Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


19. The Hospital

I woke up next morning with a bad feeling in my stomach, if I’m not meeting Harry he might give up on me. I love him but he always does those stupid things and breaks my heart over and over again, I just have no idea what to do. I put on my bathrobe and texted Louis.
“Can I come over, need some advices xx”
My phone started to vibrate and I had got a reply from Louis.
“Of course, I’m just glad to make you feel better sweetie ! Come whenever you want to J xxx”

I took a quick shower and put on a pair of beige jeans and a white tank top, I skipped the makeup and went down to the kitchen.

-Hello, honey!
Dad was sitting by the table eating breakfast.
-Hi !
-You seem to be doing better, how are you?
-Pretty good, I’m going to meet Louis today.

I took a juice bottle out from the fridge and looked at my dad to see his reaction.
-Who’s that?
-He’s just a friend.
-Okay, have fun!
I walked out of the door and took my dad’s bike, I cycled past the park and looked after Harry, he was sitting on a blanket in the grass, crying. I wanted to go to him, and say :
-I love you, screw everything else, that’s the only thing that matters! And then kiss him.
But I just couldn’t do it, I just kept cycling away from the park and my tears fell down my cheeks so I nearly couldn’t see anything. Suddenly I heard Harrys voice behind me, he was shouting my name, running after me, I looked back and I didn’t see the big, speed bump in front of me. My cycle stopped and I flied several meters and I fell down on the hard road. I couldn’t move my leg, it hurted so much I had to scream. Harry sat down beside me, but my head hurted so bad and soon everything was dark, I couldn’t see anything.

I woke up in a room, I had never been there before. I noticed I was in a hospital, and Harry was sitting beside my bed, holding my hand. I pulled it away and refused to look at him, this was all his fault!
-_____, listen to me.
I just closed my eyes and looked into the wall,I didn’t want to hear what he had to say. And he was talking so loudly, that it just felt like my head was going to blow up.
-Shut up! I cried and held my hands on my ears, everything was spinning and I just felt sick. I leaned over the floor and started to puke, what was happening to me?
Harry got up and pushed on a button on the wall, he looked at me and ran out in the corridor outside.
-Help! Hello? Can somebody get some help? He shouted and soon a nurse came into the room, she gave me a pill, I swallowed and I could see double.
-What is happening to me? I whispered to the nurse and closed my eyes
-You’ve got a rough concussion.
-I can see double. I said and looked at her and Harry, then I started to laugh.

The pain was gone and I just felt like I was on drugs, I probably was. I started to sing on who let the dogs out and tried to get out of the bed, but Harry held my arm, really hard.

-Harry, cool down bud. I’m just going to..I tried to speak but I coulnd't any longer prounuce the words, I started to laugh again.
He holds my arm, even harder, and looked at me.
-Let me go! Harry, let me go.. I closed my eyes, I just felt so tired. And I fell asleep.

Harrys point of view

I looked at her, she already was asleep again. I felt so bad for her, why did I always have to be a jerk? She deserve better than that, I just wish I could rewind time.
I slowly got up and walked out to find a nurse, I just wanted to know how bad it was.
-Is she gonna get better?
-We’ll give her medicine to bring home and she probably can go home tonight, but someone really needs to keep an eye on her. And she has to stay in bed for at least one week!
-Okay, thank you for your help.

I went back to the room and sat down besides her bed, is she gonna forgive me? I just don’t wanna let her go, I love her so much and this is all my fault. I looked at her, she seemed to have a lot of pain, if I just could make it stop. A tear fell down my cheek and _____s phone started to call, I took it up from her bag and it said Louis on the screen. I clicked on answer.
-Harry? Where’s _____?
-I’m in the hospital with her, she drove into a speed bump with her cycle.
-Is she okay?
-I don’t think so, she just puked all over the floor.
-Can I come?
-Sure, do you think I should call her dad?
-He won’t be happy, but I think you have to.
I nodded and hung up on him, then I looked up Dad in her phone book and clicked on call.
-Hello honey?
-It’s Harry.
-_____ fell with her bicycle and she’s in the hospital.
-Is she okay?
-At the moment she’s sleeping.
-I’ll come right away, and thank you, Harry.
-for what? I said surprised
-For being there for her, and telling me.
- No problems, john.
I looked up at _____, I really hope she is okay. I would never forgive myself if she’s becoming hurt for life, I just want her back, I want everything to be like it used to. I saw her open her eyes again, she was high on that medication.
-I’m not wearing any makeup, Harry. But I’m a sexbomb anyway aren’t I? A sexy sex bomb just like you.. she closed her eyes again and she was sleeping again.
I smiled, she was so beautiful.
-I love you. I whispered in her ear and se mumbled something in her sleep.

I really meant it, it was said from my heart. She’s even too good to be true for me.
I stayed at the hospital that night. When I woke up in the middle of the night I realized Harry was still here he sat up sleeping while holding my hand. Maybe he really cared about me as much as he said and that he just have messed up big time over and over again. I mean everybody mess up even I, maybe I should give him one more chance.
Next time when I woke up it was early morning. Harry was still here and he was awake.
-Have you been here all night?
-I didn’t won’t you to be alone and I feel so bad for what happened.
-Okay well thanks but you can go now, the nurse said that I could go home today so I’m going to call my dad and then he is going to come and pick me up.
-Are you sure you don’t want me to stay?
-No, but thanks for staying here last night.
-No problem anything for you.

Before he left he turned around and said ‘’I love you’’. I didn’t say anything back I just looked at him walking away. My dad came to pick me up an hour later. The nurse gave me some painkillers and told me to stay in my bed for at least a week. When we got home a laid down in my bed, I didn’t feel good at all it felt like I was going to vomit any second. I took some pain killer and the I felled asleep. When I woke up it was dark and I saw someone sitting next to my bed staring at me. It was Harry.
-What are you doing here?
-You dad asked me to come over and watch you, he had to go and do some work at his office.
-You should have woke me up.¨
-I didn’t won’t to wake you up you looked so beautiful.
-Stop it I do not I haven’t had a shower in two days and I smell disgusting.
-I brought a movie that we could watch.
-Which one?
-I thought you said it was a girl movie?
-Yeah but last time we watch something that I wanted to watch and I thought now it was your turn.
-Okay. My computer is on my desk we can watch the movie on it.

He put the dvd in the computer and then I brought the computer to the bed and laid down beside me in the bed and the we started to watch the movie. I had a hard time concentrating on the movie all I cloud think of was him lying beside me. I cloud smell him, I had missed his smell some much and when I laid beside me I realized how much I wanted him back and how much I love him and missed him. When we had watch an hour of the movie I felled asleep on his chest. I woke up the next morning and Harry was still asleep. I decided to go and get an shower. When I was ready and was about to get out from the shower I started to feel really dizzy. I started to vomit and then I fainted for about ten seconds. Harry had heard when I fell to the ground a came running to see if I was okay.
-_______ are you okay?
-Yeah I just started to feel dizzy and then I fainted.
-Come here let me help you.
He took me in his arm and carried me to my bed. Then he helped me to get dressed and then I laid down in the bed.
-Thank you for being here.
-No problem I have missed you so much it killing me to know that you are mad at me.
-I’m not mad anymore just hurt.
-I am SO SO sorry ______ please forgive me.
-How can I know that you not will do this to me again?
-I won’t trust me. I know I have done some really bad things but you are the first person I have really loved and I don’t want to be an as like I used to you have to believe me.
-I do and I love you so much to but promise that you never will do something like that again.
-I promise babe.
He gave me a long kiss and the we laid in my bed for hours just talking. When it started to get late Harry said he had to go because the band was going away for a few days. They were going to do some gigs and interviews. But he said that he would be back in a week. So we said goodbye and he gave me one more kiss and told me how much he loved me and the he left.

Later that night I got a text from Harry. He asked if I wanted to come with him and the rest of the band for a holiday when they got back. They were going to go to Bahamas. I said that I would love to come. He wrote back, can’t wait until we are sitting on a beach watching the sun set. I love you I’ll call you when I come back and then I will help you back.


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