Love in the Storm

Sarah was just an ordinary girl with a broken heart. That is until she met Niall Horan in, of all places, a McDonalds parking lot. Will she give him her heart despite her broken past, or will she leave him for one of his best mates. Find out here!! I hope you guys enjoy this it is my first movella. Love you ~ AL


7. Surprise!

Chapter 6 -Surprise!-

Sarah's prov.

Louis stopped crying for a second to look at me and then enveloped me in a hug and burst into tears.  I did too and we just sat there crying our eyes out to the only people in the world that truely knew how we felt.  As we sat there I felt someone come up behind me and hug me.  I looked up and could barely make out the other four boys hugging Louis and I through the tears.  We all sat like this for a long time.  Louis and I with our heads on each others shoulders and the boys encirling us with love. 

Once no more tears could be pushed out I sat up and sighed rather loudly.  Everything that has been happening lately has been building up, one on top of the other, and I finally got to let it all go.  My life had been plummiting, one wrong thing after another, and these boys were the best thing that had happened to me in a long time.  Without them, I don't know where I would be right now.  You see my life is a roller coaster of ups and downs. 


I was straight out of college, valor dictorian of my class of almost 100 students which is quite alot for the major I was in.  I went to a very prestigus school that would rarely let anyone in.  That ment you had to have A honor roll, 4.0 and a 1400 or over on your SAT before you had a chance of getting any type of scholarship.  Not only did I get a scholarship, but the only thing I had to pay for was my dorm room.  I was super siked and I even got to room with my best friend since childhood.

Well, I majored in physical therapy and not a day after graduation I began looking for a job.  My parents supplied me with a apartment until I was on my feet but for now they wanted me to focus on getting a job.  I went everywhere trying to get a job but no one would hire me.  They all said I was the perfect canidate except I didn't have any experience.  I would always try to remind them that I interned at a hospital but no one thought that was enough.  So, here I am jobless six months later.  If that's not bad enough my cat Tiger died by getting mauled by my neighbors stupid dog.  I was looking for her for two days and he didn't even tell me until after I asked. 

As if my life wasn't bad enough I found out my "loving" boyfriend got Louis' girlfriend pregnant.  My life really sucks right now.  Thinking of all these things somehow brought up tears I didn't even know I had in me.  I was wallowing in my own self pity.  i really need to get myself together and stop thinking of myself.  After all, my life is starting to get a lot better.  I have five amazing friends now that would do anything for me and yet I'm still crying when any girl in the world would love to take my place.  Ok Sarah, pull yourself together, deep breahs. 

'WHOO!!!'  I shouted in the middle of a deep breath.  Everyone looked up at me and I figured since I had their attention I might as well say something. 

'Now that we have that out of our system and it is 4 o'clock in the morning, there is no sense in going to sleep so why don't we watch a movie?  The Avengers anyone?'

They all cheered in response so we all got comfy and began to watch the movie. 

Louis and I were sitting in the middle of everyone with Niall and Zayn on my side and Harry and Liam on Louis' side.

I put my arm around Louis' waist and gave him a reasuring squeeze.  He looked up to me and flashed a weak smile.  I smiled back and we all began to watch the movie. 

This time Niall didn't have his arm around me but was laying his head on my shoulder.  Louis, however, had his arm around me and was resting his head on my other shoulder.  So here I was, being used as a pillow by not one, but two different people so I had no place to set my head.  I ended up resting my cheek on the top of Louis' head since he was slumped over a little bit making him shorter than Niall. 

I as I layed there I began to slowly drift to sleep, only to be awaken by a banging on the door.


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