Love in the Storm

Sarah was just an ordinary girl with a broken heart. That is until she met Niall Horan in, of all places, a McDonalds parking lot. Will she give him her heart despite her broken past, or will she leave him for one of his best mates. Find out here!! I hope you guys enjoy this it is my first movella. Love you ~ AL


1. Tears and Fears


Chapter 1 -Tears and Fears-

Sarah's prov.
I was sitting in my car crying my eyes out because of my boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend should I say.  I gave him my heart and he tore it to sheads.  He was my first boyfriend, my first kiss, my first love and he tossed that all away like it was nothing.  I thought he loved me but I guess I was wrong.

I pulled myself together and stepped out of my car only to fall down again in a heap of tears when I saw a couple walking out of McDonalds.  Yup, that's right.  I was crying in the middle of the McDonalds parking lot.  How pathetic. 

As I was lying there someone came up to me and asked if I was alright.  I gave a weak 'no' so he sat beside me and began to rub circles into my back. After I contained my sobbs I looked up to the boy sitting beside me and gasped in amazement.  Niall freaking Horan was sitting beside me.  He looked my way when he heard me gasp and chuckled to himself.  I felt my face turn into a tomato as Niall stood up and brushed off his pants.  He then reached down and picked me up off the ground and we began to walk inside of McDonalds. 

We both got a vanilla milkshake and sat down at a table and began to sip in silence.  After a moment Niall broke the silence and said, 'So are we gonna just sit here or are you gonna tell me why you were crying your eyes out?'  I took a deep breath and began to tell him everything.

'Today I got a call from my boyfriend.  He told me that he went to a party about four weeks ago.  I thought nothing of it since he went to partys all the time and likes to get drunk.  That was the one thing I hate about him but I always put up with it since I knew I had some flaws too.  Well, anyways, he said he got extremely drunk that night and made a mistake.  He had sex with someone, not just anyone, but the one person that I can't stand.'

I paused for a second and took a deep breath.  When I looked up at Niall he was just staring at me with a shocked expression.  I sighed and then began to continue.  'This, girl he had sex with bullys me sometimes.  She doesn't like me because I stood up to her for some of my friends one time and showed everyone who she really is.  Now she tells everyone I'm a slut.  Anyways, he found out that she is pregnant and it's his baby.  Appariantly he wasn't going to tell me but since she's pregnant he didn't have a choice.  At least now everyone will know who the real slut is but I'm afraid that they'll pitty me, what do I do

When I looked up at him he took a deep breath and began to speak for the first time.

Niall's prov.

Oh. My. God.  This was awful. How could he do that to her?  He had this beautiful girlfriend and he left her for sex.  If I ever meet this guy I am going to punch his face in.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard her say my name.  All I could say to her is 'He's obviously the worst boyfriend ever and does not deserve to have a girlfriend as amazing and beautiful as you.  I mean how could he do something like that without thinking about you or feeling guilty.  That just shows how sick of a person he is and if I ever meet him I am going to punch his face in.'

I looked over at her and her face was pale.   Great Niall I thought, she probably thinks your an overprotective creep now.  Then I realized that she was looking over to the door.  When I turned around I saw a guy walking up to us about my age and he looked pissed.

Sarah's prov.

This can't be happening.  I mean he already made me look like a complete idiot for dating him and now he has to come in here and have the nerve to walk up to me?  Ughh.  I hate him more than words can describe.  His hideous voice pulled me out of my rant when Bailey said, 'Really Sarah, I just talked to you and your already with another guy?  We haven't even officially broken up yet.  Wow what a slut.'

I took a deep breath trying my hardest not to punch him in the face.  'I'm not the one sleeping around now am I Bailey.'  I looked over at Niall as his face went from confusion to anger.  Great, theres about to be a fight and it's all my fault. fml.

'You really need to leave you sick cruel monster before I break your face and every other bone in your body.  You had this amazing girl, head over heals in love with you and you just took her heart and ripped it to sheards and then stomped all over.  I found her crying her eyes out in the parking lot because of the awful thing that you did to her so I'm gonna ask you one time, LEAVE.'

'Niall, calm down he's not worth either of our time so please just stop.'  I begged with him but to no use thanks to Bailey and his big mouth.

'Go head pretty boy take a swing I'm not afraid of you or anyone else in you gay boyband.'

Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap.  He did not just go there.  It's about to get real.  I grabbed Nialls arm and pinned it to his side the best that I could right as he lifted it to take a swing.  I then grabbed his other hand and began to drag him outside.  Niall looked at me with anger still in his eyes but when he saw how scared I was his face softened and he began to leave willingly.  That is until Bailey opened up his mouth again.

'That's right, leave you big pussy.  That's all you are and that's all you ever will be.'  Niall slipped out of my grasp and ran at Bailey full speed and punched him right in the jaw.  I heard a crack where his fist made contact and a shiver went down my spine.  They began to go at it until some workers broke them up.  I was sitting there with my face in my hands when Niall walked up to me and helped me up.

He only had a few bruises and cuts but Bailey looked pretty bad.  His nose was bleeding and his lip looked busted.  Good, he deserved it.  I took Niall's hand and we walked out the door to my car.  He told me the address to his and the boys hotel room and then we took off.

Niall explained to me that he had walked to McDonalds since Paul wouldn't let him take the car on the way there.  When I pulled up into the parking lot I gasped in amazement.  They were staying at this huge five star hotel that I had always wanted to go in and here we are. 

Niall got out the car and came to my side and helped me out.  We walked inside and got in the elevator.  Niall slid a key into it and we began to go up to  the top floor.  I took a deep breath as the doors began to open.  Now to meet the boys.

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