More Than This

Teenage Talia didn't expect Harry Styles to become famous. Harry. Harry from her school, who winked at her in maths every time she went up to the board. Harry, who smiled his cheeky smile at her everyday. Her friends teased her about him. She always denied everything about a relationship. But she did love him. She really did. But now her chances were gone. But Harry wouldn't want her anyway, would he? He had had many girlfriends. Or would he?



***AUTHORS NOTE*** First of all, I want to thank all readers. As you might know, this is my first movella. I'm still getting used to its features and how it works, so even though I'm trying hard on this, it might not be my best. Also, I'm not british ��������������������������������but I'm trying to make Talia seem it. Thanks again to all readers!!!! Please reccomend me to any other movellas readers!!!��������❤����������������������
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