Love in the Storm

Sarah was just an ordinary girl with a broken heart. That is until she met Niall Horan in, of all places, a McDonalds parking lot. Will she give him her heart despite her broken past, or will she leave him for one of his best mates. Find out here!! I hope you guys enjoy this it is my first movella. Love you ~ AL


10. And Don't Come Back

Chapter 9 --

Bailey's prov.

I was pounding on the door of the hotel room and if they didn't let me in soon I would knock the door down.  These faggots already stole Sarah from me and now I find out that El is pregnant with one of their babies and I left Sarah for nothing.  I don't think so, someone needs to pay for this.  I was torn from my thoughts when someone opened the door.  It was the one that El used to date.

'You cunt!  How dare you do this to me!  First you get Eleanor pregnant and blame it on me and then you go and steal Sarah from me!'  I was screaming at him as I slowly walked into the hotel room.  'I can't believe you,  I knew all you famous people were the same good for nothing, dirty-'  I paused when I saw four more boys come into the room with a girl right behind them.  It was Sarah.

'Come on Sarah, we are going home.'  I spoke softly so maybe I could convince her to come.

'I'm not going anywhere with a thing like you.'  She said in a quite sassy voice.  I was quite surprised as she had never talked to me this way and I don't think I liked it. 

'Who do you think you are talking to me that way.  Now you better get over here or else I'll make you.' 

'She's not going anywhere and you're sure not making her or else I'll have to beat you again.'  This time it was the faggot that jumped on me at McDonalds.  I think his name was Niall. 

'You can stop fighting for Sarah now, this has nothing to do with you.  So if you would all just leave us alone to talk in private that would be terrific.'

'It has everything to do with me because that is MY girlfriend and I don't want her anywhere near a dirty bastard like you now, I'm going to ask you one time to LEAVE.'

I looked at all of them slowly, taking in their expressions.  'No.'  With that Niall jumped on me and started to punch me while the one who answered the door took Sarah out of the room.  I started to punch him back and we were both putting up quite a fight.  I got one good hit in and was about to end this once and for all when I was punched across the face.  I looked up to see a guy covered in tattoos looking down at me with his hands balled into fists. 

Zayn's prov.

I watched as this guy got off the floor and ran out the door.  What a whimp.  I then helped Niall off the floor and we walked into the other room where Sarah and Louis were.  As soon as we walked in Sarah jumped off the couch and ran to Niall, embrassing him in a hug. 

'O my god are you ok?  You're not hurt are you?'  She started to bombard him with questions and she looked quite worried. 

'Babe, I'm fine.  We went at it for a little while and he got a good punch in but then Zayn punched him in the face and he ran like a little baby.'  He started to laugh and I did too.  Just remembering his face made me chuckle.  Sarah on the other hand was way too worried to be laughing at a time like this.  She walked over to me and wrapped me in a hug.  She then stood on her tip toes and whispered thank you in my ear before walking over to the couch to go sit with Niall.  They made a adorable couple and you could tell that she made Niall happy.  Seeing them together made me miss my girlfriend more than ever.  I can't wait to get back to England. 

Sarah's prov.

I was sitting on the couch snuggling up to Niall thinking about what just happened.  I don't think Zayn knew how greatful I was that he protected Niall.  If he would have gotten hurt I don't know what I would have done.  I probably would have blamed myself, after all, it is my ex-boyfriend.  I snapped back into reality when my phone began to ring.  I walked out of the room to answer it.

'Hello, is this Sarah Bishop?'

'It is and who might this be?'

'This is Queen Elizabeth of England.  I was wondering if you could do a favor for me.'

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