Love in the Storm

Sarah was just an ordinary girl with a broken heart. That is until she met Niall Horan in, of all places, a McDonalds parking lot. Will she give him her heart despite her broken past, or will she leave him for one of his best mates. Find out here!! I hope you guys enjoy this it is my first movella. Love you ~ AL


2. Meeting the Guys



Chapter 2 -Meeting the Guys-

Sarah's prov.

Oh my god.  This place was beautiful, that is if you forget about all the trash everywhere.  I  looked down as Niall slipped his hand into mine and a smile stretched across my face.  Then we proceded to walk around the place looking for the rest of the guys.  We found Harry watching the tv, butt naked.  I screamed and buried my face in Nialls chest.  I heard Harry running out of the room but i still didn't look until Niall said it was ok.  He then excused himself and left in the same direction as Harry.  I'm guessing to yell at him.  I plopped down on the couch and began to watch the tv while I waited for Niall to come back.

Niall's prov. 

I can't believe Harry. I mean who sits around the house butt naked.  When I made it to his room I flipped.
'Harry what were you thinking.  You can't just sit around naked I mean there are other people in the house.  Have some respect not to mention Sarah is here.'

'I'm sorry Niall, you were going to McDonalds, I didn't expect you to come back with a girl.  By the way who is she, she's hot.' 

That just made me more mad when he said that about her.  Obviously I like her or else I wouldn't have brought her back here to meet the guys.  Sometimes I can't believe him.   'Harry stay away from her.  She just broke up with her boyfriend and she is really sad right now.  She's not ready for a relationship but when she is she's mine.'

Harry put his hands up and told me to chill but I just walked out the room to go hang out with her.  When I approached the living room I heard people laughing and talking.  Turns out Louis had come in there and was hanging out with Sarah.  I sat down by both of them.  I'm glad she ran into Louis, Zayn or Paul probably would have flipped out. 

Sarah's prov.

While Niall was talking to Harry Louis came in there and acted like it wasn't weird I was in there.  We began to talk and were laughing are butts off by the time Niall got back.  He sat in the middle of us and threw his arm around me.  When he did that butterflys eruptied in my stomache but what am I kidding, he would never love me.  He probably brought me here because he felt bad for me. 

Louis rasied his eyebrows at Niall and said 'Dude what happened to you, it looks like a cat attacked your face.'  I couldn't help but laugh at this even though he was being serious.  Niall just shrugged and calmly said, 'I got in a little fight but it's cool now, I'm fine.'

'Well you don't look fine Niall.'

'Well I am so please just chill, I'll tell you later.'

'Ok, whatever mate.  By the way who is our new friend.'

Niall just looked at me and raised his eyebrows and I erupted in laughter.  'What?'  I asked.  'He never asked.  My name is Sarah and I met Niall in the McDonalds parking lot.'  I proceded to tell Louis the whole story while Niall got up and went to the kitchen.  When I finished Louis just pulled me into a hug and told me he was sorry.

'It's not your fault Louis, it's Bailey's.'

'Yeah, but you don't deserve that.'

'Aw thanks.' 

He then pulled me into another hug and we just sat there for a second until Liam came into the room.  He looked at me and Louis and began to walk out until I called him to come in here and sit.  I then yelled to Niall that he could come back.  Niall walked in and sat beside me again wrapping his arm around me again making Liam look extremely confused.

I just laughed and introduced myself and then asked Louis to tell him the story. 

'Why don't we just wait until everyone gets in here.'  Louis suggested.

'Good idea that way this doesn't have to be repeated multiple times.'

Just then like on cue Zayn and Harry walked in except Harry had his head down and sat as far away from me as possible.  I couldn't help but laugh at him because he looked so piteful. 

'It's ok Harry I forgive you just please at least wear boxers next time.'

He looked up and smiled and came over and gave me a hug.  This made everyone else look even more confused so I explained what Harry was doing when I came inside.  They all gave me knowing looks since aparently he does that all the time. 

Zayn spoke up for the first time and said.  'Not to be rude but who are you.'

I just looked at Louis and asked him to tell them then I got up and left because I don't think I could go over this again without crying again.  As I was sitting in the kitchen the door opened and I looked over to see Niall coming in red eyed. 

'What's wrong Nialler?'

'I thought I could go over that again but I can't so here I am.' he told me with a weak smile.

He then came over and sat beside me.  I layed my head on his shoulder and to my surprise he kissed my hair.  I looked up at him and smiled.  He then kissed me again on the forehead, then the nose, and then the lips.  I was really surprised at first but then began to kiss him back.  After a few seconds we broke apart and leaned our foreheads against each others, both smiling.

I really enjoyed that but, I mean I just broke up with my boyfriend and I'm certainly not ready for another relationship anytime soon.  I told Niall and he just shook his head but the smile was whipped off his face. 

'I realize that Sarah but I will be waiting for you because that kiss was amazing and you are so beautiful that I don't think any girl could compare to you.'

I smiled and wrapped him up in a big hug. 

'Not even Demi Lovato?' I whispered into his ear.

'Especially not her.'  He said with a chuckle.

We both began to laugh until we were interupted by Louis knocking on the door. 

'I don't mean to interupt your make out session, but were done in here.'

We both started to laugh and Niall went bright red. 

'Louis we weren't making out' He yelled back.

'Yeah, sure whatever you say.'

By then I was nearly in tears because Niall was literally the color of a tomato. 

'Come on.'  I said grabbing his hand and pulling him out to where everyone else was. 

When we walked out I was swamped in hugs from everyone in there and they were all telling me how sorry they were for me.

'It's OK now please get off your squeezing me to death!'  I yelled at them.

Another round of sorrys went around.  We then all went and sat down on the couch.  I was in the middle by Niall and Liam.  Niall had his arm around me and I was using his chest as a pillow.

We were watching Duck Dynasty since it was my favorite show.  Louis sighed and then announced that he was bored of it and wanted to watch a movie.

'SCARY MOVIE!!!!!'  Harry screamed.

Everyone began to agree except for me. 

'Why not Sarah.'  Niall whined.

'Because I always get scared even in Parnormal Activity I got scared and that's not really scary.  Can't we just watch Parental Guidence or the Lion King or something.'

'No we are watching a Scary Movie so Niall will just have to protect you.'  Harry said with a smirk. 

'Scary Movie 3?'  I basecally begged.

'No we are watching a scary movie and that's final.'  Announced Louis.  Great I wasn't getting out of this. 

Zayn went down and started to go through the movies.  The boys desided on The Devil Inside. 

As we were watching it I pretty much hid behind Niall the whole time especially when the Nun came on the screen.  She just freaked me out.  Niall had his arm around me the whole time and I could feel five pairs of eyes on me throughout the movie.  It seemed like everytime I looked up Niall was watching me not the movie. 

The movie finally ended and when they turned the lights on I realized I was in Nialls lap and had my head behind him and we were hugging.  Embaressed I quickly shifted over to where I was sitting before.

Everyone was laughing at me and I could feel my cheeks go hot pink.

'What?  I told you I get scared easily in movies.'

'Why do you get scared so easily?'  Niall asked me.

'I don't know, it's like during movies I think its real but at haunted houses I just laugh cause I know it's fake.  Weird, I know.'

'Yeah speaking of haunted house I heard there is a theme park around here that turns into a haunted park this time of year.  You all want to go?'

'Of course I do!  I love Scarewinds, I have season passes and go there every weekend but I probably need to change first.  I'll go home real quick and then come back here, it should take me about 45 minuites.'

'Alright see you soon babe.'  Niall said to me as I hopped up and grabbed my keys, walking over to the elevator.  I cannot believe he called me babe.  I mean come on NIALL HORAN just called me babe.  As soon as I got into the elevator I screamed with joy.  Thank god no one else was in here or else they would think I was crazy.

Niall's prov.

Did I really just say that?  Great I'll never hear the end of this from the boys.  I looked up to see Louis smirking at me. 

'So Niall has a crush does he?' he asked me.

'Shut up Louis.'  I said as I walked off to go get ready.

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