Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


33. Trust

-Can you guys get a room?
-Oh hi Lou I said and pushed Harry away from me.
-So are you guys going to the studio to day as well?
-Yeah we will be there all day I think Paul said until 9 a clock or something, do you want to come anyway?
-No I think I just goanna stay home today and chill.

When the boys had left I got in to bed and 
watch a bunch of films the hole day. When the boys came home they were all really tiered so me and Harry went strait to bed.
I woke up in the middle of the night again because I heard something down stairs. I went down to see what it was. When I came down the stairs I saw Louis trying to get to the sofa and on his way he had broken two lamps which now was on the floor in hundreds of pieces. I went down to help him.
-Hi Lou, are you okay?
-Hi ____, yes I am excellent!!!
-Shhh don’t speak so loud you are going to wake up every one.
-Shhh, okay….
He fell to the floor and I couldn’t help laughing.
-Let me help you to bed.

I took him to his bed and took off his shirt and laid him down in his bed.
-Are you sure you are okay, you know you can tell me anything we are friends right?
-Yeah I know but you are just going to tell Harry and I don’t want anybody to know.
-No I won’t I promise you can tell me.
-Well you know Hannah right?
-Yeah she is your girlfriend right?
-Well ex now I guess….
-What scenes when?
-Scenes about 2 weeks.
-What why haven’t you told anyone?
-I don’t know I don’t want everyone to be weird around me and feel sorry for me I’m fine.
-Maybe not totally fine scenes you keep on drinking. You should tell them they are your friends they will be there for you and it is okay to be sad, I mean you were together for two years.
-Yeah I know I am going to tell them tomorrow.
-Yeah I think you should.
-But ____ thank you for being such a good friend.
-No problems you would have done the same for me but I think you should sleep know, good night.
-Goodnight _____.

I felt really sad for Louis I know how much he liked Hannah and now I know why he have come home drunk the few past days. But I am really glad he trusted me and told me. I got back up to Harry how was still sleeping. I got back in to bed and before I fell asleep I thought about I Louis really would tell them tomorrow or if he just said that. I really hope he dos because I don’t like keeping secrets from Harry and I think he should know so he could help Louis get through this.
I woke up the next morning and harry was still asleep, I slowly got up and putted on my pink bathrobe and went out to the kitchen.
Niall was sitting by the table eating and Liam was sitting next to him holding his phone, probably he answered fans at twitter.
-Hey guys! Where’s Lou?

Niall looked up and then he looked at Liam.
-I think he went out, about an hour ago.
I looked at him , he promised me to tell them this morning? I sighed and sat down next to Niall , if he don’t tell them , I will.
-Do you know where he was going?
-No. Niall took a bite of his sub and smiled
I leaned back in the chair, he maybe just went out for some fresh air? I just couldnät help feeling a little worried cause he was in a such bad mode yesterday. I thought of what to say a little while and then I started walking against mine and harrys bedroom.
-I’m gonna go buy some bread.
-We have loads! Niall said
-I don’t like those.

I grabbed the clothes I had yesterday and took the elevator down to the lobby, I wondered where to start looking after him, I decided to just walk around town.
After 3 hours and nothing I remembered that Louis told me about that he loved that beach he took me to once, that sitting there just helped him clear his minds.
I took a cab to the little beach outside London and saw Louis sitting in the sand from the window, I got out and slowly walked up behind him, I sat down and noticed he was crying.
He gave a sob and covered his face with his hand, I putted my hand on his shoulder and smiled.
-I’m sorry.
-Sorry for what?
-For pressuring you to tell the others, it was wrong of me, you should tell them when you’re ready.
-It’s just that.. I don’t have anything to live for anymore, Hannah was.. He started crying even more
-It’s okay, it’s okay to be heart broken.
-I just hate showing my sensitive side around people, I’ve never been feeling like this, I feel like shit.
-It’s gonna be okay, trust me. They will be there for you and so will I.

I took his hand in mine and smiled, I felt so sorry for him.
-I don’t know how to tell them.. I mean it’s gonna sound cheesy.
- Lou, they’re your best friends, they will understand.
He looked down at the ground and another tear fell down his cheek.
-I’ll help you tell them, and then we can go do something funny. How does that sound?
-Great, thanks _____ it means much to me for having someone to talk to.
- No problem, really I’m glad to help.
-Are you ready to go? I said carefully and he breathed out and then we walked back to the cab, my phone started to call and I remembered I said I was going to buy bread, and I’ve been gone for 4 hours.It was Harry.
-Hey babe, where are you at?
-I’m on my way home now.
-Did it take you four hours to buy bread..?
-Harry, I’ll be home in a half an hour can we please talk about this then?
-Have something happened?
-No, it’s nothing.
-Ok? Love you bye.

I looked at Louis who was leaning his head against the window pane, his hands were shaking.
-Louis, it’ll go fine. No need to worry.
We took the elevator up and walked into the livingroom where all the boys were sitting, Niall looked at Louis and then at me.
-Lou, have you’ve been crying?
Louis looked away and harry gave me a hug and then he gave me a serious look.
-What’ve happened?
-Okay can everybody just sit down? I said and leaded Louis to a free chair, I sat down in the chair beside him and the other boys looked at him with curious eyes.
-Are you okay? Liam said
-Not really.
- You can tell us .
Harry said and Louis and my eyes met each other, I nodded as a sign that it was time to tell them.
-Me and Hannah have broke up.
-Oh I’m sorry man.
Zayn got up and gave him a hug, and then all of the others gave him a hug each.
I smiled at him and he smiled back .
-I thought of maybe doing something fun, maybe take a swin on the roof?
-Good idea, what do you think? Harry asked Louis
-It’s fine.

We putted on our bathingsuites and went up on the roof, I smiled at Louis that was standing looking at the ground, and I gave him al light hug when he picked me up and threw me in the pool.
He started laughing and Harry jumped down next to me, he slowly pulled me in and kissed me.
I whispered in harrys ear and looked at Louis,Zayn, Niall and Liam who was wrestling and laughing.
-My hero.
Harry whispered back and kissed my nose.

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