Until You're Mine

COMPLETE**. Skye was once Harry Styles' girlfriend. But when she came over to his flat and found him having sex with another girl, she leaves. Little did she know, she was pregnant with his child. It's been a couple months since she's seen him, and while driving to work, she stumbles upon Harry. What will he think about the unborn baby? Will she take him back? You'll have to read to find out!
*Hope you like it! :)


11. Chapter eleven

I stood in the airport with Harry as he made sure he had all his luggage. I looked around at the others. Zayn was holding a teary eyed Perrie’s hand as she leaned her head on his shoulder. Danielle and Liam were hugging and he was trying to fight back his tears as she cried silently. Eleanor and Louis kissed and he brushed away her tears when they pulled away. “I’ll be back soon babe.” he whispered to her. I turned away and fixed Harry’s collar when he turned to me.

His bottom lip was trembling as he looked off into the distance. “We can’t have you looking bad when you arrive in Italy.” I said forcing a small smile.

“I’ll already look bad because I’ll be away from you.” he whispered. I looked up into his tear filled eyes and hugged him so tight. I breathed in the smell of his collonge, felt his heart beat against my chest and the warmth of his hugs. I took a mental picture of his perfect face. Everything about him. I wanted him close to me always.

I tried not to think about me giving birth alone to our baby, but I couldn’t help it. I was soon sobbing into his shoulder and he held me tighter, placing a hand on the back on my head, stroking my hair.

“It’s alright babe.” he whispered. I could hear his voice shaking as he tried to hold back his tears. “I’ll be home soon. And we’ll have this baby together.” he pulled away and bent down to kiss my belly.

“You hear that my little angel? Daddy will be home soon. And we will see eachother for the first time together. Not over a Skype call. I promise.” he kissed my belly again and quickly wiped away a tear that streamed down his face.

The person over the speaker called their flight number and he stood up to look me in the eyes. “I’ll call you everyday.” I whispered, intertwining our hands together.

“And I’ll answer everyday.” he whispered, brushing a tear off my cheek. I nodded and he kissed my lips. I felt him lace his fingers through my hair and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I held him close. I felt his warmth on my body and I felt his breath and his lips…one last time before he pulled away. He picked up the handle of his luggage and met the other boys at the door.

Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie walked over to me and we all held hands, fighting back tears as our boyfrinds waved at us one last time. I followed Harry’s brown hair all the way, until he was out of my sight. My heart…has just been torn from my chest.


Sorry this chapter is very short. :\ But thanks to the people who are reading this. I hope you like it! I also have another one called Pinkie Promise. Read that one too, please! :)

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