Not what I expected

I want a happy perfect life, but when you have a single mom with 4 other siblings things are hectic. Me an my sister end up taking a foreign exchange student program to help out our mom. The thing is I'm not your normal chick you see at school. I'm an elite gymnast who trains 7 hours a day doing tricks that could kill you. *Niall fanfic*


1. My last day in NOLA

I was the average girl at school, average girl at gym (yea Ik what you're thinking I'm an elite gymnast but I'm not a snob like my teammates) and the fun person with only my best friends. I'm normally not shy when it comes to meeting new people but then again it depends on who it is. So my day started off as any other day, me not wanted to get up out of the bed, fighting with my mom during breakfast and forgetting about it by the time we got in the car, and listening to Pandora on my iPhone. We drove up to the school and my mom let me out of the car
"Hey Ally, Megan's going to get you from school today since you have gym" my mom told me as she did every Monday,Tuesday ,Thursday, and Friday
"I know, we go over this almost every day before school" I replied while shutting the door behind me
I walked into the school known as West NOLA High School, making a bee-line for my locker.
"Hey Ally" I heard a girlish voice standing behind me
"Fuck my life" I mumbled under my breath and turned around to be greeted with the school snobs "hey girls" I said mimicking her voice and fake smiling
"We were wondering if you had a date to the um...wait you're leaving so it doesn't really matter anymore" Elise said (she's the queen snob) with a devilish grin on her face
"No I don't have a date to your annual 'birthday bash' and even if I weren't moving , I don't even think I would come to it" I said girly and giggled a little
Elise knew not to mess with me any further and walked away. I undid my lock and grabbed my things for first and second hour. I walked down the hallway alone since my best friend, well now ex-best friend, left me alone at this school and moved to New York. I opened the door of my first hour math class.
"SURPRISE!" The whole class yelled at me
"Guys.." I trailed off with tears brimming my eyes "y'all didn't"
"But we did" Carly said (she's the usual math nerd)
"We know this is your last day here and we wanted to give you this" my math teacher said while handing me a box. I opened it and my jaw dropped. I picked up a necklace with a paper airplane charm on it.
" it's beautiful..." I trailed off again smiling I look over to see two other people trying to hand me little boxes neatly wrapped like the first box. I opened one of them and inside was a charm with our school mascot on it, an owl, and then I opened the other which also held a charm. This one made me start to cry a little; it was my favorite saying engraved on the charm.
"How did y'all know" I asked while happily putting on my necklace
"We saw the saying written all over your notebooks and in your locker" my friend Nick said with a slight smirk . Anyway the rest of the day was pretty much like this. Like my mother said earlier I had gym today from 3:15 'till 9:45. Megan picked me up from school. She looked upset that this was my last practice with her and my team. We rode in silence to the gym listening to Passion Pit the way there. I walked in the gym and my coaches and teammates were lined along the wall with a banner that read 'We'll miss you'. Tears were brimming my eyes as I mouthed the words 'ill miss y'all too'. I brushed away a few tears and laughed
"Can we practice now" I laughed at my self for crying.
I walked into my room and collapsed on the bed, the only thing in this room with color anymore. I looked around at the bare wall and bare dressers. I sat on my bed thinking of how much my life is going to change by this move. Sorry I never explained why I was moving. My father was caught cheating on my mom and so she forced him out of the house, she couldn't really stand the though of living here by herself with 5 kids; I came up with a solution to fix it. Me and my sister would take to a foreign exchange student program. The only bad thing is that although we would be in the same area we would be at different schools and with different families for a little over 3 years. My mother thought It would be great for us to go until she found out that we were going to London. By that time we couldn't back out of now here I am, laying in my bed the night before we're leaving.
"Ally!" My mother called from downstairs
"Ma'am?!" I hollered back to her, this was our normal way of communicating
"Come here!" She yelled back to me, I put my phone on charge and walked down the stairs to the kitchen
"Ma'am?" I asked her then realizing that she was an emotional wreck. She motioned for me to walk towards her. I hugged her tight and stroked her back as she cried into my shoulder.
"What was I thinking when I said yes to letting you go like this." She sobbed "you're barely 18 years old" she urged me tighter
"I'll be careful mom and ill keep Addison safe too" I said in the most calming voice I'd ever used. My mom looked at me and smiled
"I forgot to tell you, legally you can drink in London" she said wiping her eyes and laughing.Great then I'll really have to look after Addison, she only 15 but most people think that she is 17 or 18.
"Mom" I laughed at her and hugged her again "i need to get some sleep, see you tomorrow morning" I told my mom and smiled as I walked upstairs. I collapsed n my bed again and almost instantly fell asleep.
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