Not what I expected

I want a happy perfect life, but when you have a single mom with 4 other siblings things are hectic. Me an my sister end up taking a foreign exchange student program to help out our mom. The thing is I'm not your normal chick you see at school. I'm an elite gymnast who trains 7 hours a day doing tricks that could kill you. *Niall fanfic*


2. Planes plans

I hugged my mom for the last time as I boarded the plane. I walked to my seat and sat next to Addison who already was asleep. Our plane was leaving at 5:35 so I don't blame her. Our air hostess brought me a coke shortly after our flight took off. I finished the coke and was told the flight would take about 11 hours. I sighed and the pulled out my headphones and iPod. I think I listened to Ed Sheeran literally the whole way there.
"Ally Marie!" My sister exclaimed at me, I woke up instantly
"The hell Addison! You can't just-" I was cut off by Addison pointing to the door
"Ally, we're here" she said grinning insanely big, I smiled and walked to the door with my carry-on and Addison following me shortly. We stopped to figure out where and who we were staying with.
"So I'm staying with a family of 4 in what looks like Cheshire." Addison said
"I'm with a family of 4 in.... Holy shit! Addison I'm staying Mullingar!" I smiled and looked at Ad who now had a worried look on her face.
"Babe, it'll be okay" I told Ad who was now hugging me this was going to be a long day
"Ad, will you go call mom and tell her that were well be staying" Addison nodded and went to grab her phone. I threw my long dirty blonde hair up In a messy bun and calmed my self down. I dialed the number for the Foreign Exchange Student Company.
"Hello. Welcome to the FESC, how may I help you" the woman asked me
"Yes I'm Allisan Marie Robertson and I need to know the directions to my exchange family's home"
"Allisan there is no need for that, the family has agreed on picking you u; as for you sister she should be picked up around 6:30 at the airport too" she replied
"Thank you" I said as I hung up
Ad walked over towards me and handed me a small box. I opened it to find another charm for my necklace, it was her favorite animal , a fox, with Ad engraved in it. I looked at her hugged her tight.
"We have to meet up at least once a month okay!" I said excited and released the hug. My eyes focuses on a family behind Ad who were calling a name, the name was familiar, then it hit me, the family was calling out 'Blake' which is Addison's first name." Ad turned around and the family walked towards us. They were kind and glad to have Addison as a guest. They also said they had another son and daughter who were at home. I cried as I watched my little sister all grown up walk away from me. I saw someone In the corner of my eye who looked about my age. He was kinda cute. He had blonde hair and beanie on. He looked as if he was waiting for someone.
"Holy shit!" I murmured to my self laughing a little as I heard him say it. Ally Marie. I grabbed my duffel bag and back pack and walked over to him.
"I'm Ally" I said as I held out a hand for him to shake
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