Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


32. The Studio

I took a bite from my orange and kissed Harry, Niall came into the kitchen and took a bread and started eating it while he walked into the livingroom.
-I’m sorry about yesterday. Niall said with his mouth full of bread
-It’s okay, it’s us who should apologize. I said and pointed at harry and me
-Whatever, studio today lads!
Niall scratched his butt and sat down in a chair and watched Liam and Zayn, Harry had his arm wrapped around me and he smiled.
-Yeah! And Liam, you might meet that girl again..
-What girl? I said and laughed
-Harry, shut up. Liam said and gave him a serious look, Harry looked at me and smiled.
-A fangirl, she kissed him and he didn’t stop it.. Niall said and laughed
-What was I supposed to do?! Push her away? That would break her heart and I hate girls crying..
- She kissed you? On the mouth? I said and laughed even more
- yeah.. Liam said and now they had stop playing, Louis sat down next to me and Zayn went to his room to get ready.
-It’ll be awkward if she is, haha.. Harry looked down on his phone and grinned
-Just forget about it , I’m not gonna date a fan, that’s madness.. Liam said and just after he said it he realized what he said and he looked at me .
-I didn’t mean it that way.. you know..
-It’s okay. I said and leaned my head against Harrys chest
-I would date a fan, I hate models, it’s creepy when a girl is like too sexy. Niall said
- I got the sexiest. Harry said and smiled against me

A hard knock on the door, Harry putted his jacket on and took my hand.
-Wait.. are we gonna go now? I don’t have any makeup on and I’m looking..
-Absolutely stunning, let’s go.
Harry winked at me and pulled me out of the apartment, Paul was standing outside and everyone got into the taxi.
-So.. is there gonna be many fans? I said and I remembered I never had been with them in front of fans, just at the airport.
-Probably, Sean said about 300 this morning. He’s the studio owner.
Zayn explained and I really hoped they wouldn’t have something against me, wouldn’t be so fun to get 300 fangirls jumping on you.
The taxi pulled in and it was litteraly fans everywhere, pushing against the car and behind it. Paul and the other guards got out of the car and made the fans back off a little.
We stepped out of the car and they grabbed each other so the fans should be able to take photos of them, I let go of harrys hand and stepped away a little, I didn’t want to be in the way if they wanted pictures on the boys.
Harry pulled me in again and looked at me.
-I’m not one of the band, they don’t wanna have pictures on me..
I whispered
-They can’t always get as they want..
Harry looked into my eyes and putted his arm around me, a fan pointed at me and whispered something to another girl
-Is she your girlfriend? She screamed and Harry started smiling
-Yes this is my beautiful girlfriend.

I started blushing a little and smiled at the ground , the girl seemed to take it pretty good and then she and all of the others started screaming:
-Kiss! Kiss! Kiss her!
Harry looked in my eyes and slowly leaned in to give me a passionate kiss, I got chills and squeezed his back softly and we could hear a “awwww” from the fans when our lips left each other.
Harry went to take some pictures with the fans and I just walked after Louis.
-______? I heard someone scream
I turned around and saw a blonde girl smiling at me,
-Can I take a picture with you, and Harry?
-Me? Why? I said a little bit shocked but she nodded so I grabbed Harry and pulled him in and the girl squeezed in between us and asked Paul to take the photo.
I smiled and looked at the camera, when the photo was taken she gave me a hug and smiled.
I waved and Harry and I walked into the studio, and the door closed behind us.
We sat down in a pair of couches and talked while Niall was recording something in the studio.
-Where’s Liam? I said when I noticed he wasn’t there
-He’s still out there. Louis pointed at the door
Soon the door opened and Liam came in, with a girl behind him. They were holding hands and Louis started to laugh when he saw her.
-The crazy kiss-girl! Louis said

She nodded and Liam smiled, she was really pretty .
-I’m _____. I said and smiled
-My girlfriend. Harry said with a serious look
- Nice to meet you, I’m Emmy.
-where are you from? Zayn said
-Really? I’m too! I said and smiled
-Jaså är du det. She said and laughed
-Ja jag är hel svenne faktiskt jag flyttade hit bara för ett halvår sen! Harry looked at me and tried to understand what we were talking about, but he soon gave up.
-Speak English, please _____. Don’t want you to tell her any awkward things about me in Swedish.

I laughed and smiled, she seemed very sweet.
We came home around 01.00 am and Harry headed right to bed, I just took a glass of water before. When I was going to leave the kitchen I heard liam saying something from his room, what was he doing up?
I sneaked to the door and peeked into his room, he was standing holding that Emmy. He slowly leaned in to kiss her and she started blushing, I smiled to myself, it reminded me of mine and Harrys first met.
I sneaked back to our bedroom and Harry was lying in the bed with his phone in his hands, waiting for me. He putted his phone away when he saw me and I laid down beside him.
-I’m not the only lucky girl here anymore.
-what do you mea.. Liam and Emmy? He smiled
I nodded and kissed his underlip playfully, he kissed me back and let his hand slide in under my t-shirt, he stroked my back with his cold hands and I kissed him again.
I looked at the clock, 03.00 am.
-We have to go to bed, we’re going up 08.00 tomorrow.
-You joy killer! Harry said and smiled, he rolled over so he laid on top of me and kissed me softly. I pushed him away lightly and gave him a short kiss.
I turned around so I had my back against him, he slowly moved closer to me so and putted his arm around me, I closed my eyes and fell asleep to him kissing my neck softly.
I woke up next morning really hungry, I went out in the kitchen just in my panties and short top and started making breakfast. Suddenly someone held me from behind, I turned my head around and Harry met me with a warm kiss.
I threw some egg at him from the saucepan and he looked at me with a fake angry face.
-You’re so dead.
He wrestled me down on the floor and started tickling me, I started laughing so much I coulnd’t breathe , he slowly kissed me and Louis just sighed when he entered the kitchen and saw us.

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