Not what I expected

I want a happy perfect life, but when you have a single mom with 4 other siblings things are hectic. Me an my sister end up taking a foreign exchange student program to help out our mom. The thing is I'm not your normal chick you see at school. I'm an elite gymnast who trains 7 hours a day doing tricks that could kill you. *Niall fanfic*


3. Not another plane

"I'm Ally" she held out a hand and I shook it gladly
"I'm Niall, you must've switched schools with my brother" I asked her
"I think so" she replied
She was beautiful. Her eyes were crystal clear and she was surprisingly small for being 18. I'm not one to talk about begin small but she was tiny!
"So I love the airport and all but I've been on a plane all day" she said laughing and hinting that we should go
"Babe, we have to get on another plane to get home" I smirked and laughed a little at her facial expression. She started to walk away when I grabbed her wrist.
"The plane is this way" I laughed
"And the hotel is this way" she smiled and kept walking
"I can already tell you're going to be fun around the house" I said sarcastically then laughed and followed her. She started walking backwards and gave me double thumbs up with a grin then started walking strait again.
Ally pov
"Here is your room key Miss Robertson-"
"Please call me Ally" I said cutting him off and smiling. I grabbed the room key and turned around to see a Confused Niall.
"Yea I got one room with two beds, we'll be living together anyways" I laughed I started to walk to the room with footsteps following shortly behind. I opened the door and threw my stuff on my bed
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