More Than This

Teenage Talia didn't expect Harry Styles to become famous. Harry. Harry from her school, who winked at her in maths every time she went up to the board. Harry, who smiled his cheeky smile at her everyday. Her friends teased her about him. She always denied everything about a relationship. But she did love him. She really did. But now her chances were gone. But Harry wouldn't want her anyway, would he? He had had many girlfriends. Or would he?


1. When I met Harry

The summer if 2005, I met Harry. We were both around eight. I was at the park. Sitting on my suitcase. My face was tinted with the red of the sun. My eyes were the same color. I had been crying. Harry walked up to me and sat down beside me. He didn't say a word for a long time. Then finally, he spoke, "Did your mum yell at you too? Or are you just plain old sad? That's okay, you know. Everyone gets sad," He chirped whilst I continued to stare down. His voice grew softer. "It's okay. You can tell me." "I'm- I'm,well, we just moved here- and, well…" "Oh England's not bad, if that's why you're sad." Harry interrupted. "How didya know I'm not from England?" I demanded." You sort of… talk a little funny." He said, turning crimson and looking down at his feet. " We'll you talk funnier." I finished with a little "hmpph" at the end. Then I stalked off.
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