More Than This

Teenage Talia didn't expect Harry Styles to become famous. Harry. Harry from her school, who winked at her in maths every time she went up to the board. Harry, who smiled his cheeky smile at her everyday. Her friends teased her about him. She always denied everything about a relationship. But she did love him. She really did. But now her chances were gone. But Harry wouldn't want her anyway, would he? He had had many girlfriends. Or would he?


2. An awful errand

I slammed my book bag down in the kitchen. Another day at school, just the same. Loads of homework piled on my desk in every class imaginable. I couldn't believe it was possible for my weak back to carry it all. "I'm home, Mum," I called whilst running upstairs to change out of my stiff uniform. "Oh good!" She said happily. "Could you do me a quick favor and stop at the bakery for some biscuits. Oh also, Grandpa has some tea for us. Could you stop at his flat, too?" I glanced at my watch. Harry would definitely be at work by now. That would mean a whole lot of time to get out of there. "But mum..." "No buts, Talia. Buts are for monkeys." She stated our little joke from when I was a baby. "Fiiiiine" I moaned. She handed me the pounds and sent me off.
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