Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


22. The New Job and The New Guy

After an amazing week in Bahamas it was time to fly home. No one wanted to go home it had been the best week in my life. When we got off the plain in England there were hundreds of fans waiting for them. They all went to say hi and sign some autographs and then Harry came back and took my hand and said that our car was waiting outside, so we said goodbye to the lads and went to our car. He gave me a kiss and asked
-Have you have fun this week?
-It’s have been amazing thank you so much for letting me come along.
-Of course I wanted you to come with.
-Now I just need to find a job so I can pay for the trip.
-Babe you don’t haft to the trip was on me.
-I now and I appreciate but if i want to come and see you and tour and stuff I need to have some money I don’t think my dad is going to pay for every trip.
-Well I think it was a job at the subway store, maybe you should try there.

Harry helped me with my bag to the door and then he gave me a long kiss be for he left. When I came inside my dad gave me a huge hug and wanted to hear all about the trip, but I was so tired from the flight so I told him that I had to go to bed and that I would tell him all about it tomorrow. I went upstairs and fell asleep directly.
The next morning when I woke up I took a shower and got dressed and but some make up on and the I went to the Subway store to see if they were still hiring staff. They said they were and they let me start directly so I got some cloths and then this women showed me everything and the I started to take orders and making sandwiches and standing in the checkout. A was working with this guy called Jay he was one year older than me and he was really nice we became friends after like five minutes. At our lunch break we sat down on the back of the shop and talked about everything. Then suddenly my phone ringed.
-Hey babe what have you been up to I have been calling you like six times.
-Sorry but I have been working.
-Yeah I got that job at the subway store.
-That’s great but you don’t haft to work when you are coming to see me on tour you can sleep in my room and I can get my driver to drive you or you can come along on the tour bus.
-Yeah I know but it doesn’t feel right if you are going to pay for everything that we do.
-Okay do what you want, but can I come over to your house later?
-Yeah I’ll call you when I get home.
-Okay love you bye.
-Love you too.
So who was he Jay asked.
-My boyfriend.
-Your boyfriend?
-So does he have a name?
-Yeah Harry.
-Okay cool, but I think our break is over.
-Oh already?

I worked for another 4 hours the we finally could close the shop. 
-So I’ll see you tomorrow, Jay asked.
-Yeah at eight right?
-Yes eight sharp.
-Okay all see you then.
-Bye the way I was wondering if you wanted to do something after work tomorrow?
-Like what?
-I and a couple of friends was going to go and play some paintball and I thought maybe you would like to come?
-Yeah that sounds like fun.
-So you’re in?
-Okay well see you tomorrow then.

When I walked home I called Harry to let him know that I was on my way home and that he could come over. I took a quick shower before Harry came. We went up to my room and laid in the bed and stared to kissing each other. Then I docked on my door. Come in I said. It was dad he wondered if Harry wanted to stay for dinner.
-Yes please, Harry said.

Harry asked me if I wanted to come over to his place tomorrow night and sleepover because his parent wasn’t going to be home.
-I can’t I’m going to hang out with Jay and his friends.
-Yeah we are going to play paintball.
-You got very friendly with him fast.
-Oh come on Harry he is just a friend.
-Yeah, yeah whatever.
-Don’t be mad just because I am going to hang out with a friend and some other people.
-I’m not mad just don’t understand why you would want to hand out with him.
-I work with him and he is really nice and I don’t know anyone here except from you and your friends. I want to have some friends on my one too.
-Oh well sorry if me and mi friends isn’t good enough for you anymore.
-Harry stop that’s not what I mean.
-Whatever I’m going home.

Harry got really mad just because I was going to hang out with a friend. But I don’t really care because I haven’t done anything wrong. I just hope his not going to make a big deal out of this.

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