking to mine. He smiled and drove away.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Holy. Crap. I jumped in my car and sped off to my house. I ran inside, jumped in the shower and went crazy trying to find the perfect outfit for Harry. I curled my hair, slipped on a pink sundress with cream color heels. I did my make up ever so perfectly and waited for Abbey to come pick my up, butterflies in my stomach. 

I heard her pull up and ran out. “I have to tell you something.” I replied jumping in as she sped off onto the highway.

“How excited you are? I know Skye. I am too!” she smiled. 

“No. Something much better.” She nodded. “I met Harry Styles today at work.” I replied, pulling up the pic of him on my phone. She glanced at it and screamed so loud she almost went off the road. 

“JESUS SKYE! HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN?!” she screamed, throwing off her sunglasses to look me in the eye. 

“I don’t know! It just did! I got his number and everything!” I squealed letting it all out and giving her the full run down of what happened for those fifteen amazing minutes of my young life. 

“I’m so jealous of you right now!” she whined as she pulled into the arena parking lot. I could feel my heart racing as I saw their tour bus off in the distance. 

“Well we’re here now, so it’s not a big deal. We might get to meet them at their CD signing.” I said grabbing my purse. She pulled into a parking spot and we walked to the front doors, along with hundreds of other screaming girls. There was a group of people checking our tickets and one guy asking people their names with a clipboard. We got our tickets checked and we approached the guy who looked up, paused and pulled me and Abbey aside. 

“Are you Skye Katz?” he asked. 

“Uh…yeah.” I said as calm as possible. We didn’t do anything…

He slipped us two backstage passes, and Abbey cried with happiness. “From the boys to you girls.” he murmured. 

“Wait, when do we get to meet them?” I asked, staring at the laminated piece of heaven in my hands. 

“Now.” he said pulling us into a hallway. We walked down a long ass hallway until we finally came up to a door labeled BACKSTAGE. 

“The boys are right in here. They are getting dressed, but you can have a seat on the couch.” the guard said before turning back down the hallway. Abbey and I stared at the door, still in utter shock. 

“Well…let’s go then!” I whispered, taking hold of the door nob, and turning it slowly. We were hit in the face with the smell of hairspray and  cologne.  There were swarms upon swarms of people. Wardrobe people getting their concert attire ready, hair people making sure the boys look perfect…it was all a bit over whelming. I spotted the couch and sat down with Abbey. I took out my phone and saw I had a message from Harry. “ where are you love?”

I replied, saying how I was right in the room, and seconds later heard a phone buzz. He must be in here somewhere…”Who’s on the phone?” asked Abbey. 

“Oh um…Harry. He asked me where I was.” I said waving my phone in her face. She smirked and pushed it away. 

“Skye!” that voice called out. I looked around and saw Harry approach, wearing a white t-shirt, a black blazer over it and a pair of dark skinny jeans. “You came!” he smiled wrapping his arms around me. He smelled so good…We pulled away and I gazed into his emerald, shining eyes. “And you look…amazing.”

“AHEM!” Abbey said clearing her throat. I glanced over at her who was staring.

“Oh um…this is my best friend Abbey.” I said. 

“Hi Harry!” she smiled. I could tell she was holding back her squeals as he shook her hand. 

“Hello Abbey.” he said. “I’ll bring the rest of the boys over so you can meet them.” Harry replied, standing a little higher so he could sneak a better look. “Excuse me love…” he said touching my arm before he vanished into the crowd. Abbey grabbed my hands and let out a little squeal. 

“I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS SKYE!” she whispered loudly. I chuckled as we flopped back on the couch. We checked out all the hustle and bustle for a moment before the boys walked over. Abbey and I jumped up and fixed our dresses as they all looked at us. I noticed a little something going on between Niall and Abbey. By the way he looked at her when he first saw her, he looked interested!

“This…” Harry said wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me closer to him, “is Skye. The girl I met today.” he said gazing into my eyes. I looked up at him and smiled. 

“Nice to meet you Skye.” Louis said grasping my outstretched hand with his own. 

“Hello Louis!” I said giving him my best smile. I said hello to all the rest of the boys before introducing Abbey. 

“This is my best friend Abbey.” I said patting her shoulder. Her and Niall haven’t taken their eyes off each other since we first got here. 

“Hello Abbey.” Niall said, gently taking her hand and kissing it. I saw her blush like crazy and smile sweetly. 

“Hello Niall.” she whispered. They five of us exchanged looks. There was something DEFINATLEY going on between them. I felt Harry pull me closer to him as we all sat down on the couch. The boys asked us some questions and we all just sat there enjoying each others company. 

“Fifteen minutes!” the director shouted out. They all jumped up.

“I have to go love. See you out there!” Harry said cupping my cheek with his hand. 

“Good luck!” I called out. Harry smiled one last time before disappearing into the rushing crowd. We ran into the arena and found our seats just in time before the concert started. During “I Want”, Abbey said to me, “Harry DEFINATLEY likes you!”

“Really?” I called out over the noise. She nodded. 

“I was watching him with you backstage. He really cares about you. I could tell by the way he gazed at you every second he got!” she said loudly. 

“Well Niall was doing the same thing with you!” I laughed. She blushed like crazy and pursed her lips together. 

“I was so happy!” she squealed. Just then, we heard Liam speak. 

“This next song is dedicated to anyone special in your life! Whether it’s a boyfriend or best friend or anyone…this is for them. We dedicate this song to all the special people in our lives. Our fans, and others we hold close to our hearts.” the crowd erupted in cheers as “Moments” began. I saw Harry whisper to Niall, who looked in the direction of our section. 

“He might be telling Niall where we are sitting!” I yelled over the noise. Abbey nodded as Liam sang. When Harry’s part came on, he looked directly at me, and that did it. I felt like the luckiest girl on earth. 

“Yep. Harry has a thing for you!” Abbey yelled giving me a hug. I could feel myself blushing, but I didn’t care. What if Harry Styles had a thing for me? What would happen?

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