Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


29. The phone call

I turned around and kissed him.
-So what do you think?
-You look beautiful.
-Yeah but it cost too much I’ll haft to get it another time.

I but on my clothes again and I gave the dress to Harry so he could put it back and then I went outside and waited for him. He came out with a bag in his hands, he gave it to me.
-Here you go babe

I looked inside the bag and there was the dress. I gave him a kiss and said thank you. Harry got a text from Louis they were ready so we decided to meet up outside the cinema. Louis and Zayn were already there. We decided to watch a horror movie, well they decided I don’t really like horror movies but I gave up when I realized I was never going to be able to convince them to see another movie. We bought some popcorn and some drinks and went in to see the movie. The movie was in 3D and really scary I squeezed Harrys hand the whole film. After the movie we went to a restaurant to eat something and then we went home. When we came home Harry and I went to our room. He went to the bathroom and he phone started to ring. I looked at the phone and it was his mom.
-Harry your mom is calling should I pick up?
-No she has been calling all day I don’t want to talk to her.
-But it might be important.

He came out of the shower.
-____, look she didn’t let you stay at our house and you are my girlfriend and soon my wife so you are like family and I really love you so I am really pissed at her so I don’t want to talk to her, okay?
-Okay, and by the way I love you to, I said and smiled and gave him a kiss.
We went down stairs and watched tv, and then I heard my phone ringing upstairs so a ran up and got it. It was Harrys mom that was calling me. Why was she calling me? Should I pick up?
-Hello it’s ____
-Hey it’s Annie how are you?
-I know you think it’s weird that I am calling but can’t you please tell Harry to pick up when I am calling it is his sisters birthday next week and I need to talk to him about presents and stuff.
-Yeah sure I tell him but I can’t promise that he will call he is pretty mad at you.
-I know but please try I don’t want Gemma to suffer just because he and I are in a fight.
-Okay well I will tell him.
-Thank you I know you are mad at me to but thank you anyway.
-No problem bye.

I put back my phone In the bag and then Harry came up.
-How was that?
-Your mom.
-What you picked up. Why would you do that?
-I don’t now but I am glad I did she wants you to call her to talk about your sisters birthday next week.
-She is just using that as an excuse to talk to me about what a mistake I am doing by marrying me when I am so young.
-I don’t think she is and anyway I think you should call her your sister shouldn’t suffer because you two are in a fight.
-No I don’t want to talk to her.
-Harry come on just call her and meet her and if she starts to talk about us then just walk away.

I gave him a kiss and then I went to get a shower and Harry went outside to call his mom. When I got out of the shower he was already in bed waiting for me. I laid down besides him and asked how the call went. He was going to meet her up for dinner tomorrow. I gave him a kiss goodnight and the I fell in to sleep.
But in the middle of the night we both woke up by a noise from the living room down stairs.

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