Not what I expected

I want a happy perfect life, but when you have a single mom with 4 other siblings things are hectic. Me an my sister end up taking a foreign exchange student program to help out our mom. The thing is I'm not your normal chick you see at school. I'm an elite gymnast who trains 7 hours a day doing tricks that could kill you. *Niall fanfic*


5. Finding out

Ally pov
I woke up and this was going to be my first day attending school with Niall. I rolled out of bed and pick out my outfit, a pair of skinny jeans with one of my many comfortable competition hoodies and my pair of sand colored TOMs to match the hoodie. I pulled my hair into a messy bun and walked out with any make-up, so glad I had no breakouts that day. I met Niall at the kitchen table.
"Hey Ally!" Niall said seeming very happy. That's what I liked about him, he could make any situation either funny or just plain happy. I smiled and replied happily
"Morning Niall!" I said laughing a bit
"Before school I have to tell you something" he said with his smile growing from ear to ear
"Am I in trouble?" I joked with him
"No it's just that I forgot to tell you something kinda important" she said running his hand through his blonde hair
"Go on" I told him
"I'm in a famous band. It's called One Direction, it's me and 4 other guys not including our security guard named Paul" he said giving a weak smile
"And this means that-" I was cut off by Addison calling my phone
"Hey!" I picked up cheery
"You'll never believe who I'm stay with?!?" She said almost screaming
"Tell me" I said laughing at her expression "but first why haven't you called me for three days" I said almost sharply
"You'll understand in a second" she said breathing heavily " I'm staying with Harry Styles!" She said freaking out
"Addison, I don't know who that is" I said laughing a little then looking at Niall who I'm sure could hear the whole conversation.
"Who the hell are you?!?! He's in One Direction! It's my favorite band Ally" she told me
"First watch the language and secondly I'm with this crazy person named Niall Horan" I said looking over at Niall who was giving me a confused look
"No way!" She said happily
"Yes way now I have to go because of school, bye babe" I said and hung up the phone
"What the hell was that about!" Niall said jokingly at me
"My sister is staying with your bandmate I believe" I said and paused
"Who'd she get"Niall asked me and laughed a little
"She got Harry, he's only 2 years older than her you know" he said with a smirk on his face "plus he's the cheeky one and the flirt of the band" he joked with me
"Fuck my life" I mumbled under my breath "I hadn't even heard of this band until like 5 min ago now....well my sister is about to turn 16 with Harry 17 and I'm with Niall Horan...and we are alone In a house together for about 5 weeks. Not to mention is insanely funny and cute" I told him laughing and watched him blush a bit. He just laughed at me "By the way I don't really sugarcoat anything" I said and laughed a little harder
"Wanna go to school now" he asked me while standing up
"Yea"I said as we headed out the door
______in the car______
"So how are you In a band with 5 people while you're in school and live in totally different places" I asked a little confused
"We rehearse every weekend and don't go to school on Friday or Monday and when we go on tour we homeschool" he replied confidently
"That seems....complicated" I replied
"It can be" he said as we pulled into the school
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