Not what I expected

I want a happy perfect life, but when you have a single mom with 4 other siblings things are hectic. Me an my sister end up taking a foreign exchange student program to help out our mom. The thing is I'm not your normal chick you see at school. I'm an elite gymnast who trains 7 hours a day doing tricks that could kill you. *Niall fanfic*


4. Yes and yes

"I guess that's your bed" he asked me smirking with his hands in his pockets
"Yep and......." I grabbed some sweatpants and a tee-shirt followed by a bra and panties and walked to the bathroom "and I call shower first" I said locking the door
"That was totally unfair and question?" He stated laughing and asked me
"Shoot" I replied
"Where are you from" he asked me
"I'm from Louisiana's party city" I replied giving him a chance to guess the city
"You're from New Orleans?" He guessed
"Yes I'm from New Orleans " I laughed and hoped in the shower
NIALL's pov
Her voice was different than most from Americans
Where are you from" I asked her
"I'm from Louisiana's party city" she replied. I figured she wanted an answer so I guess since the only place in Louisiana I've ever been to was New Orleans and it was more of a partying city.
"New Orleans?" I guessed
"Yes I'm from New Orleans" she laughed
Wait does she know I'm in one direction. I had one thing to mention and I forget to do it. I face-palmed myself and heard the shower turn on. Speaking of shower what the hell am I going to sleep in.
Ally pov
I walk out the bathroom to find Niall asleep on top of the covers and the T.V on. He looked cute and innocent when he was sleeping. I brushed out my hair a few times and took out my contacts. I threw up my hair and put my glasses on. I sat on the floor and began to stretch a little. I had placed my right foot on top of the bed an slid into a split touching the ground. 60,59,58,57,56,55....I counted down in my head for when to come out. I got to 1 and I was stuck. I shifted my weight to the right side and rolled over hitting the bedside table with my head. Niall jumped out of the bed.
"What the hell just happened" he said rubbing his eyes
"I ugh got stuck in a split and kinda fell" I said holding my head where it had just bit the table
"You can do the splits?" He asked me shocked
"Yes, I'm an elite gymnast and I used to be on the USA WORLD FINALS team but then I came over here for school" I said rather annoyed
"So you can flip and do that crazy stuff on a bar" he asked making sure he was correct. I just shook my head in agreement.
"Yea speaking of gymnastics, is there a a team anywhere near your house"
"Yea there is actually its about 30 min away from our house and its pretty nice" Niall told me as he helped me up off the floor "by the way I love the sweatpants" he smirked and went to his bed
"The fuck are you-" I mumbled as I looked down at my ass which had 'suck it' written across it. I gave Niall a cheeky stare.
"This is going to be fun to get used to" I said sarcastically to him
"Yea just you and me alone for like 5 we-"
"Alone?!" I cut him off
"Yea my parents are in New York for some convention for like 5 weeks" he stated
"This will be interesting, defiantly interesting" I said to him and slightly laughed I caught a smile from him before I turned off the light
"Night Niall" I said to him
"Night Ally " he replied"
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